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EssayBot.com description

Technological progress has touched upon each and every area of our life. The scientists managed to present various mind-blowing breakthroughs for the last few years, and Artificial Intelligence is one of the most promising inventions. Moreover, it is directly related to EssayBot, what makes the program unique.

EssayBot is a notion in the academic writing world. This program is a tool that generates texts on its own and presents the material to a user in a complete document. However, the program is not developed enough to meet the needs of a regular customer, and we will try to cover this topic in one of the few essaybot reviews.

Competence of the writers

Generally speaking, EssayBot is not a regular site where you can take advantage of the professional writers’ skills. It is a program developed to meet the needs of the customers with the use of AI.

Therefore, the writers are not engaged in the process of composing the texts. In a nutshell, the working principle is not difficult. The tool asks you to type in a few sentences on your own to identify the desired topic. Then, it starts searching relevant material on the basis of what was written by a user. The texts are supposed to be unique, however, the users complain that the finished document fails to pass the plagiarism detector.

When the text is created, the program can execute some kind of paraphrasing to avoid weird word choice.

EssayBot performance

The program is relatively new and it has not gained great popularity among the users. Nevertheless, the amount of feedback given by the clients is enough to assess EssayBot performance. 

It is important to remember that the tool is writers-free. Therefore, AI is what the service is based on. The search for the appropriate information is the main function a program performs. On the basis of the materials found on the expands of the Internet, this bot tries to generate unique parts of a text.

Despite the developers claim the data sources for the papers are credible, real users completely disagree with it.

They claim the text is of extremely poor quality. The parts of randomly composed paragraphs do not correspond to each other and sound awkward. Moreover, the material produced by the bot is not unique, as the developers promise it to be.


With regular online writing platforms, the pricing policy is more or less the same. The final cost of the services is calculated on the basis of the extra options required by the customer. However, EssayBot is not an ordinary platform for creating texts.

Price formation

Services presented by EssayBot cost a pretty penny if we take into account the quality of the papers. When you first enter the program to try its functions, it seems that the services are presented for free. However, it is a misconception, as in the end, you need to pay for the service anyway. The prices are not that high.

You do not need to pay for a single text. There is a special option. You can cover a membership.

For a monthly subscription, you are to pay about $10. To use the tool for a year, you need to pay about $5 per month.

Payment procedure

If the service appeals to you and you are sure it is worth paying for it, then you need to get familiar with the payment options.

Normally, there are two main ways you can transfer your money. These are PayPal and Stripe.

Usually, users prefer to use the first method. The reason is PayPal is more widespread. Thus, more people are used to the system and have no difficulties in working with it. Furthermore, payment operations executed by PayPal are thought to be the most reliable.


Frankly speaking, the company offers its users a few extra options, but in fact, EssayBot fails to perform them. The tool is thought to check the texts for plagiarism and mistakes of different kinds. However, even if it works, the quality of it is disgusting.

Web platform performance

The system still needs thorough revision, and the improvements in its work will be appreciated for sure. Nevertheless, it is used by lots of users, and therefore is of value to them to some extent.

Style of the site

When you first open the link, you are probably surprised by the design of the online platform. Nevertheless, the company position itself as a groundbreaking set up, its design is far from being state of the art.

It does not keep up with the trends set by the web designers and thus, it seems dull to the users.


You may wonder “Is Essaybot any good in terms of its operational performance?”.

On the website, there are a few pages you can go to for researching the platform. However, they are placed in a confusing order. Therefore, the site resembles complete chaos. It is difficult to find the information you need and even a big icon to fill personal data looks irrelevant.

Make your order

To place an order, you do need to type a small piece of a text. It is an important part, and you cannot avoid it.

It helps the system identify the topic and thus specify the characteristics of the search. Then, it starts generating random sentences slightly related to the main topic. On rare occasions, it does present good material. However, it is either of bad quality or lacks sense.

When the process of composing a text is finished, you can download the document.

Customer service

Unfortunately, the company did not present a valid chat for the users. Therefore, you can solve the issues by means of an email address or a phone number. However, the answer will not be instant.

Time for order processing

The time when the document is to be delivered depends merely on a user. When the system finishes the session, the final document can be downloaded, if a user bought a membership.

Extra features

Nevertheless, EssayBot is not free, there are no additional features to make use of. It can lighten the process of writing, as you are given an example of a text. However, you need to check it on your own to ensure it is readable and can be submitted.


The reliability of the sites is the main criterion the users can take advantage of. Therefore, it is important to gain a good image on the Web.

Company standing

Unfortunately, our team failed to find at least a few decent essaybot reviews with a positive mark. Moreover, the number of real feedbacks can be counted on the fingers of one hand. It seems that the so-called essaybot scam schemes hamper people to enter the site.

There are still some comments on the efficacy of the site, but they sound unnatural. They are supposed to have been created by a certain program on order. Thus, you can ask “Is EssayBot cheating?”.

Guarantees for a customer

When you have no direct links to real reviews, you can hardly frame the exact guarantees the service provides.

On the website, there is a very brief reference to what the company is responsible for.

Thus, EssayBot has nothing to do with the content it generates. Therefore, you cannot be sure the texts are plagiarism-free or include credible information. Furthermore, there are no refund options. When you transfer your money to a company’s account, you have to be content with the services and the quality it gives you.

The only thing EssayBot claims is that they give its users a tool to their own advantage. That’s it.

Range of services

In the first part of essaybot review, we pointed out that the site is basically focused on a program that crafts texts on a particular topic. In fact, this is the only feature EssayBot is renowned for.

It can simply use AI to generate textual material on a certain topic. It does not implement writing techniques to make the text look comprehensive. It lacks a good command of the English language. Therefore, it harms the quality of the papers.

Nevertheless, the company admits the information is taken from credible data storage, we still ask « Is essaybot reliable? ».

However, there is a service, if we may say so. When separate parts of the text are composed, the bot can look through them to paraphrase. It is supposed to increase the readability, but, in fact, it makes the situation even worse. EssayBot resorts to the synonyms but uses them inappropriately. Thus, the sentences sound weird.

Let’s draw the conclusion

To be true, the concept of the site is worth your attention. The implementation of AI is our future, and the academic world needs it. It can considerably change the marketplace, as the writers are not needed anymore. However, it seems that the project is at the design stage, and it needs to be tested and therefore improved to meet the needs of a customer.

EssayBot is not the best option for you

Is the use of essaybot illegal activities confirmed? Probably, not, but the service is still far from being perfect.

Using the program might be funny, but it is better to leave it for later. Technological progress does not stand still, and the company does its best to enhance its performance.

However, at this point, you’d better turn to more experienced and time-honored companies instead.

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2 thoughts on "Full Overview of EssayBot Writing Tool"
  1. Hester says:

    My classmate has been using Essaybot.com for a while, but apart from free services, they can’t boast anything. Low quality of essays, outdated system, no privacy protection… I’d recommend hiring a professional writer instead of relying on a mediocre artificial intelligence.

  2. david says:

    Essaybot claims to protect your data and identity, but in reality, you should be ready for leaks of your name and other details online. And of course, the quality of essays is rather low, so nothing wonderful to expect here.

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