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September, 2021 Last Update

A large number of Internet services offer us to help find a new job. Among many companies, we have found 1resumewritingservice.com, and we want to share the collected information, user reviews, and personal experience with you. In this 1resumewritingservice review you will find out the purpose of the platform, what services it provides, who is responsible for writing your resume and many other questions we will reveal to you in our review below.

What is The 1resumewritingservice.com?

1resumewritingservice.com is a company with many years of experience which provides resume writing services, cover letters and works on your Linkedin profile. The company employs over 200 professionals who are qualified in 50 different fields. There are more clients with the services of the company, and they are proud of this fact.

1resumewritingservice.com takes responsibility for the effectiveness of the created resume and also guarantees its editing for you if, within 35 days after submitting the application, you do not send an invitation to work. General reviews from real customers confirm the high level of service provided by 1resumewritingservice.com.

Services Provided by 1resumewritingservice.com

Our 1resumewritingservice.com review about services provides to customers:

  • Resume writing. After sending all the data that you wish to include in your resume, the company will pick an expert for you, in accordance with your choice of his qualifications, and within the time period you choose and after the resume will be ready for your further use.
  • Linkedin profile. You can improve the appeal of your existing profile or create a new one. The company has extensive experience in providing this service.
  • Cover letter writing. For a relatively low cost, the company will write you this paper. A CL is literally the first step of the interview and will give a positive opinion of you to the HR department.
  • Cover letter editing. If you already have a cover letter, the company will edit it for you so that you can increase the positive impact on the future employer.

The final work that 1resumewritingservice will do for you absolutely feets all the required standards

1resumewritingservice.com Service prices

The pricing for the provision of services is influenced by two factors that you choose: Career level and Urgency. We can choose the following three career levels: Entry(0-2 years of experience), Professional(2-5 years), Executive(5+ years). Urgency option divisible from 24 hours to 7 days.

  • Resume writing prices start at 66.99 $ and end at 184.99$.
  • Cover letter writing prices are from 37,99 $ to 103,99$
  • Linkedin profile creating and editing services: 60,49 $ – 166,49 $.
  • CV writing service: 66.99 $ – 184,99 $.

Also, when placing an order, you can choose several additional features.

Payment Method and Secure

You can pay for your order online with a VISA or MasterCard, as well as an electronic payment system, PayPal. The payment process is quite simple, and you can complete it in just a few clicks. The company guarantees that no one will find out your credit card details, phone number and other data that you provide to the company. 1resumewritingservice.com claims that all your data is protected by special encryption software.

Special Features You Can Found

The function of additional features is available to your order. For example, when ordering any of the above-described basic services, you can also order one of the following documents(profile editing) for creation: follow-up letter, cover letter editing, resume editing, CV editing, LinkedIn editing. This is quite relevant when you need an integrated approach, which will be provided by one specific specialist. As a result, you will get your papers created in the same style.

What Quality Resume Does 1resumewritingservice.com Provide?

Writing 1resumewritingservice.com review we found out that this company employs more than 200 writers who are qualified in more than 50 different fields, which guarantees you a high-quality execution of your order. The company is so confident in the quality of its resume that it says that it will fix it for free if you do not receive an invitation for an interview within 35 days.

We also learned the reviews of people who have already used the services of this company and were pleasantly surprised that almost all users actually successfully applied their resumes to the future company.

1resumewritingservice.com Customer Support Feedback

1resumewritingservice reviews report that customer support is available 24/7. The website contains the phone number and email address of the company. You can send a message and ask your questions directly on the site, and you will be answered within 24 hours. As a rule, customer support responds quickly enough to your messages, so you don’t have to wait all day. Based on the feedback on the forums and our own experience, this company can answer all your questions quickly and efficiently. Our 1resumewritingservice review about their customer support is positive.

Guarantees and Their Observance

1resumewritingservice.com guarantees you a comprehensive approach to the fulfillment of your order. The specialists will provide you with informational support throughout the process of creating your resume or LinkedIn profile. User reviews confirm this information. Also, of course, the company guarantees the protection of personal data in accordance with the company’s privacy policy. Your data will not be passed on to third parties, and you can be sure of this.

Pros and Cons of 1resumewritingservice.com Aervices

A small table for your attention about the existing positive and negative aspects of using this service.

Customer support 24\7Relatively high cost of services
Highly qualified team of employeesNot the easiest process for ordering a service
Free proofreading of your resume if it contains mistakesNo live chat with customer support
All orders are completed on timeThere are no special offers or discounts
The ability to contact the author of your resumeThe support service does not always respond within the stated time frame

Also, in our 1resumewritingservice.com review, we described above that this company has other advantages that each of its users will find for themselves.

Summary Conclusions About 1resumewritingservice.com

1resumewritingservice.com is a team of professional writers who actually know and do their job well. All employees of this company responsibly approach orders and fulfill them in accordance with the conditions stated on the website. The prices are not the lowest on the market, and the support service sometimes does not respond very quickly, but the quality of services compensates for this fact. It is definitely worth using the services of the company.

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Below we will give some summary answers to the most important questions of interest to our readers.

Are the services provided by 1resumewritingservice.com legal?

The type of services provided by the company is absolutely legal and not prohibited by law. Making an order and payment is safe for the user.

Is 1resumewritingservice.com a scam?

1resumewritingservice.com is a completely real and honest company. By placing an order, you will receive the result. This is evidenced by numerous real user reviews on the forums and reviews from other experts about this company.

What are the prices of 1resumewritingservice.com?

Prices for services are very different and depend on several parameters that the customer chooses: career level, speed of order-making, and work type. Prices for the services range from 37.99 to 184.99 dollars.

Is it safe to use 1resumewritingservice.com services?

It is absolutely safe to use the services of 1resumewritingservice.com. The company guarantees that your data will not be disseminated further and uses different programs to protect your payment data. Each employee is responsible for the confidentiality of information that you transfer to the company and for the fulfillment of your order. Also, you can also be sure that your order will be completed and sent to you on time.

  • Professionalism of Writers
  • Quality of Assignments
  • Pricing
  • Functionality
  • Reliability

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