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  • checkDelivering a draft
  • checkLoyalty program
  • checkA wide range of extra features
  • checkNo quality and uniqueness guarantees
  • crossUnskilled and inexperienced writers
  • crossExpensive cost
  • crossWebsite filled with unnecessary information
  • crossUnreliable and unfriendly support
  • crossLate delivery

GrabMyEssay.com Info

We know that you have been waiting for a grabmyessay review for quite a while. After reading so many comments online it is rather difficult to distinguish whether this service is reliable or not. Unfortunately, we weren’t impressed by their services and along with above-average prices and lack of writers, we can’t say that GrabMyEssay is a great choice. Continue reading to find out all the details.

Professionalism of Writers

At first, we decided to get familiar with grabmyessay reddit comments because it’s a place, where people are free to share their ideas without being edited or even deleted. It turned out that writers are the weakest spot of GrabMyEssay and the majority of them lack the necessary skills and experience. If you are ordering a regular high school essay, most likely the assigned writer will manage the task with only a few mistakes. But if it’s college-level research or even a dissertation, you should look elsewhere. It seems that GrabMyEssay authors are not native speakers, can’t prove their academic background and don’t have prior writing experience. When we got the final draft of an ordered paper, it contained multiple mistakes as if written by an elementary school student. After contacting the manager and asking for revisions the author said that we failed to give him clear instructions. Then he accused us of not knowing what we wanted. Eventually, he fixed part of the mistakes but still, there were misprints and errors.

Quality of Assignments

Is grabmyessay good at writing? There is no better way to check it than to place an order. As we have already discussed, we have ordered an assignment at GrabMyEssay. It was a four-page long college-level essay on literature. Nothing too complex, just a few hours of research and knowledge of the basic terms. At first, everything was going quite well: we were assigned a person, who had a background in the subject and he was friendly enough to discuss the details. However, after receiving the final draft it turned out that the paper was far from perfect – it had multiple mistakes, the structure was wrong, and the prior research was obviously absent. After hours of discussions and days of waiting for a reply, we managed to get a revision but still, it left some mistakes that we didn’t have time or energy to fix. Thus, GrabMyEssay clearly doesn’t think that customers deserve flawless papers that follow requirements and are based on academic research.


Grabmyessay cost rather expensive when compared to other writing services. Even though we have found some reviews, which claim that this company is very affordable, don’t trust them. And below we’ll explain why.


As you know, to write this grabmyessay review we have placed an order of our own, so we know exactly how much their papers cost. The lowest price you will have to pay is $14,99 for a page and it will reach over $50 per page for urgent doctoral work. Prices differ based on the type of writing, level of complexity, and deadlines. However, GrabMyEssay automatically gives you the final price without hidden fees charged along the way.

Payment Options

It seems that all writing services prefer sticking to traditional payment options and are not ready to offer students something new. GrabMyEssay is the same: they offer such payment methods as Visa or Mastercard, Discover account, and American Express. Luckily, they also accept PayPal, which is one of the safest options for online transactions.

Discounts & Special Offers

There is a 15% grabmyessay discount for every new order. In addition, there is a loyalty program with 5%, 10%, and 15% discounts depending on the number of pages that you have ordered. There are also promo codes, which are sent via newsletters. However, no one has ever seen those coupon codes. And you need to know that all the bonuses can be obtained only if your order is not cheaper than $25.


We have already proved grabmyessay cheating with the quality of papers but what about the functionality of their services? It is one of the pillars of successful cooperation because allows making an order in a matter of seconds and finding necessary information with ease. Below we’ll tell you everything about GrabMyEssay extra features, ordering process, and of course customer support. We are sure that this review will turn your world upside down.

Website’s Design

We can agree with the majority of grabmyessay reddit comments that this writing service has a weird choice of colors. Even though they seem rather plain, it’s obvious that they don’t suit each other – green, beige, and black sound like a weird mix, right? Moreover, it seems that there are too much information and buttons. Moreover, the live chat window is annoyingly big and distracts attention from the ordering process. We recommend GrabMyEssay hiring a qualified designer that would make the website look modern and stylish.


As we have already mentioned, GrabMyEssay website is filled with unnecessary information. It seems that they just want to puzzle customers and make the process of placing an order as confusing as possible.

It becomes a real challenge to find certain pages of the website and if you want to familiarize yourself with their guarantees and policies be ready to spend a few minutes of your life trying to find those sections. We have calculated: 50% of all the content could be deleted without influencing quality.

Ordering Process

In terms of placing an order, GrabMyEssay doesn’t differ from other writing services – you should start by opening an order form and providing the required details. For example, type of paper, the number of pages, delivery date, and so on. The second step is choosing extra features. If you don’t want to waste hundreds of dollars, it’s better skipping this stage. 

Finally, students are asked to provide contact information. Don’t forget to check the Night Calls Allowed box. According to multiple reviews, GrabMyEssay like calling in the middle of the night. The last stage is proceeding with the payment. Voila, the order is placed. Keep in mind that at GrabMyEssay you don’t have a chance to communicate with the assigned writer – all questions will be solved only via the support team. Is grabmyessay good at providing comfortable and easy assistance? We doubt it!

Customer Support

When reading comments online, we found out that grabmyessay scam users when they say that their customer support is available round-the-clock and in a matter of seconds. Yes, before placing an order they were really friendly and asked a variety of questions to make sure that we were going to make an order. However, when we received a low-quality paper it was challenging to find someone to discuss the problem. They didn’t pick up the phone and we had to wait for over a day for a regular email. Most of the students also claim that GrabMyEssay does their best to avoid free revisions, discounts, and refunds. So be attentive, when choosing a package and ordering additional services. Now it’s not surprising that they are trying to hide information among so many unnecessary details and posts.

Timely Delivery

Completing orders before the deadline is one of the most important features any writing company should possess. We were lucky enough to receive our paper on time but according to multiple comments online it seems that GrabMyEssay doesn’t bother completing the assignments before the deadline. Moreover, most of the customers claim that it’s impossible to get a refund if the reason is late delivery. They make tens of excuses and eventually disappear, leaving you all alone with a rejected paper.

Extra Features

As you know, there is a grabmyessay discount waiting for new and existing customers. However, the discount is rather low considering that the services of this company are quite expensive and there are many extra features you can spend your money on:

  • Customers can choose the writer’s category but the majority of students claim that some available writers are even better than advanced ones, so there is no point overpaying;
  • Plagiarism report will cost you $29,99;
  • Proofreading also comes for an extra fee;
  • One-page summary;
  • Being able to communicate with the writer before he or she gets started;
  • Draft delivery;
  • Upgrade of the customer service. But nothing changes, so you simply waste money. 


When working on our grabmyessay review we attentively analyzed comments of hundreds of customers. And it was obvious that GrabMyEssay is not a reliable company.


We started with reading reviews on the official GrabMyEssay website. However, we quickly distinguished that all of them were positive and after reading comments on side websites it became obvious that GrabMyEssay simply deletes negative reviews and never publishes them.

Customers notice grabmyessay cheating with the quality of papers, final prices, timely support, and other important details. 


One of the most popular questions we have ever received was ‘is grabmyessay good?’ Based on our own experience and comments from customers online, we can’t say that they are a writing service you should turn to. When it comes to guarantees, GrabMyEssay also doesn’t have anything new to offer: only a money-back guarantee and a standard terms of use document. You will get only 50% back if half of the deadline has already passed. And if you cancel the order, it will be plagiarized so that you won’t be able to use it. Another important issue is that GrabMyEssay doesn’t have a timely delivery guarantee. You can only expect a price recalculation, which is ridiculous.


Now, when you know how much grabmyessay cost and how tricky they are when it comes to giving a refund, the only thing left is to mention the types of services they provide. The list is rather common and has nothing to boast with: essays, term papers, coursework, research papers, book and movie reviews, theses, case studies, dissertation, lab reports, and much more. There is also a chance to order problem solutions in math, statistics, and physics. The only advantage of Grabmyessay compared to some of the competitors is that here you can order resumes and CVs, LinkedIn design, copywriting, editing, proofreading, and rewriting. However, the prices are extremely high and the quality of such services leaves much to be desired.


We were waiting impatiently to write a grabmyessay review because many customers wanted to know whether this company can be trusted. There were both positive and negative comments online but it turned out that most of the positive ones were written by the same people. After placing an order and talking to a support team, we can’t recommend GrabMyEssay to anyone.

Trust Your Tasks to Best Essay Company

Grabmyessay scam their customers by assigning foreigners or high school students, by hiding necessary information on the website, and ignoring calls and messages, when something goes wrong. We are here to make your writing experience positive and beneficial, so instead of turning to GrabMyEssay and wasting money, go to our list of top-rated writing companies and pick the one you like. This will help you to get an A and to avoid stress and worries. 

  • Professionalism of Writers
  • Quality of Assignments
  • Pricing
  • Functionality
  • Reliability

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He believes that using relevant and up-to-date information is the key to success for any paper. While researching, Michael relies only on reputable sources.

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8 thoughts on "Full Overview of Grabmyessay Writing Service"
  1. Ben says:

    I understand that it?s impossible to run a business that everyone would love. But at Grabmyessay, I have found too many drawbacks that I can?t tolerate with. Yes, the quality of papers is quite decent, but their slow support team and issues with safety make this service not the best choice.

  2. Tiffany says:

    Unfortunately, Grabmyessay.com is not able to stand the competition and prefer earning money instead of gaining the trust of customers. Even though it was a pleasure communicating with their support team, the rest was really bad. Pay attention to more successful academic assistants if you don?t want to waste your time and money in vain.

  3. Tom says:

    My experience with Grabmyessay has both black and white sides. They respond without significant delays, and the order form is convenient. However, the prices are above average, and there are multiple typos in the drafts.

  4. Candy says:

    There was nothing positive about me contacting Grabmyessay. They are quick to confirm the order, but when any complaints arrive – it’s impossible to reach anyone. They left me with a plagiarized essay one day after the indicated deadline and never returned the money back.

  5. Katty says:

    In my opinion, for the money that Grabmyessay.com charges, they could deliver orders on time and hire native speakers instead of foreign ones. The only benefit is their stylish website, but it?s not the main criteria for choosing a writing service, right?

  6. Larry says:

    The only good thing I can say about Grabmyessay is that they have completed my urgent history essay on time. There were lots of problems with placing an order, getting confirmation from managers and trying to contact the writer. As if I am trying to reach the Pentagon, not a simple writing service.

  7. artur_25 says:

    I am really surprised at how such companies as Grabmyessay.com, still exist. My friend (or I can say my ex-friend) recommended this website but I have never had such an awful experience before: there were so many mistakes in the essay it was impossible to get the point. And there were additional payments added without noticing me. Liars!

  8. Karolina says:

    It was disappointing to find out that Grabmyessay.com doesn’t have any discounts or bonuses. But I could forgive that if they had first-class papers as they claimed. In reality, the orders are written by ESL students, who don’t know a thing about your subject. And of course, the papers are plagiarized.

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