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October, 2021 Last Update

Help with homework is a popular feature nowadays. Students use professional assistance to reach their goals, so writing companies always have clients. This is a mutually profitable corporation that makes both sides satisfied. You receive a paper with guarantees, and the author gets paid. Of course, only fair and high-quality cooperation can be useful for students. 

Unfortunately, many unfair freelancers and services use customers’ issues with their assignments for their purposes. No one can stop them from fooling credential people. As a result, students have doubts about using professional assistance in academic papers. But there are so many benefits you can gain from a writing company then it’s a sin to ignore their help. 

All you need is to select a trustworthy assistant for your homework. If you plan to try 99papers’ assistance, then the following 99papers.com review will help you to determine its advantages and disadvantages. Our experiment with this website was quite interesting, so we welcome you to find out more about this writing company. 

What Is the 99papers?

This company calls itself a cheap essay writing service. It is said that every student has an opportunity to order a high-quality assignment for an affordable fee. Besides, this team is available 24/7, so you don’t have to wait for a response till morning or the next business day. This short description attracts customers. But no matter the first impression, you shouldn’t skip reading the 99papers.com review.

The company’s motto sounds amazing. It is said, “Take the academic weight off your shoulders!” and you really can. But frankly speaking, you shouldn’t rely on this writing company. Although Sitejabber 99papers reviews are quite positive and give this company 4.3 stars in total, you must be attentive with its services and offers. Let our team share the most important findings of this company.

The Offered Services

This company has quite a pleasant website. This is where you can make an order, track it, and discuss its results with your personal helper. You may be used to seeing the list of offered services at official websites, but our experts in the 99papers review highlight that there is no such a list. Technically, at the end of the main webpage, you can find a category of popular services. Among them are essay writing, term paper writing, research paper writing, dissertation writing, and coursework writing. 

If you want to find a full list of all offers, you should go back to the beginning of the page and use the ordering form. In the field “type of paper,” you’ll see the list of all offered services. Such a system isn’t bad, but sometimes students have issues, especially if they visit the website for the first time or try to find out any information on 99papers plagiarism-free guarantees.

In general, the number of options is great. A student of any level of education will find a proper type of assignment. Unfortunately, this is the main and the only advantage of 99papers.com.

99papers Prices and Discount

Prices for papers are standard at first sight. You can find an extended table on a specific webpage or use an online calculator. Using the ordering form, you can calculate the price for your request. This is a good feature. Changing your requirements, you may decrease the price and find the most affordable option. This is how we started to analyze the prices. But at second sight, we have understood a very important thing: prices are unbelievably high.

Let’s select the exact assignment to explain your pricing. We are going to order an application essay for the masters. It will cost $22.30. It’s time to admit that this is a fee for one page of paper with a deadline of 15+ days! Apparently, your price will be much higher. Let’s see:

  • you need at least several pages (2-3 pages depending on your assignment’s requirements);
  • you can’t wait more than 2 weeks for getting your paper;
  • it’s possible that you need extra services for your request. 

As a result, the price for the same application essay increases. If you want to get a 3-page paper within 3 days, be ready to pay $84.30. This price differs a lot from the basic fee. Yes, we can’t say 99papers scam happens. But a customer doesn’t expect such a situation. 

No 99papers promo code or discounts were detected. It seems that the 99papers company does not offer users any promotion. It is fair for both new and regular customers. 

Payment Method and Secure

You should pay for your assignments beforehand. This is a standard procedure. The website accepts all popular payment options, for instance, PayPal, cards, American Express, and Discover. A customer selects the preferred method during the checkout. 

Your banking information seems to be protected. Well, our experiment was smooth, so we didn’t experience any issues with that. In addition, the website is protected by McAfee, DMCA, and Comodo. These options are standard, but users still appreciate companies being responsible and protecting customers’ banking and personal information. 

We wanted to highlight in the 99papers.com review that there are no serious issues with your safety or privacy. There are specific web pages about terms and conditions of cooperation with 99papers for customers who are interested in details. There is lots of content written in standard juristical language, so read it if you have time. But it’s better to save your time, skip this useless information (and 99papers.com as well). 

Special Features

There are no unique features of this company. All 99papers reviews describe only standard options. You may expect to order typical academic papers and receiving ordinary results in return. Unfortunately, this company is still living in the previous decade when it was okay to provide customers with okay quality and don’t propose to them anything special. 

What Quality of Essays This Company Provides?

In general, this company receives 8 points from 100, and it means a lot. The quality of assignments has the biggest influence on the final score, so you understand it’s not as good as you expected. Papers are not even average but real trash. Our test assignment contains mistakes and plagiarism sections that shocked us. It seems like a student in a rush and with limited skills will perform homework better than these “experts” for money. 

Customer Service Review

Most 99papers Reddit users admit that customer support isn’t flexible and attentive enough. You can have a chat with a friendly online agent at the moment, but the next day your messages and texts will be unseen. It makes people doubt the company’s reputation and all its claims. 

In any case, you can contact the team support using calls or live chat. These features are available, but the quality of support is quite doubtful. 


There are 2 possible guarantees you can expect: money-back and revision. The money-back in 99papers review means that if the customer isn’t satisfied with the paper’s quality, then he or she has a right to demand a refund. This is a standard procedure, but when you move to the webpage called Money-back policy, you’ll see it isn’t as easy as you wanted. It is said that you must have a special reason to demand a refund. In other cases, your request will be declined. Unfortunately, it seems that proving you are unhappy with your paper may require more time and effort than writing an academic paper from scratch. 

Another important guarantee is free revision. When you receive the assignment (and before you approve it), you have a right to request free revisions. It is said you may ask for ultimate corrections within 10 days after your order. In general, this guarantee seems okay except for the deadline. The revision policy highlights that deadlines are very approximate. For instance, you will wait at least 1 hour per 1 double-spaced page; if you have a single-spaced page, then be ready to wait 2 hours. In case you have paid for urgent writing, these conditions will ruin your plans with on-time delivery. 

Pros and Cons

Advantages of 99papersDisadvantages of 99papers
wide array of academic serviceseasy-to-use and intuitive website’s interface;

an opportunity to calculate the assignment’s price using an online calculator;

standard and urgent writing options;

online chat is available.
high prices;

dingy writers’ experience and professionalism;

no opportunity to select an expert according to your preferences;

poor papers’ quality with signs of plagiarism;

issues with money-back and revisions;

delays in response from customer agents.

Our Verdict

With all respect, we are unable to recommend the company of 99papers. It is not a scam or something like that, but this service cannot satisfy students. It has several advantages that seem nice and good. But at the same time, there are too many disadvantages. As a result, papers’ quality hardly can meet even basic academic requirements. 

You shouldn’t select 99papers because you’ll regret your choice. Its content quality is the worst thing you can expect. In addition, there are many cheaper alternatives to 99papers that perform business and academic content of better quality. 

Choose a Reliable Essay Writing Service With Our Help

If you still have an academic issue and need professional assistance, you can have it with real benefits. We want to introduce you to a list of top companies in this industry. They are reputable, trustworthy, and have plenty of positive reviews. 

That’s why you are free to select any team from the following list. We are sure that you will be satisfied with prices, quality, on-time delivery, and other features. 


Is 99papers.com Legit?

Remember the one important thing: using writing assistance in any academic subject is legal. You don’t violate any national or regional law. That’s why using 99papers or other similar companies is a legal choice. If you wonder, “Is 99papers legal?” then we don’t have an answer to this question. Don’t make us lie: our experts didn’t find evidence of cheating, but they also didn’t find any signs of its legal status. 

Is 99papers.com Scam?

If you are wondering, “is 99papers cheating” that it seems not. We mean that you will definitely receive your assignment after making payment. But would you be satisfied with the quality – is a rhetorical question. According to the comparison of the company’s advantages and disadvantages, you will face poor quality with a high probability. 

How much does it cost to use 99papers?

You can find out the final fee in advance. You must use an online calculator at the official website that may calculate your approximate price for your assignment. If this option doesn’t suit your demand, then you need to consult with the online agent or place an order. 

Is my 99papers safe?

It seems that you don’t need to worry about your safety. The company has a good website with standard protection, so customers’ data is safe and secured. Well, this small benefit doesn’t prove 99papers good, but you can at least not worry about your privacy.

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