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August, 2021 Last Update

Higher education is a factor that increases the chances of successful employment, although it does not guarantee it. Education significantly affects the probability of success in life because it defines employment and status and the chances of social mobility. In addition, education determines a professional career and further access to a variety of public goods. 

However, professional training is an important resource for building a professional career, which determines its success. It lays the foundations of professional orientation, the necessary knowledge, and skills. Without these, the employment process cannot be successful.

As practice shows, students face many difficulties while studying in a higher education institution. In addition to worrying about further employment and career-building, they need to overcome various difficulties that arise in the learning process. Training takes a lot of time and effort. In some cases, the student should order a paper online instead of writing it independently. is one of the services that was created specifically to help students. We will conduct an review below.

What Is the Essayassistant?

Essayassistant is one of the popular services that has gathered a professional team of experienced writers. The specialists of the platform are involved in writing different types of papers. They are trusted by customers and are rightly considered the best today. The average score of the online company is 87 out of 100, which is a very good indicator of the efficiency of expert work.

The Offered Services

Many essayassistant reviews indicate that the service provides customers with many unique services. The main ones are described below.

Essay Writing

Essay writing services are the main services provided by specialists. The site can help in completing the following types of essays:

  • Descriptive. It indicates direction or instructs the completion of a task;
  • Cause and effect. It focuses attention on the premises and consequences of solving the problem under study;
  • Defining. It provides an expanded interpretation of the topic;
  • Comparing. It captures differences and/or similarities between positions, ideas, approaches, etc.;
  • Argumenting (counter-argumenting). This paper captures an informed opinion about the subject of study.

These are just the basic types of essays that online writers usually perform. In fact, experts can also write any other type of paper.

Portfolio Creation

As it is known, a portfolio is an effective creative form of students’ independent work. Currently, a portfolio is understood as a collection and analysis of documents illustrating the achievements of its owner.

When working on a portfolio, the specialists of the online service focus on the student’s strengths (what he knows and can do) and not on his weaknesses. The portfolio is executed at the highest level and deserves a good score. The completed portfolio is not just a form of presenting a collection of samples of products of a student’s educational and cognitive activity but a means of realizing a specific goal.

Report Writing

A report is a public announcement, which is a detailed presentation on a specific topic. When preparing a report, essayassistant writers take into account the composition of the audience, the level of its preparedness, and the laws of perception and comprehension of information. The experts adhere to the following structure:

  • Introduction. This part usually contains the main idea, modern assessment of the subject of presentation, and a brief listing of the issues under consideration;
  • Main part. Here the experts reveal the essence of the selected topic;
  • Conclusion. This part is a clear and concise summary of the problem under study.

Synopsis Creation 

The specialists of the online company essayassistant often write a synopsis, as this is a very common form of self-study for students. A synopsis is a written text that systematically, concisely, logically, and coherently conveys the content of the main source of information. Writers adhere to the following rules when drawing up a synopsis:

  • Make notes neatly, meaningfully, clearly, legibly, and competently;
  • Highlight and write down the main scientific provisions and facts, formulas and rules, conclusions and generalizations;
  • Do not overload records with separate facts;
  • Highlight sections and subsections, topics, and subtopics;
  • Use comprehensible abbreviations of words and phrases;
  • Write down recommended literature.

Presentation Development

The presentation is a persuasion and trust-building tool and a set of slides united by a common theme and stored in a common file. On the website, everyone can get help in creating a presentation of a necessary format:

  • Presentations made and saved in Microsoft PowerPoint format. Such presentations can contain all the elements of a multimedia presentation;
  • Presentations saved in PDF format. Can be saved from PowerPoint for the demonstration on a computer without an office suite installed;
  • Flash presentations. A presentation that can be performed using complex animation effects. Can be both linear and non-linear.

Writing an Abstract

An essay is a form of independent written student work that deals with one rather narrow topic and indicates the main generally accepted points of view on this issue. When performing this type of paper, the writers of the service adhere to the following basic requirements:

  • Informativeness, completeness of presentation;
  • Objectivity, undistorted fixation of all provisions of the primary text;
  • Correctness in the assessment of the material.

Execution of the Case Method Assignments

The case method is a method of conducting a detailed analysis of one specific situation, which is used to achieve specific goals. When using this method, experts of the online platform essayassistant usually adhere to the following sequence of case development:

  • Search for an institutional system that will be directly related to the topic of the case;
  • Creating or choosing a model of the situation;
  • Description creation;
  • Collection of additional information;
  • Preparation of the final text.

Essayassistant Prices and Discount

We should note the affordable prices for the services provided by essayassistant. The price per page of printed text is approximately $ 14.36. The price of a paper usually depends on several important factors:

  • Required level of work;
  • Formatting requirements (e.g. double or single spacing, number of words per page, etc.);
  • Deadlines for the delivery of a completed paper.

By ordering an essay on the site, you undoubtedly save money since several unique services are provided completely free of charge:

  • Title page creation;
  • Formatting;
  • Editing.

The platform also offers customers a lot of profitable discounts. Thus, for example, the discount for the first order is 25% of the total cost of a paper. The discount for the second order is 20%. There are other discounts as well. For more data, you should study the information in the section “Discounts” presented on the site. It is quite obvious that the company knows how to attract customers.

Payment Method and Secure

An important advantage of the website is that it offers a wide variety of payment methods for customers. They include payment by bank cards, through electronic payment systems, through wallets, etc. Choose the one that suits you the most and carry out a secure transfer of money for the expert work. High reliability of payment is guaranteed by the company.

Special Features

Among the special features of the online service, we should mention the presence of a “Blog” section on the website. Everyone can learn useful information about writing different types of papers and get advice from professionals for free.

The site also provides customers with the ability to communicate directly with the helper through a messaging system. This is very convenient, as it allows the customer to give comments while the expert is completing the assignment.

What Quality of Essays Does This Company Provide?

The company’s specialists ensure the high quality of each essay, regardless of its topic and requirements for implementation. The high quality of completed essays is because experts strictly follow the requirements for the execution of this type of paper, in particular:

  • Logical, consistent, and evidence-based substantiation of the author’s position in the subject under study. It is based and supported by precise references to literary sources and their authors;
  • Multidimensional coverage of a scientific problem within the stated topic (without deviations in related areas);
  • Abstract-analytical form of presentation of the material. This includes the use of comparisons, generalizations as methods of theoretical analysis of the theories used. In addition, it implies the use of concepts, scientific ideas, leading to a particular conclusion;
  • The use of scientific vocabulary, that is, the categorical apparatus of the branch of science, the subject of which is stated in the research problem. Along with the scientific style, elements of the literary style are admissible. However, the everyday vocabulary and presentation style is unacceptable;
  • Substantiation of the relevance of the problem of an essay, both theoretical and practical;
  • Complete list of sources used.

Customer Service Review

We carefully studied more than one essayassistant review and concluded that the online platform is rightfully considered one of the most reliable today. The customers are very happy with the help provided. They note the high level of professionalism of the experts. The single remark that clients have about the service is the possibility of difficulties in contacting the writers. Surely, this is due to the large workload of experts.


The cooperation with writers seems to be very reliable and safe. The platform provides customers with the following guarantees:

  • Quality guarantee;
  • Absence of plagiarism guarantee;
  • Compliance with the requirements guarantee;
  • Deadline guarantee;
  • Guarantee to keep personal data confidential;
  • Guarantee of making edits.

Pros and Cons

The main pros and cons of the service are summarized below.

Wide variety of services providedNot the lowest prices, but rather competitive ones
Availability of an informational blog on the platform where you can get valuable advice from expertsSpecial conditions for obtaining a discount
Reliable paymentsThere may be difficulties in contacting the service writers
The ability to contact your personal assistant directly and discuss all the details of the assignment executionThe site interface can be difficult for novice PC users
Meeting deadlines for completed essaysIt is not always possible to place an urgent order

Our Verdict

Our review confirms that essayassistant is a trustworthy online company. This is the place where everyone can get professional help without worrying about safety.

Choose Reliable Essay Writing Service With Our Help

The essayassistant review shows the high quality of services provided by the company. However, you probably understand that is not a single reliable site today. There are many other platforms online that you can trust as well. There is a list of top writing companies on our site. We recommend that you pay special attention to it. You will definitely find the best helpers for yourself there!


Still not getting answers to some troubling questions? Then read the FAQ section below.

Is Legit?

The online service is legit. Using the services of the website is completely safe.

Is Scam? is definitely not a scam. The service does not deceive customers but provides quality papers that deserve a high score.

How much does it cost to use essayassistant?

The essayassistant prices are affordable, but not very low. For example, a page of essay text is approximately $ 14.36.

Is my essayassistant safe?

Essayassistant is completely safe. It ensures the confidentiality of personal data and provides customers with many beneficial guarantees.

  • Professionalism of Writers
  • Quality of Assignments
  • Pricing
  • Functionality
  • Reliability

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