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September, 2020 Last Update
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Edusson is a popular online ordering platform for different types of writing assignments. It offers a bidding system of payment and claims to be a transparent service with no hidden fees. However, we found suspicious the lack of a usage policy and specific data on the use of the platform. A lot of users write about poor quality papers and delays, as well as disgusting customer support. To protect you from spending a large amount of money, we checked the analysis of the resource.

In this review, you will find out is Edusson legit and whether Edusson reviews can be trusted online. This will help you weigh the pros and cons and decide whether to use the Edusson company.

Full review of Edusson service

This service gathered good reviews at the beginning of its work. However, the Edusson website is not credible because it does not provide users with specific data. This aroused the interest of our team and we conducted a complete study of the company’s services and guarantees. To ensure that the review is detailed and fair, we rated the following categories on a scale of 1 to 100:

  • Paper quality and variety of services
  • Employee qualifications
  • Prices and discounts
  • Comfort when using
  • Attitude towards customers

The platform has a bidding system, which makes it special and of interest. However, writers are bidding, which allows you to order paper at an attractive price. Nevertheless, we doubted the honesty of the Edusson pricing and qualifications of employees.

Qualification of Edusson experts

The site has over a thousand writers who work remotely from different parts of the world. The creators claim that to become a writer at Edusson, you must have a bachelor’s degree and pass the selection. Among the candidates, a place in the company is given to professionals with experience in writing academic papers who have successfully passed the probationary period. We believe this is not enough to work on the popular paper writing website.

Since the service offers a bidding system, your work is done by the writer with the lowest price. This should be beneficial, but in fact, there are two big flaws:

  • The initial rate is very high. When you submit an order, dozens of freelancers offer their prices. However, the rates do not differ dramatically, and we did not find prices below $ 19 per page.
  • You must choose a writer yourself. This takes a lot of time and does not guarantee paper quality. You will not be able to view the summary of each candidate, therefore, choose the cheapest bid; or average, based on the first impression.

We ordered several papers and analyzed the quality of the Edusson bidding system. Problems begin after placing the order. You get hundreds of messages from candidates who offer their prices. This happens the first minute after placing an order. For such a short time it is impossible to familiarize yourself with the paper requirements and evaluate your strength.

If you choose a writer and want to work with him, you will not receive an answer soon. This means that each client receives a newsletter from the service, and bots conduct correspondence. Also, a lot of employees are greedy and work for money, not for a quality result. They send dozens of messages and take on every available order.

Papers quality

With this attitude, paper workers are of appropriate quality. The finished assignment that we received was poorly structured and looked like a student’s work. We assume that some freelancers do not have experience and insert information from Wikipedia. We chose the average price from a couple of dozens of applications and paid $ 23. The writer’s portfolio is credible, but it is impossible to verify the information.

We were not able to contact the employee in time to work with errors. The author did not comply with the paper format requirements, and we had to improve it before the change. For the quality of services, the service receives 15/100. We are disappointed with the finished papers and the money spent.

Pricing system

Service services do not have specific prices. Pricing is a ridiculous process because you cannot even estimate the approximate cost. Although the site has the opportunity to calculate the price of the order, it will increase after payment is confirmed. The creators claim that the service has no hidden fees, however, this is a lie. Rates that you will see are 30-50% higher than the declared value.


Edusson offers writing papers from $ 8 and editing from $ 18. However, during the bidding process, prices increase and you are lucky if you buy a page for $ 20. We set the deadline for two weeks and got a ranking of prices from 23 to 40 dollars. This is a high price for a typical 1-page essay.

Available methods of payment

You must pay for the services before hiring a writer. This requires registration and makes you the subject of a newsletter. Of the available payment methods, there is Mastercard, Visa, and PayPal, which indicates the security of the connection. However, our customers who contacted Edusson talk about an insecure data channel. After ordering the paper, a notification was sent to their cards about an attempt to use the data.

Discounts for regular/new customers

The lack of a discount system is another flaw in the service. The creators believe that the ability to choose the price is a sufficient offer. Despite the high prices, the platform does not give discounts to either new or regular customers.

Unreasonable high prices, poor protection and lack of discounts make Edusson unattractive to students. We bet 18/100 only for the possibility of choosing the average price and payment with PayPal.

Convenience of use

The advantages of the service include the ease of use of the service. However, the site design and lack of key data spoil the impression. Let’s see what’s up.

Appearance of page

This is the only thing that has changed since the launch of the resource. The design is not annoying and not distracting. However, from sharp colors transitions quickly get tired eyes. Also, on the home page of the site posted too much extra information. There is no navigation, and the contact button with the consultant is hidden in the lower-left corner.


There are no problems with loading the site and scrolling. However, we lacked an explanation under each button. The first element that attracts attention is the “Get started” button, but we don’t know what that means. Also, we did not find confirmation of the promises to fulfill the paper before the deadline.

Steps to order a paper

It is not difficult to order paper, but the service shows an unfair price. This is unfair because the platform runs on a bidding system, which means Edusson writers charge a price. However, you can contact a consultant and ask for help with your order.

Support Service

The support service is unstable. When we first ordered a paper, the consultant quickly answered questions and we received an explanation. However, with subsequent ones, we waited more than half an hour before getting an answer. It seems like only new customers get a proper service.

Delivery Speed

The company promises to deliver the paper on time and return the money if this is not done. However, we found customers who did not receive an assignment or response at all. When we tried to find out from the consultant, we were not given a direct explanation. We consider this irresponsible and unprofessional.

Additional Opportunities

Unfortunately, the platform does not offer anything different from standard services. The creators believe that the site is optimized enough and all processes are well established. However, in reality, we are faced with irresponsibility and must solve the problems on our own. It deserves just 16/100.

Can I trust Edusson.com?

We could not find registration data and the first launch of the platform. This proves that Edusson is not a transparent service, and hides the underlying data. Some students openly claim to have lost confidence in the company.

Clients’ comments

Customers who have used Edusson 1-2 times write about poor attitude and poor quality at this price. However, some resources show only the positive side of the company, embellishing the data. We recommend reading only credible sources like Reddit Edusson so as not to stumble upon paid reviews.


The company says that you can return part of the funds if you interrupt the assignment process. However, we encountered a rejection, although the quality of the paper was poor. We did not find the relevant documents and refund policy. Even after several requests, we did not receive feedback.

Available services

On the one hand, Edusson allows you to order paper of any type and size. It expands the boundaries and is encouraging. However, on the other hand, the bidding platform means that you will not find the best specialist for paper. Therefore, we recommend that you restrict yourself to the standard essays for term papers.

Final Thoughts

Edusson has a bidding system and fast service. However, both differences look damp and incomplete. Prices for services are unreasonably high and paper quality is low. In addition to this contrast, the service is deceiving users. We bumped into Edusson cheating using their website. You will not receive a guarantee for the security of personal data and the delivery of the task on time.

We do not recommend ordering a paper on Edusson. Based on the study, we give a rating of 20/100 and hope that the creators will take this into account.

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7 thoughts on "Full Overview of Edusson Writing Service"
  1. Marie says:

    These are scammers! They just make money. It’s good that they even send at least some essays. But there is still no difference since these papers require serious corrections.

  2. Shawn says:

    I ordered an essay here, and I definitely can’t say that this experience made me happy. They do not care about customer, they just make money. They may send you the worst essay but simply will not reply to messages.

  3. Wanda says:

    They said that I could keep in touch with the author to keep track of the writing process. But my author did not reply to any of my posts! Even when the deadline has already passed! She simply sent an essay with a delay and did not even apologize. I do not recommend it.

  4. Janet says:

    Edusson.com is my worst experience with custom papers. They are polite and caring only while they expect money from you. As soon as you pay for the order, no one worries about how your essay will turn out and whether it will be ready on time.

  5. Russell says:

    I have already heard that such websites work with writers from Kenya and other African countries, so I paid $ 30 more. I thought they would give me an author with a doctorate. But my essay was really poorly written. I even thought that someone tried to write it badly. As a result, they did not return the money to me, and I redid my essay on my own.

  6. Meghan says:

    I placed an order for essay writing. It’s expensive, but I decided that a good paper was worth it. Do not repeat my mistakes! Honestly, I’m not even sure if my author studied in college. The essay is so terrible that any student will write such a paper.

  7. Riley says:

    I ordered 5,000-word paper, and they asked me for $ 315. When I received this text, I just did not understand what I paid for. It was an absolutely unprofessional term paper, with grammatical errors and plagiarism. Do you know where my author comes from? From Kenya! And they promise native speakers. Draw conclusions.

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