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September, 2021 Last Update is an online writing service with quite a disturbing online reputation. The company declares to provide top-quality writing services. It offers a list of fake testimonials about excellent services offered by the company on the website. The real information about the company and its writers is limited. You can find out only about a limited set of offered services.

Moreover, you will not find any operative money-back guarantee or proper revisions guarantee on the website. You can only read a few sentences written by the company’s representatives about how they complete every paper from scratch. In reality, most of the reviews on the Internet are negative. Besides, you will not find any recommendations to use the services in the provided review as well. This review is provided for you to save yourself from the low-quality services offered by the company.

What Is is an online service that lacks even proper website presentation. The website has a limited menu and remains quite complicated to navigate easily. You can check for guarantees or refund policy, but you will not find this information listed on the website. This review offers complete information on the company and its services. 

There are a bunch of reviews and clients’ testimonials online that provide negative opinions on the company. What is more, you will not find information to assure that you deal with a decent service on its web platform. It practically lacks all the important information needed for students. It lists the set of services, offered prices, and some poor examples of completed papers. There is no refund policy or money-back guarantee provided by the company. Thus, many users see the company as a scam. Therefore, they keep leaving negative reviews and testimonials on the company on numerous authoritative review platforms.

The Offered Services

You can check the list of services stated in this review at the official company’s website. There is no unique or pretty huge list of provided services for clients. The company only offers the following academic papers’ accomplishment for high school and college students, that include:

  • Various essays;
  • Admission essay;
  • Research paper;
  • Term paper;
  • Dissertation;
  • Coursework.

The company offers a limited set of writing services for clients. You mostly get access to the most popular writing papers and some additional services. Still, when you try to open the page “more services,” you will visit an empty page. Thus, the company does not offer any additional editing or proofreading services for clients. As a result, you cannot expect to get your essay to be improved even for an additional fee. Be aware, and the company offers no free revisions or money-back guarantee for clients. Also, you will not find the writers’ real credentials, statistics, or genuine testimonials. Thus, there is no way to know who will be performing your academic paper and what qualifications they have. Prices and Discount

The pricing policy is quite tricky on the website. There is a three-layer pricing system for clients. Thus if you order at the platform, you can select the category of services with applicable prices. It includes standard, premium, and platinum quality services. The minimum price for a page with a deadline of 10 days is $20.00. This is once you select a standard quality of services. In case you need the same paper of Platinum quality, you will need to pay at least $26.99 per page. 

The company provided urgent orders. Thus, you can order your paper to be written in 3 hours, but the price will reach over $50 per page. Besides, almost every review on the Internet outlines the poor quality of provided services. As a result, you can pay a fortune for nothing. The company offers a one-time 15% promo code discount. But with the high prices, it is not really sufficient.

Payment Method and Secure

The company offers the following payment methods that include Discovery, Maestro, MasterCard, Wired Transfer, American Express, and Visa. There is no available option to proceed with convenient PayPal payments for students. Therefore, the offered list of payment options is not full. Besides, there is no assurance you will transfer your money safely. The company of does not offer any decent guarantees of protected payment methods provided. Moreover, the company does not even try to assure the safety of its online services. Mostly, the company’s representatives tend to get your money for quite unsatisfactory writing services.

Special Features

Once checking the empty page about additional services, you may think is cheating. It surely can be the case, because the company’s website includes no vital information on services. You will find some texts about how companies perform excellent papers from scratch. 

But you will surely get no proof of that. Once checking other authoritative review platforms, like the Reddit page, you will not find any evidence of the company really offering good quality papers. Most of the testimonials online bring information about the low-quality of delivered papers, poor customer support, and lack of guarantees. You are the one to decide whether you need to risk your money and time once ordering at an untrustworthy online platform.

What Quality Essays This Company Provides?

Many users at Sitejabber page and other review platforms report about the bad quality of the provided essays. The company does not offer flawless papers in general. Besides, the plagiarism issue is quite huge. Many completed papers are almost fully plagiarized. Lots of written essays also have a wrong structure, poor lexicon, and numerous grammar and punctuation mistakes. The writers are surely not native English speakers. Besides, they have surely not graduated from the top US and UK education institutions.

Customer Service Review

You can reach the company by phone number, email, or live chat on the page. Still, there is no guarantee it will be easy to reach customer support once you transfer the money. The company is mostly focused on getting money from you. They are definitely not interested in listening to your complaints. Besides, the company does not provide any refund policy, free unlimited revisions, or even a partially decent safety guarantee. Thus, they do not tend to deal with any of your problems. And the best way to not pay attention to your complaints is to completely ignore them.


You will not find any money-back guarantee on the website. Thus, it cannot be described in this review. Still, the users tend to check for cases when a company can provide a money refund. In fact, the company does not provide any money refund. You will not find a lot of real information about the company on the website as well. Thus, with the dubious online reputation it has, it is difficult to expect to really care about assuring customers’ basic guarantees.

Pros and Cons is a service popular mostly among high school and undergraduate students. From the checked online reviews and personal experience, we can define the top pros and cons of the company.


  • The one-time 15% discount;
  • VIP option to select your writer;
  • An option to order admission essay;
  • A few samples offered online;
  • Three-tier quality services.


  • Lack of any clear refund policy;
  • Fake reviews and testimonials at the website;
  • High prices for average quality of services;
  • Problems with plagiarism and formatting;
  • No extra editing and proofreading services;
  • No payment methods safety guarantees;
  • Dubious online reputation in general.

Our Verdict is an online writing service with quite an unconvinced online reputation. According to numerous reviews and online testimonials, the company’s writers cannot complete really unique and flawless essays. Besides, the writers you are assigned to deal with are surely not native English speakers. You can select your personal writer by using the VIP option for an additional fee. You cannot get any real information about the service or writers who will write your paper. You also get no safety guarantee or any refund policy at all. As a result, all your attempts to apply for a money refund or revisions will be in vain. Therefore, you may be very disappointed once ordering your essays at the platform.

Choose Reliable Essay Writing Service with Our Help

A first-rate quality academic paper is a must for students who tend to succeed in their studies. There is no way you can submit a paper with mistakes or wrong structure. Thus, ordering your assignment’s accomplishment online can be a great opportunity to both get a flawless paper and more time for yourself. Besides, the top essay writing services provide ironclad guarantees and a set of special offers for regulars. With a reliable writing service, you always get the best grades and can improve your study ratings greatly.


Is Legit?

It is difficult to name the company a legit service. Is legal? Well, it provides online writing services and delivers completed papers to clients. But, you can never be sure of getting a decent quality academic paper in the end. You can easily end up with plagiarized papers of poor quality.

Is Scam?

This is a real online writing service that delivers completed papers. Still, you may need to know is good? Most of the online reviews and testimonials prove the case that the company offers bad quality writing services. Thus, you can really risk your money and time once ordering at the platform.

How much does it cost to use

The company offers a tricky pricing policy based on a three-layer system. Thus if you order at the platform, you can select the category of services with applicable prices – standard, premium, and platinum quality services. The minimum price for a page with a 10-day deadline is $20.00. The same paper of Platinum quality will cost $26.99 per page. The urgent paper with a 3-hour deadline will cost over $50 per page. There are definitely cheaper alternatives to

Is my safe?

The company does not provide a guarantee of personal data or money transfers safety. Typically, the company’s agents want to get your money fast without offering any solid guarantees of payments or personal data safety. It makes the company an unreliable online helper.

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