Our Research Team
Olivia O.
Olivia O. is a researcher with over 6 years of experience. She holds a Ph.D. in Psychology, so she knows how to analyze and find information. Olivia checked over 250 companies and helped students select the most helpful services. Olivia O. is a talented and creative professional who specializes in narrow topics. With her excellent research and analytical skills, she can cover any papers within a short time.
Jack M.
Jack M. has been working with our service for 3 years as a QA specialist. He holds a Ph.D. in Economy and has been working for Houston University for over 10 years. Jack M. knows the requirements for any paper type and can determine the quality level within a few minutes. He believes that a good paper should be tailored according to the unique needs of every customer. Jack does his best to offer custom-made papers.
Michael L.
Content Editor
Michael L. had graduated from Pennsylvania University 5 years ago, and he holds a Ph.D. in Law. He helps us find all the legal information about different writing services. He helps us determine many scam websites that offer essay writing services. He believes that using relevant and up-to-date information is the key to success for any paper. While researching, Michael relies only on reputable sources.
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Most students contacted a paper writing company at least once. The main reason lies in a large number of similar writing assignments. Each teacher considers his subject to be the most important and requires high-quality homework. You are not able to perform each paper in a quality manner, so the best option is to order finished paper.

The main problem when ordering a paper online is the threat of fraud and data theft. If this is your first time using an online writing service, it is difficult to choose a reliable company with responsible employees. This encouraged us to create a company to analyze and select suitable writing companies. We save your time and save you from possible risks.

A team of experts finds several services that meet your requirements. Next, we compare prices, reviews, and quality of service. Also, experts check the safety and guarantees of the writing company. To cut a long story short, all reviews and selections are concentrated in one place, which simplifies the process of ordering paper.

Our concept and goals

The goal of our service is to help you save time and effort in finding a suitable writing company. You delegate to us requirements for the price, terms of work and levels of the contractor. Our work is to compile a list of worthy companies with positive feedback and a guarantee of quality. The site has experts in the field of law and development. This means that all selected sites will be legal and easy to use.

We were also students and we know how difficult it is to perform all the tasks qualitatively. It takes all free time, causes irritation and aversion to learning. Homework rarely develops your skills; they are dry and tactful. This prevents students from being creative and creative. According to statistics, one out of four students in a high school or college load causes apathy, and one in eight causes depression. Our mission is to allow you to find a reliable resource for ordering written assignments.

Qualified specialists of our company

We believe that the main factor in every online company is transparency. The user should effortlessly find company contacts, types of work and reviews. This arouses customer confidence and boosts sales. Of the hundreds of online writing services, there is a couple of dozen of those that have convenient and clear websites.

Only qualified specialists work on our site. To introduce you closer to the employees, we have compiled a summary of the executors of the main processes.

  • Olivia O. She graduated from college and university and received a Ph.D. degree in economics. This means that she does an excellent job with analysis and statistics. For more than 2 years, Olivia worked as a teacher, and for the last 3 years, she has been engaged in analysis in our company. We are proud of such a researcher and consider her the key character of our team.
  • Jack M. Earlier, Jack studied at the University of Texas with a degree in business legal regulation. He analyzes the rights and legitimacy of companies. In other words, if Jack rejects the service, we stop considering it. Jack has a Masters Degree and has been working in the field of law for over 5 years.
  • Michael L. In our team, Michael is responsible for checking the ordering process. He graduated from university with a degree in business administration. This allowed him to work as an administrator in medium-sized companies for 6 years. Michael controls the consistency and coherence of all employees.

Our team has no place for self-doubt and irresponsible people. Company services are responsible for the safety and peace of students. This forces us to select personnel in several stages: testing, job interviews and probationary periods. Be sure of the perfect result.

Accurate & Critical Analysis

Our company is developing with the help of satisfied reviews and regular customers. We ask each client to leave feedback to help us become better. The main earnings of the company are consultations and selection of suitable writing services. This makes us choose an individual approach to each client, solve his questions and problems.

Criteria that we apply

There are so many writing companies online that students are lost and don’t know which one to choose. We have also been there and decided to simplify the decision by evaluating different academic writing websites. Our comprehensive and objective reviews will help you to make the right choice and not to be disappointed with the result. Here are the main criteria we evaluate when analyzing writing services:

Professionalism of experts

There is nothing more important for an academic assistant than to hire professional writers. Thus, we carefully check the authors and their backgrounds. This concerns not only education and language proficiency but also writing and tutoring experience. It’s also important for a company to provide what academic level the writer is able to deal with.

Unfortunately, not every service is ready to give such information because there are multiple companies that hire foreigners or students claiming that their writers are native English speakers or possess the necessary degree.

Quality of Assignments

This criterion concerns not only the quality of papers but also the quality of provided services. We place an order as any other student in order to get an objective picture. Often, we also order additional features like a plagiarism report. Thus, you have an honest opinion on whether a particular writing company is ready to supply you with an excellent paper or not.

Quality of services means that we communicate with managers, check the website’s order form, and pay for additional features and options to check how well the company can satisfy users’ needs.


Functionality may not be the most important feature for a writing service, but it surely plays an important part, especially if you’re looking for a company for long-term cooperation. Our specialists attentively check the website: its design, usability, and order forms. All the elements should be clear and simple.

In addition, we check whether the contact channels work properly, and if the deadlines are carefully met. 


Considering that some people master the art of writing on a high level, it’s quite easy to write an attractive text and make people give you the money. However, we evaluate whether a chosen writing service provides necessary guarantees and is ready to protect your interests.

Finally, we read other reviews and comments of real customers to see whether our opinion meets the thoughts of others. 

Our Unique Rating System

We may not be the first rating website on the internet, but we are surely the most reputable and respected one. And all of this due to a unique evaluation system, which allows accessing any writing company accurately and objectively.

Below we will share our system and main evaluation parameters. They include:

  • Maximum 100 points for writers’ professionalism;
  • Maximum 100 points for the quality;
  • Maximum 100 points for functionality;
  • Maximum 100 points for reliability.

Here is the calculation formula that never fails: 

Rating = (Professionalism of authors + Reliability + Quality of papers + Functionality) / 4

When getting a rating you can compare it with our own scale:

Perfect86-100 points
Good76-85 points
Medium56-75 points
Low36-55 points
Terrible1-35 points

We are motivated to create accurate and honest reviews of paper writing companies because it affects our reputation. Check our publications to make sure they are critical and impartial. We are always open to dialogue, suggestions, and criticism.

On the site, you will find reviews and recommendations of our customers. We do not hide controversial or negative comments and solve customer problems according to the first requirement. Check our reviews to protect yourself from fraud and theft.

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