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  • – big database of essays
  • – grammar checker
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  • 87Professionalism
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  • 93Functionality
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September, 2020 Last Update
  • checkOpportunity to check grammar
  • checkWide range of essay types
  • checkHuge database of ready-made papers
  • checkNice and clear website
  • checkFast delivery
  • crossHuge difference in paper quality level
  • crossNo discounts and bonuses
  • crossNo quality guarantees
  • crossThe copyrights remain to be owned by the author
  • crossLack of online support chat

What Is the Essence

There are a huge number of different sites, which provide services in writing academic papers. Each of them has its advantages or disadvantages and offers users to get acquainted with all the unique features.

However, there is one platform, which stands out from many others. 123helpme com is a huge base with a wide variety of academic documents. Theses, term papers, and simply articles were written by a large number of different authors a long time ago. For this reason, everyone, who is in search of content and needs help with certain texts, has the opportunity to get a finished paper, saving time and effort.

What About Authors

The main point that needs to be mentioned is the lack of a circle of regular performers. The papers, which are presented on this resource were created by many people and have a different level of quality. However, you need to be prepared for a possible meeting with an abundance of punctuation and grammatical flaws in these works.

After buying the text, you should carefully subtract it and correct all the necessary points. On the one hand, it can require a lot of time and effort. However, on the other hand, your analytical and critical thinking is in constant development. For this reason, you also can use the platform to search for new ideas and write your own article.

Another important aspect of the 123helpme reviews is the careful selection of the proposed securities, which is implemented by the service before uploading it to the site. Thanks to this, the user can be sure that the content of the essay will be at the highest level, as professional specialists have a range of knowledge in various fields.

What to Expect From Quality

As was emphasized earlier, papers were written by different authors. All of them have different academic degrees, professional skills, and experience. That is why the issue of quality can raise some doubts.

In fact, the main task of this resource is rather to inspire students or offer ideas and the opportunity to get acquainted with ready-made papers from English-speaking experts.

All this indicates that you should not expect anything supernatural. Be prepared for the need to work hard on fixing bugs together with making your article unique and interesting, using a ready-made framework.

Generally About Pricing

When the platform was founded, there were many free features that users could download and use for their own purposes. However, at the moment, most 123helpme reviews highlight the impossibility of receiving a free paper, regardless of the duration of the search.

What Does It Mean

The reason why now buy one ready-made essay is not affordable, lies in the disappearance of the possibility of payment for a single unit of production. The company offers the use of a membership fee, which makes it possible to have access to any article that has been posted on this site for a certain period of time. Among the use cases are the following:

  • monthly access requires 30$;
  • quarterly plan, which costs $60 for every 3 months;
  • yearly access to the service will cost you $120.

Some Words About Payment Options

In addition to the above, this company also offers alternative two-day access to the database. This service costs $2. However, you should remember that bank charges are not taken into account.

The 123helpme com has several payment options for its target audience. You can use Paypal or buy a paper with a credit card. To proceed with the implementation process, select the appropriate section on the official website.

Discounts and Additional Features

Despite the fact that this platform does not offer the possibility of using promotional codes and various discounts, you can get access to several advantages.

Although the free reading of ready-made essays has ceased to be possible, you can get 123helpme free essay number and open access to the special section. Moreover, each document has an introductory fragment, having read which, you can get inspiration and start creating your own work.

Different Aspects of Functionality

So, 123HelpMe service has its own unique structure and principle of operation. You do not have to contact a special academic author to get a paper. Instead, customers will have access to a huge database and will be able to find the widest range of finished academic papers that have been written and uploaded to the platform by other users or experienced writers.

Now let’s get acquainted with the various sections of this resource.

Firstly About Design

Interface and site management is quite simple so that students can easily understand and gain access to all necessary aspects. Classification by color is particularly fascinating. Harmonious separation into opposite shades allows users to navigate in the workflow faster and easier.

Main Features of Usability

The tools that this platform offers are also quick and understandable to use. To simplify the process of getting to know the specifics of 123HelpMe, let us clarify that there are not all the functions that other academic writing services offer.

The main points are the following:

  • lack of authors and pre-written works;
  • the service is not responsible for the quality of the proposed content;
  • even after making the payment, the copyrights for the paper still belong to the original writer;
  • convenient classification of all proposed 123helpme essays;
  • ability to use keywords for quick search.

How to Order

The process of ordering an academic paper is also quite simple and straightforward. After entering the main request, the platform will offer you a huge list of ready-made texts. All of them are classified by color, which is also very convenient:

  • free essays are marked in pale gray;
  • the orange color highlights “good” papers that have a high school level;
  • yellow is used to define “better” works for college or high school students.
  • undergraduate papers have a purple hue;
  • blue color emphasizes master’s studies;
  • turquoise indicates the presence of verification of the selected paper.

Contact With the Customer Support

One of the main disadvantages of this service is the lack of the ability to contact support via online chat or by phone. Instead of this, the only possible option is to write to the company’s official mail, which can cause a delay in response and contribute to additional difficulties.

However, you can try to find a solution among frequently asked questions.

Fast Delivery

But you definitely should not worry about reliable delivery and deadlines. Due to the presence of several thousand finished works, the client will receive the ordered paper within a few seconds after making the payment.

Brief Description of Extra Features

Although there is no system of discounts and bonuses, the company still offers the opportunity to use several additional functions. We have listed them below and gave a brief description of each.

  • Free papers. We have previously discussed this aspect. A specific essay circle is free. However, the list of topics is limited, while the quality of the work often leaves much to be desired.
  • Grammar checking. This function allows you to upload the written work to the company’s word processor, after which all problem areas will be emphasized.
  • Paid articles. The papers that are presented here have passed the verification of the site’s management and are highlighted with special designations. Access to this section requires a paid membership.
  • Check for uniqueness. Plagiarism is a very serious and punishable violation in the academic space. For this reason, the ability to check the finished paper will be a very useful and significant bonus.

Also, you can get or give a special 123helpme invite code.

If We Speak About Reliability

The company we are analyzing has been on the market for a long time and has many years of experience in customer service. However, there are certain disadvantages that significantly affect the overall performance of this site.

Overall Picture of Reputation

In fact, there is no generally accepted assessment of the quality of the resource. Many users note the usefulness and usability, while others complain about a number of problems and shortcomings.

Often the main reasons for customer dissatisfaction are moments such as:

  • too tight a restriction on the volume of securities;
  • the quality of writing does not match the advertised data;
  • lack of communication between authors of works and real user support.

What About Guarantees

At first glance, this may be surprising, but this site does not provide any guarantees for its users. Nevertheless, this fact is very justified, since the main feature of the platform is the lack of staff of writers and the possibility of adding new papers.

In such a situation, it is very difficult to control the quality of each work performed. Also, one paper can be downloaded by different customers, which excludes any guarantee.

If we pay attention to the rather high price of membership in this company, the issue of guarantee will play a more important role. Of course, after making financial resources, a person wants to get good paper and keep his confidentiality.

Another important drawback is the lack of good user support, which makes the process of seeking help in case of problems very difficult and lengthy.

All of these aspects can cause doubt about is 123helpme safe.

The Offered Services 

Earlier, we have already described the principle of work of this company and this is the main advantage. Due to the huge number of topics and types of tasks, the client can access any paper in which he is interested.

Remember that getting articles that are written from scratch is not available because the platform deals with ready-made texts. Using these services you can find such types of 123helpme essays as:

  • Argumentative; 
  • Personal Narrative; 
  • Persuasive; 
  • Informative;
  • Classification; 
  • Description.

Do not forget about the 123helpme free essay code.

Final Decision

Even a deep analysis does not allow a clear assessment of the activity of this resource. The reason for this is the presence of extremely useful and convenient properties, as well as certain shortcomings and many pressing issues that for a long time do not receive a proper solution.

Nevertheless, we have analyzed the main parts of the workflow with this resource. We are ready to share the average score that is 89/100.

Inspire and Grow

Despite some flaws, 123HelpMe is a convenient and useful platform. Even if you are afraid of having a poor-quality result, the opportunity to familiarize yourself with a short part of the finished essay can help with the search for ideas and inspire you to write your own paper. Otherwise, you always have a chance to turn to other reliable writing services from list of top essay companies prepared by our professional research team.

  • Professionalism of Writers
  • Quality of Assignments
  • Pricing
  • Functionality
  • Reliability

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  1. Christine says:

    The 123helpme.com service is advanced and convenient. With a subscription, you can get an essay or research paper’s example you need. Still, it is not completely free of charge, as stated on the website.

  2. Rico says:

    The prices for papers are quite affordable. There is a big collection of ready essays at 123helpme.com. But it is difficult to reach customer support to get a reply.

  3. Jamie says:

    Once you are subscribed to the services, you get access to a variety of pre-written essays. It is easy to find great paper samples among the essays offered. It is properly organized. There are categories you can search through.

  4. Mike says:

    It was easy to find the exact persuasive essay I needed. It took me only 10 minutes to get a great essay example.

  5. Jeanne says:

    It’s just a website with essay examples. Furthermore, you need to pay for it! I can find the same via internet for free. Completely useless service.

  6. Stacy says:

    This 123helpme.com service is very convenient. I’ve been using it for many years. The collection of essays is huge. You can easily find the one you need in a few clicks.

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