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October, 2021 Last Update

Making homework is a challenge for students. If you don’t need only high grades and are ready to be at the end of the list of successful students, then this issue doesn’t bother you. But if you are interested in A+ and top educational results, then you’ll sweat with your assignments. The best you can do is to use professional assistance to improve your experience with academic papers.

Our team is known for making fair analyses of writing companies and services. You can find numerous articles dedicated to well-known and unknown teams of authors. Today we want to share with you our findings of Megaessays. Together we’ll find out is legal and you should trust this website.

It wasn’t easy to conclude the following review because of the company’s good reputation and honest intentions. But as soon as you find out the truth, you’ll be glad you decided to rely on professional review. 

What Is the Megaessays? much differs from similar companies. That’s why many customers mention in their reviews that they expected to experience better results with its services. 

In general, this is a library of academic papers written by students and published online as golden standards. It is said that an opportunity to read these documents will improve your inspiration, skills, and content quality. Please notice that not all papers include bibliographies. Also, all papers are varying in levels of writing skills and were rated not only for A+.  

Just think of what you are paying money for: the company lets you read academic papers which aren’t unique and plagiarism-free. Sometimes these files are very old-fashioned and don’t bring any useful results. This was the first issue that distracted our experts from admiring megaessays. 

Anyway, the official website claims that you’ll enjoy many benefits if you buy a subscription. At the moment, you may get access to more than 85,000 essays and term papers. Also, new documents are posted every day. Unfortunately, the website design is very old-fashioned, so it’s not user-friendly and easy to use. The main page contains the latest updates of files, although this feature isn’t in demand. It’s better to use navigation with the paper’s topic. 

The Offered Services

When we started making our review we didn’t expect the company to have the only option. This is a library of assignments and nothing else. You can’t find any unique solutions, writing and editing help, consulting in the live chat, etc. 

If you are looking for writing assistance, help with editing, topic selecting, and other academic support – you wouldn’t find anything from your list. There are no authors online who can help you. Also, you aren’t allowed to turn in a paper as your own. First of all, this is an unethical decision. Second of all, you will violate the law because all documents on the official website are published for reference and research purposes. 

The only thing you may find on the official website is sending requests. You are promised to receive an answer within 24 hours, but customer agents are not capable of helping you with your issue. They can only help you with making payments, finding an online document, or fixing a website’s bug. 

Megaessays Prices and Discount

Here is some good news – the price for Megaessays help is affordable ($19.95). This is a one-time payment that lasts for a month. As a result, accessing golden standards in the academic world costs $0.665 per day. But there is also plenty of bad news. You don’t receive anything for this fee but access to essays and term papers. 

Here is one serious problem: you may not use all 30 days of the Megaessays subscription for a month. If you require access for several days, then you’ll overpay and can’t receive a complete package of services for the fee you have already paid. This is an unfair solution, but Megaessays doesn’t offer more than one type of subscription. 

Unfortunately, the promo code isn’t available. No matter if you are a new or loyal customer, you must pay a standard fee of $19.95 every time you need access to the website’s library. 

Payment Method and Secure

You must pay for services in advance – post-payment or partial payment aren’t offered. If you are a new customer, then such a payment procedure may make you doubt. Usually, reputable companies propose users pay 30-50% beforehand and the rest of the fee after receiving services. 

Online payment is available on the relevant webpage. You are asked to use only your credit or debit card. It seems that the scam isn’t detected, but you are unable to pay with PayPal, e-wallets, or other payment methods you prefer. When you use your card to transfer the money, you must place your first name, last name, card number, CVV, month, and year. Unfortunately, we didn’t find any protection software on the website, so your transactions and personal information aren’t secured properly. 

Special Features

Our review and Reddit users confirm that there is no unique or special feature for students. This company just uploads different term papers and essays on the official website and asks users to pay for reading or printing these documents. You can’t get any assistance in writing, editing, or proofreading. You are also not capable of receiving professional consultations, reading useful articles, and so on.  

What Quality Essays This Company Provides?

This is the main problem of this library—all we expect that we pay for access to the golden standards in different academic areas. As a result, we may rely on mentioned bibliography, statements, structure, etc. But this is not true. It’s officially said in the Megaessay’s FAQ that they include documents of different ranges. It means that the team uploads not only high-quality assignments rated by A+ but also papers with poor quality. 

We are sure that this particularly ruins the idea of using You can’t be sure of the papers’ quality and rely on these golden standards, which aren’t golden standards at all. 

Customer Service Review

There is no customer support in modern meaning. You can’t find a phone number to call, an email to write a letter, or live chat to text. The only thing you may find – an online form. If you have an issue with the company of you may send your request and expect the answer within 24 hours. 

But don’t expect more than you are promised. A customer agent is a standard part of the team of every website. You can’t ask for assistance that customer services don’t offer. So no consulting, discussions, or assistance are available. 


As you understand from the services list, this company doesn’t offer traditional guarantees. You are not promised to be satisfied or get A+ for your assignment. According to the official FAQ, you can expect the following features:

  • a membership at Megaessays for a single user;
  • subscription cancellation before the time frame is up;
  • rebilling for every 30 and 90 days if you don’t cancel your subscription

As you can see, these facts are just facts. You wouldn’t receive high-quality papers, 100% satisfaction, and other classic guarantees. 

Many students want to find Sitejabber reviews useful, but this platform didn’t mention this company till now. Maybe we’ll see its analysis but not now. It seems that Megaessays isn’t popular enough to be presented at Sitejabber. 

Pros and Cons

Advantages of MegaessaysDisadvantages of Megaessays
– a lot of files online (85,000 essays and term papers);

– affordable fee for the month ($19.95);

– simple website without pop-up windows and other advertising;

– constantly updating library;

– you may cancel your subscription if the time frame allows.
– only one type of subscription is available;

– no real customer support;

– no assistance in writing, editing, or proofreading papers;

– insecure payment and only one payment option;

– no guarantees of satisfaction of special features

– issues with personal information protection.

Our Verdict

As you can see, we can hardly name 5 advantages of this company in the following review. Besides, all its benefits are standard and don’t impress modern users. Well, this is not the biggest problem. The main reason why we do not recommend you using megaessays is the number of disadvantages and many better alternatives. 

Choose a Reliable Essay Writing Service With Our Help

You don’t have to be satisfied with a little. Many professional and high-quality companies can assist you with any academic issue. While plagiarism service offers customers only an online reading of published articles, other companies are capable of performing your tasks for you. 

That’s why you should pay attention to the list of the most responsible and trustworthy online writing services. We have analyzed its advantages and disadvantages and made conclusions that you can trust them. 


Is Legit?

Yes, this website is definitely legal and legit. It contains thousands of essays on different topics. In addition, developers claim that all documents published online have relevant allowance by their authors and are not under restrictions. As a result, you don’t violate any laws by visiting it. Just note that you can freely read only the preview of the text – the full file is available only for registered users. 

Is Scam?

This company may not meet all your expectations, but it’s not a scam. Your relationship with this website is fair and honest. If you wonder is good then the absence of a scam can’t answer this question. If you expect a company with the name Writing Help Center real help in writing and editing your assignments, then you’ll be disappointed. 

How much does it cost to use Megaessays?

This company has a subscription system. It means you must pay monthly to get access to all documents. The fee for 30 days of access is $19.95 at the moment. You must pay the whole price even if you need these services only for one day. It seems unfair because there are many cheaper alternatives to with a trial period. 

Is my megaessays safe?

The website looks very simple, so we doubt the user’s safety. You don’t need to wonder is cheating because it doesn’t but safety issues are possible. It is said that the website is powered by DMCA only. Well, we didn’t experience any security issues, but you are not guaranteed full and modern protection. The main problem is the payment procedure. You are required to use your card and share all your banking information. This is a dangerous step if the website doesn’t have proper protection.

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