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November, 2021 Last Update

We know that being a student is an extremely challenging task. You have to meet someone else’s expectations all the time, and you also need to follow your own path to gain new knowledge and build a career. During your college years, you’ll face various assignments that are supposed to help you grow. Some of them will be easy enough, while others will make you pull an all-nighter and forget about your personal life. Of course, this approach can bring you amazing results, but it is not healthy. Thousands of students experience constant stress, mental health issues, and other difficulties that don’t let them use their potential at the maximum level.

So, what should you do when your professors pile you with homework all the time? Is there a solution that will help? The answer is yes! You can hire a professional writing service and let an experienced writer do your task for you. And if you consider this option, it would be a good idea to check our review to find out all the details about this company. 

What Is the Paymetodoyourhomework?

According to its website, this company was founded in 2010. However, if you take a look at the data of the site, you can easily find out that it was launched in 2020. It looks suspicious since 10 years of experience really matter. Besides, they claim that their authors have completed over 17,000 assignments, including essays, texts, modules, and so on. We didn’t find any information about the company’s founders, the place of registration, etc. However, there is a prominent disclaimer that this service is not available to students of any New York State educational institutions. They don’t provide any detailed explanations, just mention some honor codes, which means their services might not be that legal or ethical. 

That’s why it is necessary to read a review before you place an order. We won’t let you miss some important nuances and hire a company that doesn’t meet high academic standards. However, the information above is not enough to make the final decision, and we are going to delve deeper and provide you with more facts about this service. 

The Offered Services

Regardless of the writing company you hire, it is necessary to check its list of services. Different companies have different focuses, and you should know about it in advance. So, what can you order from Paymetodoyourhomework?

  • Writing (essays, research papers, case studies, etc.);
  • Quizzes, tests, and exams;
  • Assignments (labs, presentations);
  • Full courses;
  • Online courses;
  • Full disciplines.

The company claims that it has experts in math, science, education, liberal arts, English and literature, languages, business, computer science, and miscellaneous disciplines. However, they don’t provide help if you’re a high school student, and it is very important to consider. 

This list sounds good, and it means that they have really many authors because it is not that easy to provide so many different services at the same time. The company is surely focused on a wide audience, though it is not clear why it doesn’t have services for high school students. However, a huge list doesn’t guarantee you the quality. It is not an answer to questions like “Is good?”

Paymetodoyourhomework Prices and Discount

Pricing policy is an essential part of any writing service. When you’re a student, your budget might be limited, and it means that you need to spend your money wisely. Many writing companies offer high prices because they think it is the only option for students to do their homework. There are also many extremely cheap offers that look pretty suspicious. In this review, we analyze the company’s prices so that you can understand if it is an attractive offer.

The good news is that there is a separate Pricing section on the website. Once you tap the button, you can find out its prices:

  • full classes start at $99 per week;
  • test&quizzes start at $49 per unit;
  • finals start at $119 per exam;
  • essays&papers start at $29 per page;
  • projects start at $99 per unit;
  • homework starts at $29 per assignment.

If it is your first time ordering a paper online, you might think that these prices are normal. But we know that they are extremely high. Just imagine, if you need a 2-page essay, you should pay $60 minimum! It means that if your deadline is urgent, the final cost will be even higher. There are much cheaper offers. 

We also didn’t find any promo code to reduce the price. There is no special place for code in the order form as well so that we can understand that this company doesn’t provide its customers with any discounts. Not friendly. 

Payment Method and Secure

If you want to order a paper from Paymetodoyourhomework, you can submit your payment with Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express. The good news is that these systems are quite reliable, and you shouldn’t worry that your money will be lost. At the same time, it doesn’t guarantee you the reliability of the company itself, just of its partners. 

Special Features

The only feature that we found during our investigation is a blog. However, it includes only several advertising posts that look like SEO content to attract more users. Ads mean that this company wants to become an affiliate and earn some money. It doesn’t look good for a professional company with a strong reputation and incredible quality. 

What Quality Essays This Company Provides?

When you have questions like “Is legal?”The best choice is to ask people who have already ordered from this company. Customers will tell you about the real quality of the services since they are not interested in promoting this business like the company’s marketers are.

So, what can we find about Reddit and on other independent platforms? These are comments written by real people:

  • The paper had so many grammatical mistakes;
  • The essay doesn’t flow I expected better work;
  • I am not satisfied;
  • I have got 18 out of 45;
  • My paper failed to meet requirements;
  • That’s a rip-off!  
  • There is no way to contact a live person;
  • Company prices are on the high side.

So, it is easy to understand that many people on Sitejabber don’t appreciate their experience with the company. Of course, there are some positive reviews as well but it means that you should take risks if you place an order here. Maybe you’ll receive an average essay, but what if not? Are you sure that you can get your money back?

Customer Service Review

Unfortunately, this company doesn’t invest pretty much in its customer service. There is no live chat to contact the manager at the moment. You can send a message via email or contact form, but you should wait for the answer forever. If you have some issues with your payment, they will help you because they want to take your money. But if there are some issues with the paper’s quality, deadline, money refund, etc., you won’t receive a response. 


On the one hand, a list of guarantees is supposed to refute the scam. But on the other hand, we can see that this company just doesn’t keep all of its promises. When you’re exploring its website, you can easily run into guarantees like these ones:

  • high-quality, American, 100% non-plagiarized work;
  • all projects come with our ‘A’ or ‘B’ Guarantee;
  • we take your privacy very seriously. 

The interesting fact is that there are many different errors on their website. For example, it was “all projects comes with,” which is definitely not correct. If they have mistakes in their own content, why should they write flawless content for you?

Pros and Cons 

Like in any other business, all writing services have their advantages and disadvantages. It is ok if the company has some areas to grow, nobody expects it to be flawless. The point is what its flaws are, and whether they really matter. So, this is a list of the pros and cons that the company of has.

Nice websiteExtremely high prices 
Wide list of services, help with online classesPoor quality of papers
Reliable payment systemsDon’t work with high school students and NY State students
No customer support in real-time
Poor blog

Our Verdict

When working on this review, we wanted to understand if this company deserves your trust. What reputation does it have? Does it care about its customers? Now that we know all the information above, we can tell you that our rate is 27 out of 100. What does it mean?

We don’t think that this company is the worst one. Though it has extremely high prices, and their papers are not always amazing, we know companies that work worse. You can hire this one if it is your only option, or if you have some personal reasons to make this decision. However, if you need a professional opinion, we’d recommend you avoiding Paymedotoyourhomework and consider other companies. 

Choose a Reliable Essay Writing Service With Our Help

There are many cheaper alternatives to that provide high-quality assistance. You can find a good company if you’re a high school student, if your essay is pretty voluminous, and if your deadline is in several hours. Along with this review, we have reviews of other companies, and there are even 100/100 options. So, if you’re going to boost your academic performance, don’t miss the opportunity to hire the best service! 


We know that hiring an expert writer is a tough decision. On the one hand, it is a perfect chance to save your time, and it is an opportunity to impress your professor, to forget about constant stress. You can focus on the projects that you really like. But on the other hand, we know that students are afraid of irresponsible companies, scammers, and frauds. So, it is absolutely normal if you take some time to find more information about the service that you want to hire. 

Is Legit?

We think that this company is legit. It has all the necessary documents, it works with reliable payment systems, and it delivers papers to its customers. However, there is a second side to this coin. We found information that this company has been working since 2010, but its website was launched in 2020. Besides, it doesn’t work with New York State students, and it looks a bit suspicious. 

Is Scam?

Is cheating? We can’t confirm this with a 100% guarantee. There are many customers who claim plagiarism, but there are also satisfied reviews. If you’re afraid of scammers who take your money and deliver an empty sheet of paper, this company is not one of them. At least, you’ll receive your essay (or any other assignment), but it doesn’t mean that you’ll be happy with your draft. 

How much does it cost to use Paymetodoyourhomework?

The prices of this company vary depending on several aspects. First of all, you should choose your assignment. If it is a college essay, it will cost you from $29 per page. However, it is not that easy to find out the final cost. You need to submit an order form and provide your personal information, including name, last name, phone, and email. It is necessary to have an American phone number so that if you’re a foreign student, you can’t place your order here. Then they will contact you with further information, which means that you provide personal data even before you make the final decision to work with this company. 

Is Paymetodoyourhomework safe?

According to reviews and the information above, we can’t confirm that this company is safe. It surely gathers your personal data, and we don’t know how exactly it uses it. Even if it doesn’t share it with third parties, the website itself and the ordering process don’t look pretty safe. Besides, you don’t have an opportunity to contact the company’s customer manager in real-time, which means they are not ready to dispel your doubts and support you along the way.

  • Professionalism of Writers
  • Quality of Assignments
  • Pricing
  • Functionality
  • Reliability

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