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September, 2020 Last Update
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In search of the best paper writing company, students try a lot of options. If you have not found the perfect service among the traditional ones, time to try something innovative. One such service is Bid4papers. It runs on the bidding system and announces a revolutionary writing services solution. Despite the confident position of the creators, we came across a bunch of negative reviews. This made us analyze every feature that the site offers and prepare detailed Bid4papers review.

Full analysis of Bid4papers writing company

Bid4papers is not a new writing company. It was launched in 2013, so thousands of students managed to get through the service. When we looked through the pages with Bid4papers Reddit reviews, we were surprised by the contrast between categorically negative and positive reviews. This encouraged us to conduct independent research and evaluate each category of services and functionality. This will help you make the right decision and eliminate risks.

The bidding system is not a new phenomenon among essay writing services. However, Bid4papers has high prices and a wide gap between the stated and actual price. Some customers are baffled by the lack of pricing instructions. We were also interested in the controversial refund policy and the lack of relevant documents.

Level of employees’ qualification

Typically, writing companies pick the best writer available to you. You pay a standard price and get a professional writer with relevant experience. However, bidding Bid4papers offers a different solution: you place an order, and employees offer their prices and resumes. On the one hand, you are provided to choose the right Bid4papers cost and specialist. However, there is no guarantee that the chosen writer will be professional in the subject of your assignment.

You must choose an artist based on the statements in his profile. You are satisfied with the number of completed specialist work, reviews about him and customer assessment. However, this does not guarantee appropriate qualifications in the right field. Besides, writers set high prices, and you are likely to choose the lowest. The Bidding platform seems to be a luck tester because you know almost nothing about the writer. Often reviews are fake or paid, so you do not need to rely on them.

Level of papers’ quality

Quality completed assignments are a moot point. Some buyers were lucky, and they received an excellent paper on time. Most likely, they chose the highest price and found qualified writers. However, most buyers noted a very poor quality of the paper. The writers did not fulfill the requirements, and the text looked dry and poorly structured. This means that Bid4papers employs low-skilled writers.

The quality of essays does not match the price and service policy. Also, there is no guarantee that you will receive a good paper from a specialist. We could not find out about the qualifications of the writer and experience with that topic. However, despite the frankly low quality, we were not able to return even a part of the money. The quality of services can be estimated at 15/100, this is the weakest category in the work of the company.

Prices and payment methods

Since the company works on a bidding platform, performers set prices. However, confusion function is that you can see the price when placing an order. The service states that you have to pay $ 8 for a one-page essay. However, the price increases when you confirm the order. The best option is 17-18 dollars per page, but mostly Bid4papers prices are higher.


Writers are free to put their prices for your paper. Despite bidding, the lowest price is still above average among writing services. If you have a custom paper theme, you will get a few offers. It is difficult to choose the right price because the performers do not want to tackle complex orders.

Methods of payment

You can pay by credit card or PayPal. It is also possible to use Discover or a bank transfer to a specified account. It sounds safe, but some customers report attacks to the account after using the card on Bid4papers. The data channel may be poorly protected and your data may be stolen.

Discounts for customers

The creators believe that the ability to choose the price is already a great offer. Therefore, the service does not give discounts for either new or regular clients. This limits use, and cannot deter buyers.

Comfort and convenience

The website quality is better than the service. The page looks nice and easy to use. At first glance, the site is well optimized and does not hang when connected. Let’s look at the design, convenience, and other categories.

Design of the page

The main page is made in bright colors, so the eyes do not get tired after prolonged use. Order buttons and video explanations are prominently displayed and easy to find. We liked the simplicity and restraint of the text and slogans. However, only flawless reviews are posted on the site that screams about the high quality of services.


The developers made sure that the use of the site was convenient for everyone. Each student will be able to deal with the platform the first time. You can also use tips in writing typical papers. Website optimization is its main plus.

Process of paper ordering

When placing an order, you must indicate the email and requirements. After that, the service will determine the price of the order. However, you will not be able to buy the page for the stated price, because writers will require more money. This is absurd because the declared value does not play a role and the performers do not rely on it.

Support Department

You cannot get help right away. Consultation is available only through the mail, which takes a lot of time and does not guarantee a complete answer. Sometimes letters get into spam. However, even with a successful connection, you are unlikely to receive quality help. If the question is about refunding or improving the paper, the help desk will not help to resolve this.

Delivery of papers

Writers often break deadlines and send papers too late. You cannot influence the assignment process, so you should hope to follow the deadline. The problem is that there is no timer or manager on the site who controls the time of the execution of the papers. This harms both freelancers and clients.

Additional Features

Bid4papers has a smartphone app that is optimized properly. This allows you to use the service anywhere. However, we found constant malfunctions in the work and loading, which negatively affects the experience.

The functionality of the service is ambiguous. On the one hand, the website has a nice design and optimization. However, on the other hand, it is very difficult to get specialist help, and no one is responsible for the timely delivery. It deserves low rates.

Should I rely on Bid4papers service?

The company is not responsible for the quality of services and timely delivery. The creators believe that a convenient website and the ability to choose the price is enough to earn trust. Despite the negative reviews, the service is improving very slowly.


On the site, you will find only positive comments. However, if you browse through the internet, you will realize that there are a lot of dissatisfied customers. It seems to be Bid4papers cheating. The majority of perfect reviews are paid for, so you cannot trust them.


We could not find any information to answer your question “is Bid4papers legit?”. The problem is that it’s impossible to find a use or refund policy. If you encounter a terrible quality of paper or service, the company will not offer compensation. Moreover, if you confirm receipt of completed work, it will take away the opportunity to demand a money refund. Bid4papers scam with reviews and irresponsibility deserve only low rating.

Variety of services

You are welcome to ask for each type of paper for high school, college or undergraduate level. However, be prepared that complex orders receive few responses, and their prices are huge. We recommend that you restrict yourself to standard types of essays, dissertations, and term papers. A variety of services is a moot point because you cannot order non-standard types of papers. However, there is such a function, so the score is not so high.


Bid4papers is no stranger to the writing services market. Despite the bidding platform, prices are rising year by year, and the quality and level of support are in place. In the process of analysis, we found such disadvantages:

  • High prices that do not match the quality
  • Irresponsibility and lack of guarantees
  • Weak support service
  • Lack of transparency and fair reviews
  • Lack of control of performers

Of the nice features were the design and website optimization. You can choose the best price from the offered ones, however, it will not be advantageous. The idea of ​​using bidding in a writing service is not bad, but its use on Bid4papers is mediocre. We rate the company at 20/100 and do not recommend buying papers on that site.

Choose the perfect paper writing service

On our site, you will find fair reviews of popular paper writing companies. This will save you from risks and help you choose the right service. We help students with assignments in a short time. If you are looking for a professional paper writing platform, our table of top writing service will help you.

  • Professionalism of Writers
  • Quality of Assignments
  • Pricing
  • Functionality
  • Reliability

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12 thoughts on "Full Overview of Bid4papers.com Writing Service"
  1. Sandra says:

    I liked my author, but I am not happy with the services of this website. My writer had ten other works on his plate, so it is not surprising that he did not have time to write the paper on time. After that, they do not respond to my messages. I definitely won’t cooperate with them anymore.

  2. Roy says:

    I ordered a diploma due to an acute lack of time. I thought that even if they didn’t send the best text, I could just fix it. But the paper was so bad that I spent a lot of time correcting it.

  3. Christine says:

    I wrote the essay myself, but I really need an A-grade, so I sent it for review. But they didn’t just make the paper better, they managed to spoil some of my suggestions. Now I’m trying to get my money back.

  4. Harriet says:

    I chose a high-rated author and paid extra for it to get a good paper. But it was some writer from Africa who barely speaks English. There was a feeling that he was simply copying other people’s papers. They refuse to return money to me because I received an essay.

  5. Elisabeth says:

    I want a refund for my paper, but they ignore me. These are scammers who are not responsible for their work. They are friendly at first, and then simply stop responding to the message. I am very upset.

  6. gim says:

    I definitely cannot call this experience positive. I sent them the text to the corrector, and they sent me a report of my mistakes. But I myself knew about these errors! They did not fix them but simply sent a report. What I need this report for?

  7. Cristina says:

    Compared to other websites, this one offers affordable prices. But this is where all the benefits end. The quality of services is not very good, besides there is no telephone support. They clearly lack good authors.

  8. Cristina says:

    Compared to other websites, this one offers affordable prices. But this is where all the benefits end. The quality of services is not very good, besides there is no telephone support. They clearly lack good authors.

  9. Megan says:

    I prudently ordered the paper in advance, and it helped me. The author sent the text with errors and plagiarism. When I drew attention to this, they appointed me another author. The paper is still not perfect, but better than the first version.

  10. TJ says:

    Hello. I want to leave my review of Bid4papers. I ordered a research paper, but I received absolutely not what I expected. It seems that my author does not know anything about the correct formatting of APA. I paid money to experts but received a disgusting service.

  11. David says:

    I never made an order on this website because I just did not understand how to do it! Yes, there is an order form here, but I have a few questions regarding my paper. I do not want to pay for the order until I receive confirmation that they are ready to fulfill it. But customer support doesn’t seem to be helping me.

  12. Michael says:

    I do not want to waste any more time on this website. I’ll just write that it’s better not to mess with them. There are other more reliable services, give preference to them.

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