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November, 2021 Last Update

The curriculum is too challenging for students in schools, colleges, and universities. Therefore, each of them is looking for help in solving problems. Hints for students have been around for a long time. At first, these were printed publications, small books, where experts gave examples of solving various tasks and ready-made answers. Now in the vastness of the World Wide Web, some websites offer step-by-step solutions on various subjects. There are answers in the humanities and technical sciences.

Such companies make it possible for students to save on training. If earlier students often turned to tutors in subjects they did not understand, then it is possible to do without it in the modern world. Students will find all the necessary information on homework on the Internet. Thanks to such websites, the student will be able to see the sequence of actions in a particular task, and for this, he does not have to contact a tutor. If they make an effort, they will figure out how to solve the tasks, and subsequently, they can quickly complete the template assignments.

Today we will analyze one of the well-known companies providing such services – Quizlet.com. Why did we choose this particular company? On the official website, there are only positive reviews about the work of writers, and this confused us. Surely some students were dissatisfied with the quality of services, but managers are hiding about it. Therefore, we wrote an honest Quizlet.com review with all the evaluation criteria in mind.

What Is Quizlet.com?

Quizlet is a new platform in the student assistance marketplace. However, the company is gaining momentum and has a long list of visitors. What is their popularity? Quizlet offers unique services that students miss. Quizlet is a database of learning solutions. This database can be replenished by both managers of the company and ordinary users.

What is Quizlet’s job? The company contains hundreds of textbooks in various disciplines. These books are designed for students in schools, colleges, and universities. Each textbook includes a list of quizzes and questionnaires that students come across most often. How? Teachers ask students to complete template assignments to test knowledge, and they are repeated from year to year.

Managers crowd-sourced these typical quizzes. The agents then post the answers to these quizzes and challenges on Quizlet. There are two ways to get you access to quizzes or problems. The first way is to analyze the topics and select the book that the teacher uses. Another way is that you need to skew your decisions by keywords.

What do students say about this brand? Well, as we mentioned, the company sometimes publishes student testimonials on the site. However, we are not sure if they are accurate, so we examined Sitejabber Quizlet.com. There is only one review on this website, and it is positive. We also checked out Quizlet.com Reddit for an objective assessment.

On this website, we found a rather interesting fact – the company’s employees are students and interns, but not teachers, as the company reports. Therefore, if you see answers from company managers, there is no guarantee that they are reliable.

The Offered Services

As you already understood, the main service of Quizlet is to provide solutions for quizzes and academic tasks. You can use the platform like this:

  • View tutorials. Suppose you have a textbook that your teacher asks you to complete the assignments at the end of the chapter. Here you can find this book by title or ISBN. If the book is on the website, then you can easily find solutions. If there is no book, then the company cannot help you. Therefore, it is a weak educational assistant.
  • Look for questions. It so happens that teachers are asked to complete assignments or answer a question without using a specific textbook. If you want to find the answer to your assignment, you can analyze their database, which contains hundreds of thousands of answers. However, there is no guarantee that these answers are reliable because all users publish them.
  • Evaluate the solution. As we have already noted, many of the answers are published by the same users like you. Therefore, if you find an error in the solution, you can edit them or rate them incorrectly.
  • Become a member. If you are a child prodigy and have a good knowledge of various disciplines, you can become a member of Quizlet. To do this, you need to register on the platform, and after that, you will have access to various questions. If you know the answer, help other students.

As you can see, the service functions quite interestingly. But there are flaws about which we will burn out later.

Quizlet.com Prices and Discount

You get access to solutions free of charge. Most likely, this is a marketing move. The company is new and therefore at the moment offers to find answers to questions free of charge. In a few years, we expect that the company will ask you to pay for a subscription to get access to solving problems. According to the company, their earnings are traffic from visits and published advertising. How about the Quizlet.com promo code? There are no discounts here. Even users who provide answers do not receive any privileges.

Payment Method and Secure

Since the company provides solutions to problems free of charge, you will not need any payment methods. If you want to disable ads and buy a premium package, the company provides only one payment method, credit or debit card. Currently, payments using online wallets are not available, which is very inconvenient. When you transfer your card details to them, there is no guarantee that managers will not collect additional money or transfer data to third parties.

It is advertising that is the most unpleasant feature of a website. It is so annoying that the device cannot withstand such an influx of advertisements and functions poorly. I was very confused by the fact that because of advertising there are problems with the laptop. Therefore, we decided to check the ad for viruses. Well, the antivirus has shown that advertising contains various kinds of spyware and viruses.

Therefore, the company of Quizlet.com is insecure. The company tracks your interests and offers advertising-based services. The company offers to buy an ad blocker subscription for $ 1.99 per month. This is a rip-off because the company runs viral ads on purpose to force users to buy a subscription.

Is the company of Quizlet.com safe when you pay a premium account? All companies that protect payments have a special mark, but there is no such mark on this website. After analyzing all sections of the website, we did not find information on encrypting customer data. Therefore, there is no guarantee that you will get an ad blocker and not lose money. Consequently, we strongly recommend searching for cheaper alternatives to Quizlet.com and safer.

Special Features

The only special feature of Quizlet is the mobile version. The company provides an app for both iOS and Android. The app is also free. However, the same story is repeated here – the presence of advertising. Therefore, you can buy an example account that will get rid of ads. Otherwise, you are under the close supervision of Quizlet, which litters your phone with unnecessary ads and viruses.

The application itself is easy to use and contains the same database as the desktop version. The program takes up little space, so there should be no problems with downloading. However, the app’s rating is low – 3.0 / 5. People report that the application often gives errors that cannot be resolved and do not work correctly. Other users reported that the program did not work after the update.

Quality of Completed Assignments

Quizlet is a crowdsourced website. Consequently, the quality of the tasks performed is low. Since each visitor can contribute to the solution of tasks or offer an answer, this remains unreliable. The website developers themselves claim that they put in a lot of effort to figure out the correctness of the solution proposed by the users. However, hundreds of responses are received every day, but the team is small and does not have time to keep track of everything. Therefore, there is a chance that someone will rewrite the wrong solutions and get bad results.

Also, note that the company claims to have thousands of books with answers on various subjects on their website. However, we were surprised to find no world-famous books that many students use. We also checked the search for answers by keywords. Some of the answers were detailed, and that would be enough for writing a good paper. Other solutions were very short and untrue. At the same time, the company did not respond to our complaint, and the answer is still in their database.

Customer Service Review

Quizlet hasn’t created a support service that answers questions instantly. There is also no online chat where managers could help solve your problems. The company offers a contact form via email. You can report issues and ask questions, but there is no guarantee that your message will reach the addressee and you will receive an answer. For example, a letter may end up in spam, and the agent will not see it.

The company also offers to read the FAQ section. However, the questions and answers are pretty typical – in case of serious problems, these tips will not help you. Note that agents rarely respond to them and respond for a very long time, even if your letter reaches the addressee. Most likely, the company has one person who reads letters, and his strength is not enough.


The company provides free services, and for this reason, there are no guarantees. For example, a company says it cannot monitor and verify all of the assignment responses. Therefore, they cannot guarantee the high quality of solutions. We believe that they could implement a money-back guarantee for purchasing a premium account or provide a trial version to understand the benefits of this feature. But there are no such privileges, which is very strange because if the advertisement continues to be displayed and the company does not take any action to solve the problem, the user will throw money down the drain.

Pros and Cons

We noted both the advantages and disadvantages of the company, which we turned into such a table for better clarity:

The services are free.Low-quality solutions.
There are solutions for many disciplines.Lack of 24/7 support.
Help for all academic levels.There is no money-back guarantee.
The website is easy to use.Bad online reputation.
Lack of discounts.
There are no privileges for users who write answers to questions.
One payment method is credit and debit cards.

Our Verdict

Is Quizlet.com good? To answer this question, we wrote an honest Quizlet.com review, considering all the evaluation criteria. We found both positive and negative aspects. For example, you can get valuable answers in many disciplines. There are also solutions to tasks based on textbooks. However, the disadvantages outweigh. You will not be able to contact support via online chat and quickly get an answer to your question. There is harmful advertising here. You have to pay to block ads. There is no money-back guarantee, and there is only one payment method. Hence our estimate is 25/100. Here, no one follows the answers, and you very much risk deteriorating your academic reputation.

Choose Reliable Assignment Writing Service With Our Help

We have been objectively evaluating companies that provide various services for many years. If you have any doubts about the reputation of a writing firm, please let us know, and we will conduct a thorough analysis. We have also compiled a list of the best writing companies that are leading in all criteria. They have a staff of qualified writers, teachers, and scientists so that you can get great results with them.


Our experts often get the same questions about Quizlet.com. Therefore, read the answers to know more about the work of the company.

Is Quizlet.com Legit?

Is Quizlet.com legal? No, the company’s founders are ordinary people, without academic merit, who don’t check the correct answers. Therefore, in terms of training assistance, the company is unreliable.

Is Quizlet.com Scam?

The company runs viral ads to force users to buy a subscription – it is a Quizlet.com scam. Therefore, their mission is not to help you – they are watching you steal personal data.

How much does it cost to use Quizlet.com?

Quizlet.com services are free. However, there is a premium account for ad-blocking – it costs $ 1.99.

Is my Quizlet.com safe?

Is the company of Quizlet.com safe when you pay a premium account? We did not find a sign that would confirm safety. Additionally, we did not find any encryption methods. You run the risk of losing money and not get the promised ad-blocker – is Quizlet.com cheating. Therefore, look for more secure help writing platforms.

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