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  • crossOnly 5% discount for the first order
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  • crossLimited additional features
  • crossPrices could be more affordable

Looking for some custom writing service? Do you need proper editing and proofreading your papers as well as 100% uniqueness and timely delivery? Check our review and try cooperation with McEssay.com.

McEssay.com Overview

McEssay is not a new company on the market. The company has a huge database of writers from various disciplines. Therefore, it is possible to say that the company is rather big. McEssay offers a wide range of writing services such as dissertations, research assignments, term papers, project proposals, and academic essays. Besides, they edit and proofread the papers as well as adjust them in accordance with the formatting rules of the style you order. The website suggests conducting some research. They promise to use only credible sources to generate the essay for you. Let`s check whether it is true.

Are McEssay writers professional?

According to the data on the homepage of McEssay website, the service claims to employ only English native speakers. Most of them have a Ph.D. or Master’s degree in various fields. So, no matter what kind of mcessay college essay you need, the company guarantees to handle it. 

We found that the vast majority of customers that left their reviews online, comment that the quality of their papers was very good. They say that using McEssay’s service was a real blessing for them and recommend it to others. 

However, not all statistics are like that. Some customers mentioned that they encountered some slight punctual mistakes when they received their essays. However, all of the clients agree that the papers were delivered on time which is a great advantage of the service among other similar ones.  

All in all, we ordered several assignments of different complexity on McEssay.com. No mistakes were notices, all instructions were encountered and orders were delivered on time.

What about quality?

According to our experience, the quality of the papers is great. The writers can format the essays in MLA, APA, Chicago Turabian, and more styles. So you will only have to specify the type of formatting you need in the order’s form. 

The papers are written after a deep research of credible sources. To add more, McEssay does not tolerate plagiarism of any kind so all the essays are original, genuine, and not pre-written. 

What is more, the company does not resell the essays on the same topic. They guarantee to deliver the essays on time without any errors or typos. Therefore, we may conclude that the quality of the papers is premium and one of the best on the market.  

Is pricing policy fair? 

The McEssay website claims that the mcessay prices for their essays are low. We can add that you do not have to worry about meeting deadlines since the company is reliable. The papers you order are in the hands of professional and talented mcessay writers so your money is safe and secure. 

The prices depend on the word count, the number of pages, and the deadline of the orders. McEssay promises your essays to be written by English native speakers only. Meaning, the prices are reasonable for such a quality service.  

What are the McEssay’s payment options?

There are many payment options that McEssay offers. It accepts almost any type of credit cards for your convenience. Therefore, it is always such a pleasure to use McEssay’s assistance. 

Does McEssay offer any discounts or special offers?

There are some discounts which are offered by McEssay. For instance, they offer a 5% discount on your first order. They also regularly provide some coupons and promo codes to reduce the price. Most of the customers agree that the prices for such a service are affordable so there is no need to look for bigger discounts.   

Is the website functional?

The website of McEssay is very bright and convenient. It is simple in operation and contains all the relevant and updated information. You may find all the data you need, using this website. No glitches were found.   

To add more, the website is easy-to-navigating. All the sections are organized in a clear, concise, and logical manner. Meaning, you won’t find it difficult to use the website because everything is clear. 

There is a section with testimonials that make the reputation of the company look trustworthy. You may check the feedback immediately as well as the papers samples.  

How it works?

The first step you should do is to sign in. Insert all the contact information and then fill in the order’s form correctly. Make sure you included all the instructions and requirements you need. Then you should pay with your card for the service since they will proceed with your order only when it is paid. The steps are easy, aren’t they?

Does Customer Support work 24/7?

Yes, the customer support is available round the clock. You can write or call them whenever you want. All the customer support representatives are trained to give you solid assistance. They always respond professionally and are polite. 

Are the McEssay’s papers delivered on time?

The customers say that they received their essays not only on time, but even earlier than it was needed. Therefore, they had additional time to check their essays and ask for a revision if they needed it. So, all these things make it so comfy to utilize McEssay’s assistance for every student.

Does McEssay offer any extra features?

Unfortunately, the company does not offer a lot of extra features. But we found some of them such as a possibility to get a free revision and an opportunity to create a free bibliography page. We guess it is enough for such low prices the company charges. 

Is McEssay’s reputation positive?

As long as the history of the company is very long, you will find a lot of testimonials about its services online. However, according to the mcessay reviews we found that most of the users were satisfied by using this service. Many customers recommend it to others that means they get such a nice experience of cooperating with McEssay. All things considered, the total ratio of the company is 95 points out of 100 which is excellent. 

Are there any McEssay’s guarantees?

Is mcessay reliable? Yes, it is. The company guarantees to write you 100% unique papers of great quality. Besides, they have a money-back guarantee policy for all customers. What is more, the company employ only English native speakers to compose mistakes-free papers. Also, according to McEssay’s website, the statistics of using the service is the best. To be more precise, they claim that 9 students out of 10 received only the highest grades for their essays. Sounds interesting? 

What kind of services does McEssay offer?

McEssay offers a wide range of services such as: 

  • Dissertations
  • Essays of all types
  • Coursework
  • Research and term papers
  • Business plans
  • Theses
  • Book and movie reviews/reports
  • Speeches and presentations
  • Lab reports and solutions to case studies
  • Research proposals and much more

It is worth mentioning that the company suggests total confidentiality. So, all your private data will not be given to any third party. Therefore, it is beneficial and reliable to cooperate with McEssay. 


To conclude, McEssay is one of the best writing service websites. Despite the fact that not all the information about the prices is available on the website, it is possible to conclude that the service is outstanding. If you need your papers to be written correctly and for the shortest time, it is time to use McEssay assistance. 

There are many advantages of this service such as mcessay discount for those who utilize the service for the first time, guarantees of plagiarism-free papers, an impressive website with easy navigation, and more. What is more, the feedback concerning the quality of McEssay’s assistance is predominantly positive. Therefore, we do recommend this service to you, especially, if you are willing to utilize the writing service for the first time. 

Trust Your Academic Tasks to the Best Essay Company

If you still doubt whether to use McEssay’s assistance or not, we may suggest trying another essay writing company. You are welcome to check our other reviews and choose the most appropriate company for your demands.

It is absolutely alright to hire a professional writer when you do not have enough time to write a paper on your own. Also, if you have an important assignment such us a term paper, you should order it from professionals. Thousands of students all over the world use such services to improve their academic careers. The only thing is that you need to choose a reliable company, not a scammer.

That`s why we are here to help. Save your precious time and get your paper written by professionals! Find the best essay company with our help and entrust your essay to them, not risking anything. We do not promote any company, all our reviews are based on thorough research.

  • Professionalism of Writers
  • Quality of Assignments
  • Pricing
  • Functionality
  • Reliability

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Michael L.

He believes that using relevant and up-to-date information is the key to success for any paper. While researching, Michael relies only on reputable sources.

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20 thoughts on "Full Overview of McEssay.com Writing Company"
  1. Anne says:

    When I ordered a term paper last time, the website turned out to be fraudulent. Therefore, at first, I was distrustful of this company. But everything is in order.

  2. Michael says:

    This company really makes life easier for a large number of students. I will be glad if they add even more student services to their website.

  3. Amanda says:

    This company is the best that has happened to me in my student life. The interesting thing is that their essays help me write better myself. I take an example from their authors and use their recommendations. Now all my essays get A-grades.

  4. Michelle says:

    I don’t really like giving my money to other people, because I earn it hard. But this writing service allows me to have time to work. I don’t really worry about grades; the main thing is that they send me the paper on time.

  5. Keith says:

    I am a good writer, so I can’t say that they exceed my expectations. What they do is save me time. I can do more important things while the other person is writing my essay.

  6. dennis says:

    My experience with this company is extremely positive. Once I thought that they delayed my essay, but the email just got into the spam folder. This team is very familiar with punctuality.

  7. Richard says:

    Many different sites are on the Internet today. But not all of them are trustworthy. I have ordered only one essay so far. Everything seems to be fine. Surely, I will make a couple more orders to finally make sure.

  8. Melony says:

    I have recommended Mcessay to all my friends and other students. Sure I can count on a big discount! Of course, I’m kidding, because I’m glad to pay money to professionals.

  9. Erica says:

    I order papers at Mcessay.com sometimes and come back to them again and again because I know that I can always count on good quality. I also like that their reply quickly via the chat.

  10. Courtney says:

    This company is a team of true professionals. I am happy to have found them. After more than ten orders, they became real friends to me. Sometimes I just refresh the page of this website to read their latest news and sample papers.

  11. Norma says:

    I like that the authors of this service do not impose their style on you. You can tell what the essay should be, send your drafts. Yes, I write poorly, but it is important for me to feel my involvement in the process.

  12. Scott says:

    Honestly, I heard that many companies hire Nigerian writers and pay them a penny for whole packs of essays. But this is definitely not the case. It employs experts who can read requirements and write good papers.

  13. harry says:

    I am not a fan of this website, but they are doing a good job. This is what helps hundreds of students and me personally. I am glad that there is such a helpful opportunity these days.

  14. Barbara says:

    There are several points that make this website really good. These are professional authors, low prices, adherence to deadlines, and pleasant round-the-clock customer support. Even if I travel, I can order an essay online and send it to my professor.

  15. Julia says:

    Honestly, I did not think that I could find a good writing service at affordable prices. But you are just like that. There is only one drawback: now I always want to order essays, and not write them myself.

  16. Nency says:

    My studies take a lot of time. Sometimes I can’t even go to the cinema with my family. But this service allowed me to do this because I had delegated the writing of my term paper. My daughter says, thank you so much! And me too!

  17. Brian says:

    This is the only website on the Internet that is trustworthy. I ordered several times at Mcessay.com, and they never let me down. Their price list is very affordable.

  18. bob says:

    You are just real saviors! My opening letter turned out to be really good! The admissions committee said that I am a great candidate for their school. Thanks a lot! I am happy, thanks to you. My money paid for this service has become a real investment.

  19. Patrick_18 says:

    I am happy that not all companies on the Internet are scammers. They carry out your work responsibly and efficiently. When I pay them money, I always know that I can count on a good result.

  20. Bill says:

    I am one of those students who always put aside writing tasks for later. My professor always scolded me for it. But now he says that I fixed that. In fact, I am ordering my papers from Mcessay.com. He doesn’t know. Thank you, guys, for helping out.

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