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October, 2021 Last Update

Writing academic papers is a task no student can skip. You understand it and try to figure out all assignments as best as you can. Thanks to professional writing assistance, you may reach better results. And this is why you are interested in reading the following review.

Our team has done an experiment and tested Kibin for paper’s quality, delivery options, responsibility, trustworthiness, etc. That’s why our experience will be valuable for all students who think this is the best assistant for their homework. Let’s share the main findings of cooperation with this company and answer your question is good or not. 

What Is the Kibin?

This is an essay help hero for students – the official website describes it this way. It promises you will stop panicking and get rid of all worries about your homework. According to the first impression, this company offers editing and proofreading services to students of all grades. Its experts are available 24/7, so you can expect fast solutions to your academic issues. 

The official claims and Reddit users admit that this company makes customers think that their academic problems are under control. You may trust these experts for everything starting from a topic brainstorming to making final edits to your huge project in a rare subject. Such arguments impress and make us want to try this “essay help hero.” And we did it, but the results had differed from our expectations. 

So let’s make a step-by-step analysis of the company of We hope you’ll find it useful and make the right decision in the future. 

The Offered Services

2 main types of assistance explained is cheating or not. Here are these options:

  • essay documents. It is said this company includes, at the moment, more than 500,000 golden standards you can rely on. Well, these files aren’t plagiarism-free, and the only benefit of using them is getting inspiration. If you browse these documents, you can plan your assignment structure, select topic, etc.;
  • –editing and proofreading. A human helper will improve your assignments. This feature includes getting rid of mistakes, misprints, improving plagiarism sections, and so on.

As you can see, all reviews demonstrate that this company isn’t keen on writing. It’s very strange, but you are unable to order making unique papers or writing papers from scratch. Unfortunately, only editing and proofreading are available. This issue makes the company limited and useless for most students. The only thing you can try to improve your writing is to read the blog with educating articles. But if you are in a rush or don’t have enough writing skills, then this option will only waste your time. 

It’s also important to highlight that Kibin can edit assignments in different topics and areas. Among them are medicine, language, business studies, psychiatry, restaurant and food, science, and others. Well, it seems to be only one important advantage of this company. 

Kibin Prices and Discount

Prices for services differ and depend on what you need. If you select using essay documents for inspiration, then you can find these files on the relevant webpage. Reading preview text is free, but to get access to the full document, you must subscribe. Kiban proposes 2 packages: monthly and yearly. A monthly subscription costs $14.95 and lets a customer use unlimited documents for inspiration. In addition, essay editing up to 1000 words per month of $35 value in total is included. A yearly subscription costs $4.99 per month and means a customer pays $59.95 one time for every 12 months. Its benefit is an opportunity to use essay editing assistance up to 3800 words per year of $100 value in total. 

If you select editing or proofreading, then you have to upload your file to calculate its price. Thesis builder and paper grader are free features, so you don’t have to pay for these options. 

Also, we haven’t found any promo code. It seems that this company doesn’t offer customers additional discounts or promotions. Even new customers have no opportunity to get a welcome bonus. 

Payment Method and Secure

Before you pay for the subscription, you may wonder is legal. Yes, it is legal, and you can use your preferred method to make payments. For instance, PayPal, e-wallets, and cards are available. You wouldn’t find this information in the FAQ, but it’s important. 

Special Features

The main impressive feature of Kiban is the fact of missing writing help. This is a feature that every writing company has but this one doesn’t. To be honest, no one expects to face such a problem. But let’s pay attention to 2 special features Kiban has.

The first one is a free paper grader. It allows you to determine your current grade and receive feedback on it. If you are interested in this opportunity, you need to open the relevant webpage, agree with the conditions, and upload your file. The company also allows you to get a free review with recommendations for your content. Its assistants promise they don’t use algorithms or specific software for analysis. 

The second unique feature is thesis builder. At the moment, it is available only for argumentative essays or compares and contrast essays. If you try to select another type of assignment, then the service will propose you subscribe and use their documents for inspiration. Of course, this feature costs money. People often wonder is legal with such offers. Yes, this proposal is unfair but legal. 

What Quality Essays This Company Provides?

The quality of Kibin assistance matches their claims. You will receive your paper which you have written before, with additional corrections. Don’t expect too much from a company that performs only editing and proofreading help. There is no chance to get a comprehensive writing solution there.

As a result, the quality of he;p wouldn’t satisfy you. Our experiment showed that there are many cheaper alternatives to with better results. 

Customer Service Review

Usually, writing companies have support agents available around the clock. But Kiban doesn’t. Of course, they have online support, but managers aren’t available 24/7. If you have a question, an issue with your request, or problems with your assignment, then you have to wait for business hours. It may be quite a negative experience, especially if your task is urgent or your assistant has made mistakes in your homework.

Anyway, it’s important to understand that you can’t reach plagiarism-free assistants 24/7. If it’s okay for you, then don’t pay attention to such a particularity. But most students understand that they can’t rely on a writing company that may be unavailable while they need it the most. 


As we can see, customers can’t expect special guarantees. The official claims don’t include a high satisfaction rate or refund for poor assignment quality. The only thing you can expect from this team is to discuss why you are not satisfied. They will ask you to text the team agent by email. Long story short, there is no chance to receive a real solution. 

Pros and Cons

Advantages of KibinDisadvantages of Kibin
– free editing if you buy a subscription beforehand;

– wide array of academic papers and topics to select;

– editing is performed by human editors but not machines;

– different delivery options;

– several types of academic styles and formatting.
– customer support is available only during working hours but not 24/7;

– only 2 packages of subscriptions;

– prices are very high and don’t seem to be affordable for students;

– no writing assistance (you can only order editing or proofreading);

– free features like thesis statement generator and free grader are very weak and useless.

Our Verdict

This writing company doesn’t meet even the basic expectations of customers. It has plenty of disadvantages that ruin all small advantages. There is no chance to enjoy a wide array of potential subjects if the content quality is extremely poor. 

That’s why the company’s score is only 8/100, and you are strongly discouraged from believing their claims. Despite thousands of Sitejabber positive reviews, you can’t be guaranteed safe, fair, and professional writing assistance. 

Choose a Reliable Essay Writing Service With Our Help

Don’t take it so hard – you are not alone with your academic problem. Although Kibin didn’t live up to our promises, this company isn’t the one on the market. You have plenty of opportunities to hire a professional assistant for your assignment. For instance, if you use our recommendations, you’ll be satisfied with your papers.

Here are the top writing companies for students of all grades. No matter which one you choose – you will succeed with your homework! 


Is Legit?

This is a very interesting question, and we would like to refer it to the Kibin. You can find this question in the official FAQ, but there is no real answer. It is said that the company is the most legit. What does it mean – it’s hard to understand. In addition, there is no evidence to prove its legit status. So we are sorry to admit that our review doesn’t contain the answer to your question because this company doesn’t know how to tell us the truth. 

Is Scam?

No, it’s not a scam. If you order an assignment and pay your money for it, then you’ll receive your paper. Sooner or later, of better or worse quality – but you will get it. That’s why it’s unfair to say the scam is real. At the same time, customers on Reddit and Sitejabber post reviews time after time with complaints on the company’s trustworthiness. Well, we believe that discouragement and other negative emotions make them talk about Kiban as a scam, but it doesn’t fool people. 

How much does it cost to use Kibin?

Prices for editing and proofreading assistance differ. The final fee depends on the number of words (the paper’s length) and your deadline. The more pages and as fast you need your assignment, the higher the price will be. If you need comprehensive help, then you may be interested in a subscription. The company provides customers with ultimate access to essay options but requires regular monthly payments. Usually, students prefer to use academic assistance time after time, so subscriptions don’t suit their expectations. 

Is my Kibin safe?

There is no mention of protection or security on the official website. So we can’t make a fair conclusion about it in our review. There is no sign of danger when you place an order or make an online payment, but it seems like your safety isn’t guaranteed.

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