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November, 2021 Last Update

Without any doubt, the writing industry is developing very rapidly. A lot of students need help with their essays, research papers, case studies, and dissertations. The reasons don’t matter — some students want to have more free time while others are piled with different assignments and just can’t deliver their papers on time. So, if you find yourself stuck coping with endless assignments, it would be the best choice to find a reliable company and outsource your essay editing to ensure that your paper will be flawless. 

Is it easy to find a good writing and editing service? God, no. Yes, there are many companies to choose from, but there are also a lot of scammers. When you run into a service like Scribendi, you should find all the available information and analyze it before you make a choice. So, this is our full review that will guide you along the way. Let’s find out if this company deserves your trust! 

What Is the Scribendi?

The first thing that you can find out about this company is that it is originally Canadian and was founded in 1997. Well, it is good news since there are many new companies on the market with poor experience. At least, you can find enough reviews to understand what other people think about this service.

If you take a look at the company’s website, you’ll easily mention that it doesn’t look attractive. The design is regular and a bit outdated. Users have to spend a lot of time if they want to find really important information. It is not the best decision since first-time users will prefer to look for another company. 

Of course, design is not the only aspect that you should consider when looking for an editing service. We’ve done an in-depth investigation to write this review and provide you with information about its services, prices, guarantees, and other essential nuances. 

The Offered Services

Any review is not possible without a list of the company’s services. Pay attention to the fact that this company can’t help you with writing an essay from scratch. If you don’t understand your professor’s requirements, or your deadline is in several hours, and you still don’t have a single paragraph, you should find a reliable writing company. Scribendi can provide you with:

  • Essay proofreading. It means that they promise to clean up all the errors as well as ensure that your citations and references match the formatting style;
  • Essay editing. You can send your early draft and receive feedback on the most essential aspects.
  • Admissions essay editing. If you’re applying for some program, internship opportunity, etc., you can get a review from the Sribendi.
  • Admissions essay proofreading. Once you send the final draft of your paper, the experienced proofreader will polish it. 

On the one hand, these services can be helpful when you want to submit a paper that meets your professor’s (or admissions committee’s) expectations. But on the other hand, it is not that good that this company provides a limited set of services only. 

Scribendi Prices and Discount

When working on this review, we wanted to find the Prices section to understand if this company is affordable for students. Yes, editing services are very popular, but it doesn’t mean that you should pay a lot for them. Unfortunately, they don’t have a separate page with prices. Moreover, they don’t even have an Order button. If you’re interested in editing or proofreading services, you should find a list and tap on one of its parts to process to the next stage.

Then they ask you to upload the document or to enter the word count of your essay. We entered 1000 words, and what did we get?

If you need your essay edited in 1 week, you should pay $31.68. If it comes to a deadline of 4 hours, the price is $74.50. Proofreading and admission services have the same price. They also ask you to indicate if English is not your first language. However, we don’t understand why they need this information since it doesn’t affect the final cost. 

Speaking about discounts, we didn’t find any promo codes. The company claims that it sometimes provides coupons on its social media sites, so you should check them to see if there are any special offers right now. We don’t think that this strategy is user-friendly, as looking for a promo code takes your time and effort. 

Payment Method and Secure

There are several different payment methods that you can choose from. The company works with Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, JCB, UnionPay, and Discover. The good news is that all these systems are reliable enough, and you shouldn’t worry about the security of your payment. At the same time, all companies work with these payment systems, and it is nothing special. It doesn’t guarantee you the quality of your paper, timely delivery, or anything else. It doesn’t mean that you won’t waste your money; it just means that the company will receive your payment without hurdles. 

Special Features

If you’re looking for some additional opportunities, Scribendi has special features:

  • blog with articles;
  • videos about grammar rules;
  • infographics;
  • podcasts.

The company also has the Scribendi toolbar. It is an AI software for professional editors with different plans. For example, the free plan doesn’t allow you to work in a private mode. It means that if Scribendi editors use this tool, they are not able to guarantee absolute privacy. 

What Quality Essays This Company Provides?

Since we didn’t find any samples on the website, we did a little investigation and checked Reddit reviews. It was a good idea to check the company’s online reputation because Sitejabber, TrustPilot, and other sites have a lot of honest testimonials from real customers. When you read reviews on the official website, you can’t trust them as they might be edited or even written by the company’s marketers.

So, what do people think about the quality of the services?

  • I sent them 3 large documents to review and was shocked by how many very noticeable errors they missed.
  • based on the low quality of the work, there is no way their proofreading can be trusted for professional work
  • Cost is high even though Grammarly is too popular and free. Could add free features which can help users
  • I really don’t like how limited the company is in the word processing formats it accepts.
  • Poor quality. Beware, they miss a lot of errors.
  • After I received the editors’ track review back, I was disappointed.
  • The files are returned untouched. 

There are also many other negative reviews. Many people write that the company provided decent services before, but since the middle of 2019, it has become awful. 

Customer Service Review

The company has a live chat on its website, but it is not actually live. Firstly, we had to wait for a response, and then we received basic messages that were not related to our initial questions. The manager wanted to offer services, not to help us with the problems. And the customer service doesn’t work 24\7 even though it promises. Sometimes they need 5 minutes to send you a message, but there are time periods when the chat is not working for hours. 


It wasn’t that easy to find a list of guarantees since this company doesn’t have a separate section with it. Even the Terms of Services document doesn’t include this information. So, we found a list of “Reasons to choose the Scribendi” and want to show you the benefits of this company on behalf of its marketers:

  • constant communication;
  • timely delivery;
  • fresh pair of eyes;
  • flawless documents;
  • low costs;
  • confidentiality.

However, there are no real guarantees. These are just attractive words to make you believe that you’re in the right place. What if you don’t like your paper? Can you apply for a refund? They don’t provide you with useful information. 

Pros and Cons 

So, after the complete analysis of Scribendi, we can tell you that all the companies have positive and negative aspects. We believe that there are students who love this service because they work with professional editors and proofreaders. But it doesn’t mean that the whole team is reliable and that you will surely receive the result you expect.

Variety of servicesHigh prices 
Customer supportPoor quality
AI softwareDelivery with delays
Urgent orders (in 4 hours)Plagiarism issues
Long time on a marketYou can’t hire a particular editor

Our Verdict

So, according to the information that we know about the company of, we can rate it 33 out of 100 only. It is a real business with many years of experience. But we believe that it is still in 1997, not 2021. Their authors don’t follow modern trends, and they are not focused on customers. Is legal? Yes, it is. But is good? We are not sure. Along with some positive moments, there are many negative ones, and we don’t recommend you place your order here if you value your time and money. Besides, Scribendi provides editing services only, which means that if you need a paper written from scratch, you should choose another provider. 

Choose a Reliable Essay Writing Service With Our Help

Though there are many editing services with a negative reputation, don’t give up. There are still many customer-focused businesses that work hard to make you happy with their services. We know better and cheaper alternatives to so that you can read our reviews and make the final decision.

Decide on your requirements, and let us know. We’ll help you to find the best writing or editing service that will exceed your expectations! 


It is absolutely normal if you have some questions about Scribendi or any other editing service. The deeper you delve, the better result you receive since the full information can help you to make the right decisions.

So, if you want to outsource your essay or capstone project to a professional author or editor, and you have some doubts, let us now. Our review is supposed to provide all the answers, but if you need additional help or a professional recommendation of decent service, we are always here to help you. 

Is Legit?

It depends on what you mean when you use the word “legit”. This company has all the required documents, and it was registered in 1997, more than 20 years ago. You can also find all the names on the company’s website, including founders and a managers’ team.

But if you have questions like “is cheating?”, the answer is positive. According to the company’s online reputation, many customers don’t believe that it is a transparent business. 

Is Scam?

We receive questions about the scam all the time. It is not a scam if you mean people who take your money and just disappear. This company delivers edited papers, but it doesn’t mean that you can rely on them. Sometimes students receive their documents with delays; sometimes, there is plagiarism. The company’s customer service doesn’t work as well as you may expect as well. So, it is a scam because it pretends to be a good and responsible business that cares. 

How much does it cost to use Scribendi?

It depends on the service that you use, the number of words, and your deadline. Along with student editing, this company provides other services. For example, 1000 words of Manuscript critique will cost you $50.36 if you need this paper in a week. Ebook proofreading costs $31.68 with the same deadline. Business editing has the same price. You can also order editing of websites, journal articles, dissertations, and other papers. We find these prices too high, especially knowing about the quality of final drafts. If you are not ready to waste your money in vain, choose a company with more affordable offers. 

Is Scribendi safe?

We don’t think that this company is safe. It is less likely to share your personal data, but it doesn’t really care about your confidentiality and anonymity. We have read some reviews from students who found their papers posted online. So, Scribendi is not the best choice.

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  • Quality of Assignments
  • Pricing
  • Functionality
  • Reliability

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