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If students need help writing papers, they start looking for a reliable and responsible company. Most of you refer to ratings and reviews of popular services. However, a lot of companies hide negative comments by buying reviews and places in the ranking. Thus, you risk paying for poor quality paper or nothing. That is why we prepared the full EssayShark review. Also, you will find answers to questions such as “is EssayShark legal?” or “is EssayShark safe to use?”

Accurate EssayShark review

One of these services is EssayShark. We noticed that reviews about the company are not average, they are negative or too positive. This made us think that some resources post fake comments to attract more customers. At the same time, five-star reviews praised everything that made us doubt the quality of the service.

When we tested EssayShark, it turned out that the company was not responsible for the low quality, delay assignment, and data leakage. Some customers have been waiting for the paper longer than the deadline, and have not received a refund. The creators promise transparency and ongoing support, but only a few customers confirm this. We do not count on luck, so we checked the platform from A to Z. It can look like EssayShark Reddit review.

Qualification of specialists

The creators declare that all employees of the company have a diploma that confirms their qualifications and loads of experience. Besides, each candidate must undergo testing, interviews and a probationary period. With this selection, we could be sure of the professionalism of the workers, but in reality, this is far from ideal.

Despite the number of services offered, EssayShark writers cannot handle paper well because of a lack of required skills. Most freelancers work remotely from countries with low GDP. You do not see a person’s diploma, confirmation of qualifications and skills for working with the paper of one type or another. Of course, some writers from Kenya, Ukraine or Belarus are well versed in the subject. However, their level of English and the educational program does not coincide with that of native English speakers.

There is very high competition between freelancers on the platform, so you are unlikely to find a professional. Although the service promises to choose the most suitable writer for each order, the first available worker will take it. Writers do not know the requirements for most types of work, so they look for them on the Internet. This means that the finished paper is simple and dry, which will give you a low or medium rating.

Level of papers’ quality

The company offers too many services that employees cannot handle. A lot of users want to buy custom papers such as a thesis or an autobiography. EssayShark attracts them with this opportunity but lags in quality. Our paper looked like a collection of excerpts from books, magazines and scientific publications. The problem is that students do not have time to check the completed assignment, because they must immediately pass them to the teacher. As a result, you run the risk of getting a low rating without the possibility of receiving compensation from the company.

The service offers the services of not only standard writers, but also top professionals. We decided to check the quality of services but did not notice the difference. This means that the service is deceiving users, and writers are not much different from each other. You will not find supporting documents about their qualifications or experience.

We consider trust to be the main factor in building relationships or cooperation. EssayShark hides employee data and employs inappropriate English writers. This forces us to evaluate the service at the lowest rank.


Most customers go to the company’s website due to the promised low prices. This makes students feel comfortable and count on the company. However, in reality, a company has 1.5-2 times higher prices than its competitors. All discounts mentioned in the reviews are fictitious and disappear as they appear. You will not find special offers or discounts for regular customers.


We ordered a paper of 6 pages and delivered a deadline of 3 days. It cost $ 115, but the quality did not match the price. EssayShark price is much higher than the average on the market, so we expected to see the perfect paper. Given that prices on the platform start at $ 20, the result should have pleased us. However, even for such money, the writer did not comply with the requirements and the structure of the paper was incorrect. The work looked like it was done by a college student, not a professional.

Methods of payment

The site offers standard payment methods. However, you will not find confirmation of the security of payment card data. Some customers admit that after the first order their bank account succumbed to hacker attacks. When paying, funds can be withdrawn twice, because the site is poorly optimized. It seems to be EssayShark scam.

The paper ordering process takes a lot of time. You must understand the order forms and provide the correct data the first time. After completing and confirming the order, you should wait for a response from the service. No one will take up your order urgently, so there is a chance of being late by the deadline. Besides, customers note the reluctance of consultants to help them with the order.

Discounts for new/regular customers

EssayShark does not offer anything different. You will not receive a discount on the first or subsequent orders. This is unprofessional and presumptuous, as the company cannot offer anything in return. Additional options could correct the estimate, however, we put 11/100 for the prices, and we consider it fair.

Convenience of using

The appearance and website optimization play an important role in the development of the service. The design of EssayShark is not interesting since it is neutral and does not have the same style. When scrolling through pages, your eyes get tired and pop-ups distract your attention. To explain the platform flaws in detail and with reason, we analyzed each component of the functionality.

The appearance of the page

At first glance, the home page looks minimalistic and unobtrusive. However, when reading the eyes quickly get tired due to the rapid change of bright colors. The shark fin moves in the center of the screen, which distracts attention. Basic information such as statistics or speed is written in the light font on a white background. It is absurd to alternate white with dark blue. We assume that such an approach should distract you from reading the facts and make it immediately go to the order.


It was difficult for us to view the site due to pop-ups and notifications. The site several times suggested entering email, which caused a desire to close it and not open it again. If you enter the mail, get ready for the attack by advertising letters. Also, when browsing, the platform does not display all the text and is loaded in pieces. If it’s an internet connection, then the site requires too high quality.

The process to order a paper

During the order process, many additional features pop up. However, you will not know the price until you confirm the email address. This makes the ordering process mandatory because you will receive a mailing list.

Support Service

EssayShark has disgusting customer service. If you have problems with the order or if you find errors in the paper, no one will reply to messages immediately. We waited almost an hour for the consultant to respond to the message. Moreover, the answers were incomplete and we did not receive an explanation.

Delivery and deadline

Some customers did not receive the paper at all, others found it in their profile after the deadline. Fortunately, we received a ready assignment on the day of the deadline. However, we did not have time to look for errors, because we passed the task for verification. Using this platform, you take your time.

Additional functions

EssayShark does not offer additional options. This indicates confidence in good service and quality of papers. However, the company does not give a chance to cling to at least one cool function. The site’s functionality is disgusting, it deserves the lowest rating.

Can I rely on EssayShark?

All EssayShark customers consider this a worthy service. However, if you go to another website of the writing company, you will see the low quality of EssayShark. The reputation of the service is based on fake reviews and regular customers. Some of you may be lucky to meet a talented writer and get quality paper.

Although there is a refund point in the service policy, and you can control the status of the assignment, this does not save you from disappointment. We tried to issue a refund but did not receive feedback. Besides, you receive paper on the deadline day or later, which takes away the opportunity to carefully check it. We recommend that you do not trust EssayShark’s important papers, as this is not responsible for the quality of services.

Diversity of available paper types

The variety of services pleasantly surprised us. You can order:

  • essays
  • research papers
  • term papers
  • dissertations
  • theses
  • other types of papers.

However, writers are not professionals in those areas. At best, you will pay for a dry set of requirements without bright elements and consistency. Even standard kinds of essays, such as narrative or descriptive ones, writers deal mediocre. You would better take up that work by yourself.

To summarize

By analyzing EssayShark, we hoped to find at least one cool feature that could be distinguished. However, neither the quality of services, nor the price, nor the speed of service pleased us. Moreover, we were convinced that most of the positive comments about the company were paid, and they should not be trusted. On the EssayShark platform, you will not receive quality advice, on-time job guarantees, and discounts. All in one, this paper writing company will take your money and time, and is unlikely to give anything in return.

The total score is barely gaining 11/100. This service does not even cost half the declared price.

Find a suitable writing service with our help

If you decide to delegate an assignment to an online writing company, make sure it is reliable. You do not have to analyze each company, because we have already done this. Our site has reviews of popular writing companies so that you make the right decision. We will select the perfect company based on your requirements. Our experts are quick and responsible. Contact us now and have time to get the paper before the deadline.

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He believes that using relevant and up-to-date information is the key to success for any paper. While researching, Michael relies only on reputable sources.

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9 thoughts on "Full Overview of EssayShark Writing Service"
  1. Adrienne says:

    When I tried to contact them, I had to wait 3 hours for an answer. They claim that they have round-the-clock support, but customers are forced to wait while their employees are busy with other things. This is what immediately made the most negative impression on me. Who wants to work with your website after this?

  2. Jim says:

    I am not ready to recommend this service. My paper is free from plagiarism, but it certainly cannot be called quality. Most likely, the author simply paraphrased other people’s essays. There is definitely no research, source analysis, etc. But the promises were so attractive!

  3. Terri says:

    I often order papers online, but this is my worst experience. Customer support answered my messages until I received a term paper and saw that it contains a large number of errors and plagiarism. Now they just disappeared from the radar and ignored me. Great service guys go on (sarcasm).

  4. Caroline says:

    I had so many expectations about this service!! I read online that they are real professionals. But when I received my paper, I just lost the power of speech. Some schoolboy wrote this paper! A lot of spelling mistakes and plagiarism … I’m just disappointed.

  5. Floyd says:

    I ordered from essayshark once, and I would never repeat this experience. They are scammers 100%. I’m not satisfied with my paper, but I have paid for it. And these guys don’t want to get my money back!! Of course, they have that guarantee, but it is a sweet promise for losers, they are not going to return your funds.

  6. Rufus says:

    Here is my honest opinion about essayshark – I will never order papers here again! They do not work with native speakers, essays are written by some students who simply want to earn extra money. You will get a paper full of mistakes and spend your money on it.

  7. Harvey says:

    The idea of the service sounds very good. But its implementation is just awful! Their prices are too high, but I still paid, because I wanted an A-grade. Which one do you think I got? C!!! This website is fraudulent. I do not recommend it to anyone.

  8. lexie says:

    I always wrote an essay myself, but now I have a lot of work, and there is no time left to study. So, I ordered an essay here. Honestly, I would do better! Better to take the time and write the paper yourself than just waste time on essayshark.

  9. garett says:

    Damn, I suck at writing. I’ve never ordered a paper online before, and I was pretty scared to do it. And now I see that I was right. This website isn’t a thing I can admire. They don’t care about their users at all!

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