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October, 2021 Last Update

Hiring a professional assistant for your assignment brings you lots of benefits. It allows you to save time, avoid mistakes, be sure of the results, and keep living your life without breaking plans. That’s why you are ready to place an order at a company with a strong reputation. The only issue is how to find such a service you can rely on…

Here is a company called, and it offers you writing assistance. At first sight, you may like it while at the next moment you doubt your decision. This is a natural dilemma for a student who doesn’t want to fail and regrets paying someone for homework. But our team knows how to help you figure out the best solution. You just need a comprehensive and honest analysis of its hits and misses.

That’s why review is what you need at the moment. It will explain both advantages and disadvantages of this writing company so you may make a fair and rational decision. A small spoiler: after reading this article, you wouldn’t doubt anymore the destiny of your cooperation with

What is the Gonerdify?

This is a platform that connects students and freelancers in their mutual goals. On the one hand, a customer desires to order an assignment and receive it on time without effort. That’s the responsibility of a professional helper. On the other hand, a freelancer aspires to earn money for such a job. Theoretically, both of them must be glad to have a place to discuss tasks and particularities of cooperation. But in real life, things are a little different (or it’s better to say much different). 

It is said this platform is powered with AI, so customers receive numerous benefits of modern technologies. You are promised to access more than 1000 experts in different areas and increase your chances for high grades multiple times. Compared to similar companies, Nerdify Reddit users highlight its versatile opportunities. For instance, there are 3 main branches of services: 

  • for businesses. It means you can talk to business consultants, develop your marketing plans, find professional candidates for vacant positions, etc.;
  • for students. The company performs flexible help starting from finding proper books for you to selecting a professional tutor who can assist you with your homework;
  • for universities. You are promised to receive help with scouting, making study tests, finding great internships, and so on. 

These proposals sound very tasty. Students usually get excited with nice offers and may believe all these claims are true… That’s why we want to share our experiment of hiring an expert from this platform. So keep on reading our review.

The Offered Services

The company of Nerdify says that it offers customers the best personalized assistance. You are promised to receive any help for work or education. The only restriction is illegal services (for instance, drugs, gambling, etc.). Standard and unique writing help are available no matter the topic and circumstances. 

You may also admit that Nerdify Nerdigy works in a typical manner. In the beginning, you need to message a company’s agent and share your issue. Then you are promised to get a connection with the most relevant and professional helper. During your cooperation, you will discuss your task and find a solution. Besides, you need to make a payment via the platform too. 

Gonerdify Prices and Discount

There are no direct explanations of prices in any Nerdify review. And here is the reason: there is no price list. Don’t hurry to get excited, and it doesn’t mean that help is free. Only discussing orders and contacting the expert is free. The price for the exact job is agreed upon. You can reveal the final fee for the assistance after you discuss your project with the online agent.

Besides, you’ll additionally pay for extra expenses, for instance, for a book purchase if you request the exact book. Also, the commission of Nerdify (11%) is already included in the fee. 

It seems that there is no Nerdify promo code or discount for new or regular customers. Unfortunately, there is no special offer either. 

Payment Method and Secure

Our review proves the official claims on the payment procedure. First of all, you have to place an order. After this step, a customer receives a link to the invoice. You can pay it online using a credit or debit card. 

The security of money transactions is okay. Your payment process is protected at a 128-bit encrypted HTTPS payment page. It means that you can type your card number, expiration date, CVV code, and name without being afraid of revealing it to scammers. You are free to make payments using your PC, laptop, or smartphone. 

Special Features

It is said that the Nerdify scam isn’t detected even though this company doesn’t use any online forms and apps. Compared to other writing services, you are required to exchange messages only. This is a unique feature, but it’s still unknown do you receive more benefits or issues with such an approach.  

Another unique feature of this platform is using Artificial Intelligence. It is a modern approach that allows the system to analyze a task assignment and select the best assistant according to its requirements. The company explains that the Nerdify plagiarism platform analyses the assistant’s experience, rating, background, skills, and other criteria to find the best match.

If you like, you may also try using NerdBot. It is said that this bot is a result of AI and can answer your questions related to assignments for college or university. If you type your question in the chat, then the NerdBot will follow your request. Yes, it can solve only simple issues because it has a limited number of operations. That’s why many customers feel disappointed: they expect more advantages from the AI platform. 

What Quality of Essays This Company Provides?

You can find many reviews on the Web about Nerdify that highlight good paper quality. Also, you will read plenty of testimonials with opposite thoughts. Let’s clarify things right now in our honest and professional Nerdify review.

The official website says that the company is rated 4.7/5 based on Ernst & Young Client Satisfaction Research. It is a very good index, and it looks reputable. Unfortunately, this rating doesn’t guarantee you high-quality results of your cooperation. According to our experiment, the assignment has very poor quality and includes very apparent mistakes. 

Customer Service Review

It is hard to describe Nerdify customer support because the company doesn’t have it at all. Yes, you can contact a helper by redirecting to Facebook Messenger or typing your phone number to receive texts from 77467 (official number). But this is the way to place an order! You can’t discuss your issues with a customer agent in a traditional way. 

If you decide to discuss your issue via Facebook, then it doesn’t make sense. The helper will lead you to discuss your order but not a request you have issued with. 


People keep wondering is Nerdify legal because there are many doubts about its reputation. Here is a real problem: a customer has no guarantee. You are not promised standard options like money-back, satisfaction, delivery on time, high content quality, and so on. It is a strange situation that can’t bring you positive intentions towards this company.

No matter the company’s motto, you have no real reasons to trust it. If you discover the official website, you’ll find a bit of explanation on the platform’s benefits. But there is no description of your advantages from cooperation with its experts. That’s why it seems you may have issues with your homework and have no reasons to demand a refund or other solution. 

Pros and Cons

Advantages of GonerdifyDisadvantages of Gonerdify
– good variety of options including help for students, universities, and business;

– AI features and advantages were used for developing this platform;– free consultations and basic discussions of your request;

– you can use NerdBot based on Artificial Intelligence to get answers to your questions;

– useful help if you need the exact book to purchase or information to find.
– very high prices for such average service options. You can definitely find cheaper alternatives to Nerdify;

– no direct information on the available services. You need to message customer support to reveal will your request be accepted or not;

– AI-powered elements of this platform are not good enough to cover customers’ expectations;

– no guarantees for customers at all;

– no traditional way to contact customer support;

– poor assignments’ quality on most topics.

Our Verdict

We don’t recommend students believe in this platform. If you ask us, “is Nerdify cheating” we’ll say no; if you wonder, “is this platform safe” we’ll doubt. But we can say with full insurance that it isn’t worth your attention. There are many disadvantages you’ll face during cooperating with freelancers. So it’s better to avoid working with them at all.

Our verdict is “don’t recommend,” so you can find another helper. Nerdify’s score is only 9/100, and you deserve much better!

Choose a Reliable Essay Writing Service With Our Help

Thanks to our huge experience with similar issues, you can easily find a company to rely on. Just pay attention to the list of these trustworthy websites with real benefits and guarantees. All of them are top candidates for your academic and business tasks. Be sure it wasn’t easy for these companies to join our top list!

Feel free to select one of several of them. Contact professional writers, editors, proofreaders, and helpers in different scientific areas to make your plans come true. 


Is Legit?

Yes, it is said that assistance in writing academic or business papers doesn’t violate any corporate or national laws. That’s why customers shouldn’t be bothered with such issues. Otherwise, you wouldn’t find any official document at that confirms its legal appearance. 

Is Scam?

Users in their Nerdify reviews often say that they are scammed and fooled. Usually, they are very emotional and mean poor paper quality or services in general. This company isn’t a fraud that steals your money and shares your personal information with third parties. 

How much does it cost to use Gonerdify?

You need to discuss this question with freelancers from They are free to set any prices they want to. As a result, a customer can’t plan how much money he will spend on the homework this time. This is a huge disadvantage that may ruin your plans. But this is how this company works, and you can’t change it. 

Is my Gonerdify safe?

Let’s say that this platform isn’t dangerous for customers. There is no direct scam, spam, or fraud. You can feel safe while you are attentive.

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