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October, 2021 Last Update is a modern online assistance platform. Mostly, you get help with your classes when you register at the website. Additionally, you can get expert assistance with essay papers. At least, you can find the information about expert help on the website. In reality, you need to check for yourself whether you want to deal with the service or not. To ease your job, you can check this review and learn everything about services offered, pricing policy, guarantees, etc. You can learn the information and decide if you need online help with classes or custom writing assistance. The company of states the full customer satisfaction. Still, this statement can be way too far from reality.

What Is helps students to take their online classes, pass exams, and complete their essay papers. The service offers quite a picturesque website with an interesting design. You can find lots of reviews on the website. Still, they rather look pre-written by the service representatives. Thus, you should check other review platforms online to find real review and testimonials. In fact, the references online include more complaints than praises. The service claims to be an up-to-date solution for modern students with its online courses and guidance. Still, a few real reviews point to the low effectiveness of the service. Besides, the prices for services are very high. These are probably the highest prices for customized essays on the current market. The service does not assure the top-notch assistance to ask for such high fees. Moreover, you do not get a clear pricing policy. You can get the price for your order only once by contacting the support team. You cannot even check any guarantees on the website because you are provided with none.

The Offered Services

The company mostly brings online assistance for students. You can join the online classes to learn more and pass tests, quizzes, exams, etc. Also, you can order customized essays to be delivered.

The services of the company analyzed in this review include the following ones:

  • Online classes;
  • Online tests and exams;
  • Homework assignments;
  • Customized essays.

The service claims to offer innovative solutions in the educational sphere. The company allows you to take online classes and pass various online tasks. Still, with the huge prices, it can be less advantageous for clients. Besides, there are no special classes you can take. You mostly deal with basic subjects and topics. The quality of the delivered essays is also lower than average. You can be very unpleasantly surprised once paying lots of money and getting no decent content in the end. Prices and Discount

The prices for services are really huge. In general, the price for an essay starts from a minimum fee of $75 per page. For an essay of about 800 words long, you will pay over $150. Other online writing services offer the price for an essay about $15-20 per page. Some reliable modern services provided discounts to make the final fee even lesser. The fee of $75 for a single page is astronomically huge. For such a huge price, probably a well-known writer must prepare your customized paper. Besides, there are no discounts. Thus, you will not get any promo code. If you need a service with more affordable prices, you should check for other companies in the current online writing market.

Payment Method and Secure

There are no special payment methods noted on the website that the company prefers to use. In fact, this is a familiar situation like with the pricing policy. You have no information about offered payment methods from the very start. You need to register and often contact a customer support team to learn more about the ordering process and payments. You will not find any guarantee of payment security on the website. The company states its secure services. Still, it is only a few sentences in the company’s introduction. In fact, you do not even know what kind of danger you are facing once dealing with the service.

Special Features

As it was previously discussed in this review, the company offers clients to take online classes and pass online tests. Besides, you can get customized essays and homework assistance. Still, the prices for the offered services can be really astronomical. Thus, even if the company brings some unique services, as it was noted in this review, the fees for the services ruin any appreciation of the service.

What Quality Essays This Company Provides?

With the high prices, the service requires, the quality of the delivered papers must be exceptional. Still, in reality, you face absolutely opposite situations—most of the reviews online state a bunch of complaints. Clients tell about receiving essays with Wikipedia in the used sources. Besides, the plagiarism checks have shown lots of plagiarized texts. Moreover, clients often complain about the customer service to ignore their complaints. Even if you get an answer from customer support, it is usually a refusal to provide any revisions and some shady reasons for that decision. You can never be sure of getting a flawless and original paper on the platform. Even once paying a really huge bill for an essay. You can see why many clients wonder is cheating once checking the service. With an unclear pricing policy and no real guarantees, the service surely cannot be called decent and trustworthy.

Customer Service Review

The customer agents can answer fast once you only place an order. They can provide you with the prices for your order and name the payment methods to use. Still, this information is supposed to be on the website from the very beginning. You should not bother customer support for this particular information. In cases when you have any serious complaints, the customer support tries to ignore you mostly or provide some strange reasons why you cannot get revisions or refund.


You will not find any sections of the website that include quality, money-back, or revisions guarantees. Thus, as it is stated in every second Reddit review, you risk when you order the services at the website. The company representatives always find the reasons why to refuse to provide revisions or refunds. It can be a very tiresome activity to apply for free revisions. In most cases, you will get none in the end.

Pros and Cons

With the features, services, and company policies analyzed, we can provide a list of pros and cons. Besides, with lots of Sitejabber testimonials checked, our findings are quite accurate. When you deal with the service, you can face the following pluses and disadvantages.


  • Website design
  • Online classes
  • Online tests and quizzes
  • Customized essays
  • Homework assistance


  • Very high prices
  • Plagiarized essays
  • Low-quality papers
  • No clear pricing policy
  • No refund or revisions policy
  • Lots of spam when you register

You should be very attentive to the listed pros and cons. It will help you to make your correct final choice. If you think that you deal with the scam, you already know that you do not need to use this service ever.

Our Verdict

There are definitely cheaper alternatives to Almost every other online writing company offers services for much lower prices. Besides, even if you can pay a lot, there is no reason to do so. You will not get a flawless and unique essay in the end. In most cases, you will only pay for plagiarized papers of bad quality. Is good? Definitely, this is not your dream service to order any important essays or other academic papers. Is legal? Sure, this is a legit service. But, it is definitely not the one to deliver you flawless excellent essays. You should better check for more reliable online services with decent guarantees, a clear and affordable pricing policy, and real expert writers.

Choose Reliable Essay Writing Service with Our Help

If you need to find a more trustworthy online writing service, feel free to check our website. We offer detailed reviews on modern online academic assistance platforms. You can find all the answers to your questions about online writing companies on our website. We bring detailed characteristics and statistics about the analyzed services. You will find information about the pros and cons of the service, guarantees, pricing policy, list of offered services, discount offers, and other important features. With us, you will be able to select only the most reliable online platforms to place your order. Thus, you will always end up with original and timely delivered papers.


If you are interested in detailed answers to additional questions about the analyzed service, you can check the FAQ section below.

Is Legit?

This is a legit service that offers an automated checking tool. Still, more than wondering, “Is legal?” you should pay attention that it is not a writing service at all. You can get your paper checked for grammar and spelling mistakes. But you cannot get an original paper written and delivered to you at the platform.

Is Scam?

This is a real service that offers homework assistance, customized essays, online classes, and tests. Still, you will not find any top-quality assistance on the website. Thus, you can already look for more reliable services to help you with your academic papers or any other documents.

How much does it cost to use

The prices for services are really colossal. In general, the price for an essay starts from a minimum fee of $75 per page. For an essay of about 800 words long, you will pay over $150. If you compare the prices with other online services’ fees, the price for a single essay page should be about $15-20 in general. The fee of $75 for a single page is astronomically huge. Unfortunately, the provided quality of the delivered papers is less than average.

Is my safe?

You will not find any mention of the quality guarantee or money-back guarantee on the website. You should be very attentive to these facts when ordering services online. Many online reviews and testimonials prove a bad reputation of the service and the unsatisfied quality of provided assistance. You surely can find another online writing platform to order your flawless original papers.

  • Professionalism of Writers
  • Quality of Assignments
  • Pricing
  • Functionality
  • Reliability

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