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August, 2021 Last Update

There are a lot of online writing services on the web today. The increase in their number is due to the great demand for the services of professional writers. Students are the main clients of online companies that assist in writing various types of papers. It is often difficult for them to cope with a particular task on their own, so it is easier to pay money and buy quality paper.

But as practice shows, it is not always possible to buy good paper online. In addition, by contacting an unreliable service, a person may be at risk since there are many registered cases of customer fraud in this area of service provision.

But there are good companies that really work efficiently, provide students with reliable help, and ensure confidentiality of customer private data. In this review, you will learn about one such service – Carefully study the material below and the main features of cooperation with online writers.

What Is the Essaywriterhelp?

Essaywriterhelp is an online writing company. Its specialists are involved in completing various types of student papers in more than 300 different subject areas. During their tenure, the writers have written many quality papers, helped many students, and earned a good reputation among clients. The company’s rating is very high today, with an average score of 91 out of 100.

The Offered Services

According to the essaywriterhelp reviews, the list of services offered by the online service is quite extensive and includes:

  • Elaboration and annotation of literature, lecture texts, etc.;
  • Homework execution;
  • Preparation of reports for seminars;
  • Execution of practical, laboratory works;
  • Writing tests and other forms of current control;
  • Search (selection) and review of literary sources on a given topic;
  • Writing an essay on a given issue;
  • Selection of thesis statements;
  • Case study;
  • Execution of a practicum on the discipline using software;
  • Execution of course work;
  • Capstone/diploma project writing;
  • Completion of a dissertation, etc.

In the framework of this essaywriterhelp review, we cannot list all the services provided by the company. However, the above list clearly illustrates that the range of assignments that can be performed by experts is quite wide. It should also be noted that the writers perform proofreading and editing of completed works. Therefore, customers can send the work done and receive quality editing at any time. It is quite profitable.

Essaywriterhelp Prices and Discount

The online platform Essaywriterhelp has competitive and affordable prices. The minimum price for one page of text is $ 9, and the maximum is $ 15. Other online companies offer much more expensive order prices.

The company can provide a discount. Basically, the discount is available to those customers who have a discount coupon and provide it in the chat. In this case, the discount may be 7.5% of the total order price. This is quite beneficial for the customers.

If we talk about other regular discounts, then they are absent. Still, you shouldn’t hesitate to ask for a reduction in the price if you don’t have enough money. The manager will definitely help you with solving the problem.

Payment Method and Secure

To pay for the services of specialists, you can use any payment methods available today:

  • Electronic money;
  • Payment through the terminal;
  • Payment using bank card details;
  • Transfer via Internet Bank;
  • Payment via mobile phone, etc.

Regardless of the method of payment, the company ensures the safety of transferring money on a case-by-case basis. Customer billing information is securely encrypted and not exposed.

Special Features

Among the special features of the company, it is worth noting the provision of a report on the uniqueness of the completed paper. Each completed essay is being tested for plagiarism, so a writer can provide you with the result of the check if needed.

What Quality of Essays Does This Company Provide?

The company provides high-quality essays. All writers are very attentive. They study in detail the requirements for the execution of the order, draw up a work plan, and only after that start writing the paper. This meticulous approach allows completing papers at the highest level. There is more than one review on the network, which indicates that essays written by specialists of the service deserve a high score.

Customer Service Review

The service reviews are very good. They can be read both on the company’s site and the Internet. The clients are very satisfied with the quality of the assistance provided. They are grateful for the opportunity to place an urgent order. They really like the pricing policy of the service and the list of guarantees provided.


The great popularity of the online writing service is due to the guarantees that are provided to customers:

  • The site ensures that all papers are written from scratch. This means that there is no plagiarism in the completed works and the correct citation of borrowed text fragments is used;
  • If, after receiving the essay, the client has some comments, he can contact the service with a request to amend the work. This opportunity is available within 10 days after the delivery of the paper. That is, during the warranty period;
  • The service can provide a partial or full refund in case of non-fulfillment of the conditions;
  • To ensure effective cooperation, the company requires certain personal information about the customers. Therefore, a name, phone number, and e-mail address are usually requested. The service guarantees that personal information is kept safe. The data is not passed on to third parties and is not stored for security purposes.

Pros and Cons

So, the above essaywriterhelp review allows us to establish that the service is good and reliable. Let’s summarize its pros and cons in a table.

High average score compared to other online companies offering similar servicesThe service does not provide any regular discounts
Reliable and quality expert assistanceSometimes there are difficulties in contacting the manager, which is often due to the quality of the connection
Wide variety of payment methods and high security of the payment dataWriters are not always ready to fulfill urgent orders, especially non-standard ones
Favorable benefits from cooperationIt is not always possible to receive a full refund in the event of customer dissatisfaction with the work performed
Good guaranteesThe short warranty period for essays (10 days)

Our Verdict

So, we have conducted a detailed analysis of the activities of the online platform This review illustrates that the service is quite reliable and, therefore, deserves to be named one of the top writing websites today.

The minor flaws that were identified during the analysis do not have a particular impact on the efficiency of the service as a whole. Therefore, we cannot consider them as disadvantages. The service is good and trustworthy.

Choose Reliable Essay Writing Service With Our Help

We are glad to inform you that this site has a list of top companies where you can also order quality papers. Be sure to get good writing services, no matter which platform you choose from our list. They are all reliable and safe. The specialists work very efficiently and do not let the clients down.


Answers to questions that are often of interest to customers are presented below.

Is Legit?

The website is legal. Services are provided exclusively within the framework of the law. Thus, you can order papers on the service without worrying that you are in any way violating the law.

Is Scam?

During the entire period of activity of the company, not a single case of customer fraud has been registered. It follows that is not a scam but a reliable writing service.

How much does it cost to use essaywriterhelp?

Essaywriterhelp is quite cheap compared to other online services. You need to pay about $ 9-15 for one page of text written by a professional writer.

Is my essaywriterhelp safe?

The essaywriterhelp online platforms is secure. You can be convinced of this if you consider the guarantees that the service provides to customers. They include confidentiality of personal data, writing from scratch, free revisions during the warranty period, etc.

  • Professionalism of Writers
  • Quality of Assignments
  • Pricing
  • Functionality
  • Reliability

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