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November, 2021 Last Update

According to academic rules, curriculum, and study standards, each student must write scientific papers. Many teachers believe that such documents can show the knowledge of students. However, for many students, creating academic papers is the most challenging task. The fact is that students are easier to express their thoughts verbally, speak freely to a large audience and make a convincing impact. Yet when it comes to writing processes where students must strictly follow logic and structure, creating paperwork seems like a daunting task. Therefore, most of them seek help from experts.

Are the academic requirements so complex that one in three students turns to professional writers for help? The requirements of teachers and the Ministry of Education are challenging, and the student’s psychological state does not withstand such pressure. Approximately 70% of students prefer to save their nerves and order paper from a writing company. Students spend their free time on more important things, rest or preparing for exams.

Today we will evaluate one of these agencies – On the official website, we analyzed many positive reviews. The continuous positive ratings confused us. Therefore, we create an honest review based on several criteria: prices, discounts, support, services, guarantees. Also, you will find out the answer to the main question – Is legal?

What Is began its existence in 2010. At that time, the company had a small list of services. Today, the agency provides various academic services for college and university students. According to, writers can write papers in A +. The company also claims to have assembled a team of native English speakers who know all the rules of academic writing. We have carefully checked these facts and will give a verdict later. For now, what we want to tell you about their online reputation.

We first explored the Reddit. Unfortunately, we found only a few reviews about this company. Some of the company’s customers reported high prices and poor quality. Other clients reported that the company was delaying the delivery of the papers and did not warn about it. These reviews were not enough for us to give an honest assessment of the online reputation. Therefore, we looked into Sitejabber

We learned that writers create poor-quality papers on this site and do not return the money as promised. Most of all, we were outraged by the fact that managers threatened students. The managers wanted to tell the professors that the student was ordering papers. This situation arose because a student complained about the quality of the documents. Consequently, the online reputation of this company is equal to 0. Moreover, managers can quickly disclose your data.

The Offered Services offers many services:

  • Completing assignments in mathematics.
  • Completing assignments in natural sciences.
  • Completing accounting assignments.
  • Completing assignments in finance.
  • Completing assignments in English literature.
  • Completing assignments in the Spanish language.
  • Completing marketing assignments.
  • Execution of management assignments.
  • Completing assignments in philosophy.
  • Completing assignments in psychology.
  • Completing tasks in statistics.
  • Completing assignments in linguistics.
  • Essay writing.
  • Writing term papers.
  • Writing dissertations.
  • Writing literary reviews.
  • Writing book reports.
  • Writing a capstone project.
  • Execution of exams and tests.
  • Laboratory work.

Such an extensive list of services makes them stand out from the competition. Therefore, this criterion we can attribute to the advantages. Prices and Discount

If you want to know the approximate price for paper, then this can be a daunting task. There is no price table on the main page. The company evaluates your orders and only then announces the price. To know the price, you need to send a task to their email – this is very inconvenient because you will not know if the managers have read your message.

According to the company of, several factors affect the price: deadline, number of pages, topic, discipline, and academic level. On the Library page, we still managed to find information about the price of some services:

  • Class costs over $ 500.
  • An essay costs over $ 30.
  • Homework costs over $ 40.
  • Exams cost over $ 75.

Based on this data, we conclude that the company has set very high prices. Today there are cheaper alternatives to that offer a one-page essay for $ 8. What about the promo code?

Well, this is also a sad picture. No regular customers, no newbies get discounts. The only bonus the company has to offer is a $ 50 discount on services for every one of your friends who sign up for a whole course.

Payment Method and Secure

The company is doing well with payment methods. Customers can pay for services with credit or debit cards and online wallets. How about security? The company is not responsible for all payments, referring to the banks through which you make the payment. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you do not risk your money and do not order papers here, since managers will not return your money in case of problems.

As we have already noted, the company’s managers can disclose the client’s data if you complain about the poor quality of the papers. However, the company gives a guarantee of anonymity. Therefore, is cheating. Moreover, the company does not allow you to enable VPN if you want to hide the actual location – the site will function poorly. According to the representatives of the company themselves, the hidden IP is a red flag for them.

Special Features

The company has many special features that other writing firms do not have. For example, you can pay their expert to sign up for an online course and do the assignment for you. This service includes the execution of exams, tests, and homework. However, there is no guarantee that writers will complete all tasks on A +. Moreover, you will not be able to check the quality of the papers since the expert sends solutions to the tasks without your agreement. You practically do not participate in this.

The company also offers real-time exam solutions. To do this, you need to call their managers, inform them about all the essential points of the exam, and they will tell you the help algorithm. However, we strongly recommend not to get involved in this. After all, teachers can quickly figure out any suspicious actions and interrupt the exam. Better go to a tutor instead of hoping for someone else’s help.

Paper Quality

We placed an order to check the quality of the papers. The answer from the managers came five hours later – if you need urgent help, you can not rely on their writers. We ordered a two-page, college-level essay on the topic of management. The home page states that writers create papers that will receive an A or B grade or better. What did we get?

We have received an essay for grade C-. The article was assessed by a professional writer who is a teacher at a prestigious university and has vast experience in this field. The expert found several mistakes: grammatical, punctuation, lexical, spelling. Is this how native English speakers work? Most likely, their writers are freelancers from abroad.

How about plagiarism? Another drawback. The text contained over 50% of plagiarism. The plagiarism checker showed that the author took information from Wikipedia – this is the most unreliable source. We also concluded that the company does not know about the rules of plagiarism – plagiarism is prohibited in academic articles. They could have correctly formatted the quotes not to accuse them of plagiarism, but the author does not understand anything about the formatting. Therefore, high-quality papers are not about

Customer Service Review

The support service also falls into a disadvantage. There is no 24/7 support service – the company work from 9 am to 9 pm. Managers offer to leave a message, and during business hours, they will answer it. If you compare their agents with competitors, they will lose because companies are ready to help even at night.

There is an online chat on the main page. However, this is a very annoying element that takes up half a page. If you try to close this window, it will appear every time you refresh the page. Online chat managers are slow to respond. First, a bot will communicate with you, which will ask: “Hi there! What subject can we help you with?”

We talked to these bots, and here’s what we found out. If you specify mathematics, the bot prompts you to select an academic level: high school or college. If you choose a high school, then the company will not be able to help you – the question arises why then does the company offer to make a choice? Ridiculous function.

If you choose a college, the bot will prompt you to select the type of assistance: assignment, essay, exam, etc. We chose an essay, and the bot said that the company needs additional information about the task, which we need to send by email. We still did not understand the meaning of their online chat. In fact, this is to lure customers, and you shouldn’t expect help from real managers.


Here are the guarantees the company gives:

  • A guarantee that you will receive at least an A or B for the task.
  • 100% money-back guarantee.
  • Guaranteed individual writing of texts.

Now let’s take a look at each warranty. The first guarantee is false because we received an essay with a C- grade. The second guarantee is also a lie. When we informed the managers that the document was of poor quality and demanded a refund, the agents replied that the author had fulfilled all the requirements. We submitted our plagiarism report and asked them to send the same document for verification. As a result, we were informed that the required percentage of plagiarism had to be reported in advance, and they cannot refund.

Here we got another conclusion – the guarantee of personal writing is also a lie. Writers are looking for the information they need. They copy it and do not consider the main rule of all educational institutions – the absence of plagiarism. Is good? Not! It’s a total disappointment that isn’t worth a cent.

Pros and Cons

We found many positive and negative aspects of the company, which you can see in the table below. The table will allow you to verify once again the quality of services and the functioning of the website:

An extensive list of services.High pricing policy.
The company has existed for a very long timeLack of 24/7 support.
Convenient methods of payment for services.False guarantees.
Original special features.Bad online reputation.
The website is easy to use.Lack of discounts.
Poor paper quality.
A high percentage of plagiarism.

Our Verdict

As you can see, we have compiled an honest review, taking into account all the facts obtained during the research. Unfortunately, even though the company has a lot of experience in writing academic papers, they never managed to establish high-quality work. Writers want to make big money without putting in a lot of effort. The company gives false guarantees to attract the attention of customers. Based on the evaluation criteria, we concluded that there are more disadvantages. Therefore, the score is 26/100. We strongly recommend not to use the services of, as the employees are deceiving you.

Choose Reliable Essay Writing Service With Our Help

We’ve been evaluating various writing services for years. Therefore, with our help, you can choose more reliable companies with attractive prices and true guarantees. Note that all the companies we have selected have an excellent online reputation, an extensive list of services, and 24/7 support.


While reading the article, you may have questions. Therefore, we have answered frequently asked questions about the work of the company.

Is Legit?

Yes, the company is indeed located in the United States and provides written services. However, the firm cooperates with foreign freelancers who do not understand the academic rules and requirements.

Is Scam?

Definitely yes! They do not keep their promises: they do not return the money, copy other people’s work, create C-grade papers. Therefore, you can not count on high-quality help.

How much does it cost to use Onlineclasshelp?

The company does not indicate exact prices for services. Managers calculate the price based on deadline, number of pages, academic level, topic, etc. However, the approximate price for our order was $ 60, which is very expensive. Moreover, the company does not give discounts.

Is my Onlineclasshelp safe?

The company discloses customer data if they complain about the quality of the papers. Therefore, the company is not safe.

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