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September, 2020 Last Update
  • checkCustom writing for all levels
  • checkAffordable prices
  • checkNice and easy-to-use website
  • checkConvenient order form
  • checkEditing and proofreading options
  • crossVery low quality of assignments
  • crossLots of mistakes and grammar errors in papers
  • crossUnqualified support managers
  • crossPaid plagiarism check
  • crossSpam emails

What is SpeedyPaper 

SpeedyPaper is a new player in the field of writing for pay. But it has earned some reputation. We found both positive and negative feedback from customers. The company has its supporters and opponents. That’s why we’ve decided to do the SpeedyPaper review. 

The main question that worries any potential customer remains the same. Is SpeedyPaper legit? 

It is a public online service doing academic papers for students. They cover all the levels: the high school, college, and even the Ph.D. dissertation writing. 

The main interest is the price. SpeedyPaper prices are those that any student seeks googling for cheap writing. Low prices often raise doubts – what if they mean the low quality of the papers. It depends. Cheap prices are not always the marker of poor writing. And high rates don’t guarantee excellent quality. You need to examine each case. 

Professional level of Writers

The team of writers is the asset ensuring the quality. You can’t write a good paper without knowledge and appropriate skills. 

SpeedyPaper claims they hire ENL professionals with college degrees. To test this, we ordered several documents of different kinds. 

The job was done on time, but the quality was far below expectations. The points we checked were the usage of the sources and the language.

It was apparent that the writer did not run proper research. Using secondary sources was inadmissible. It raises the doubt whether these writers are familiar with the academic requirements. 

The second issue was the language. An academic paper does not need a sophisticated style or rare words. However, it must not be banal. The vocabulary of the author was more deficient than an ENL specialist would possess. It would suit more to an ESL writer without a college degree.

Besides, papers had enough grammar errors typical for ESL speakers. That is the sign of the absence of proficient ENL editors to track and fix such problems. 

The writers belonging to the Pro and Top categories get you a better quality of writing. But the company charges more for their services.

Quality of papers you get for assignments

You will find only the positive feedbacks on the SpeedyPaper website. But it often means the site owners don’t allow critical and negative reviews. The best option is to collect information from other platforms. 

We learned from customers’ reviews and feedback that SpeedyPaper does average quality. Some customers were satisfied, as they got what they needed and saved money. Some others were disappointed as they required a study on a rarer topic. It is not to claim SpeedyPaper scam – they write each paper from scratch. 

But the index of courses and subjects they cover is pretty standard. SpeedyPaper is not the right choice if you need something original to impress the teachers. 

Pricing model 

This is the undeniable benefit of SpeedyPaper. The prices are low in comparison with any competitors. Besides, any user can estimate the amount to pay with the online calculator. The pricing policy of SpeedyPaper is transparent, explaining how they calculate each aspect of the price. 

Standard prices 

The price-formation system is flexible. The rate per page depends on the academic level – high school essays are the cheapest, and then the fees increase for higher levels. 

The second factor influencing the price is the timeframe. The shortest period is equal to 6 hours, and the longest one is 20 days. Choosing the maximum timeframe, you can get a standard college essay for $11 per page. 

However, they charge for the plagiarism check of your paper an additional $9.99 and charge for doing summaries and drafts of the documents (these are other pages). 

Payment Options

You can pay with any card belonging to the major systems – Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or AmEx. PayPal is also available.

Discounted prices and promo campaigns

At the moment, the company offers only the “first-order discount” for new users. They also claim that additional discounts can be given on demand if the customer contacts the support managers. Unfortunately, this information is not public. Returning users may pay the full price without knowing about the discount. 

They run promo campaigns – short-term. After obtaining the SpeedyPaper discount code, you need to apply it quickly before it expires. 

One more advantage is the referral program for registered users. It works in the same way as the rest of similar programs: share discount codes or links with other people and get commissions for their purchases.

Customer experience 

The aspects we took into consideration to evaluate the quality of communication are the company’s website, the ordering procedure, and customer support. We also checked the guarantees of timely delivery and additional service features.

Official SpeedyPaper website: design and usability 

The website represents the company perfectly well. It is accurate, with handy navigation and all the information you need. It is not something special, but it is practical and user-friendly. The online calculator is located on the top of the page. You can place the order from any page. 

How to place the order 

The ordering procedure is simple: after clicking on the ‘Order’ button, you get to the dedicated page. The UI of the ordering forms is intuitive, and it lets you give all the necessary details about the task. You can re-estimate the price of the work again and include additional services. We find this very useful. 

Customer support managers qualification 

We met some complaints about the quality of the support, but we can’t blame the managers ourselves. Our experience in communication was rather positive.

Matching the timeframe settings 

There is one more argument in their favor: they meet the deadlines. However, the quality factor is burning here. They allow choosing the shortest 6-hours timeframe for even the most complicated tasks like dissertations. Our experience states that it’s impossible to complete this job within such a short period. Either there is an error in the system, or they won’t provide any decent quality.

Additional features for free and for pay 

They do editing and proofreading – you can get these services in the ‘package’ when you order the paper writing. Or, you can order them as a separate service. 

The plagiarism check is a paid service, and it seems strange. The company claims their texts 100% unique, that no trace of the SpeedyPaper plagiarism can happen. So it seems they should not charge extra for the proofs of this. But it is their policy.

One of the rare services is doing online quizzes. Many companies state it directly that they won’t do such tasks. SpeedyPaper assures that its employees can be hired for this. It is not in the main index of services, but you can find the information on the website. It is troublesome, as it raises unnecessary risks. 

Among the other services, you can find the “traditional” progressive delivery – the option to get the paper in parts. They charge an extra 10% for this service.

The list of the extra features provided by SpeedyPaper is not impressive, and they don’t offer them for free. 

Reliability of services 

Understandably, users need guarantees of security turning to such services as SpeedyPaper. They are worried about the confidentiality of their details and the safety of payments.

Online reputation of the service 

The company assures that communication is top secret. We did not find any evidence of the opposite. The customers’ complaints relate to the quality of the papers they receive, but never to the confidentiality.

The SpeedyPaper does not share the information with the third parties. Unfortunately, it practices aggressive marketing. Users tell about tons of emails bombarding their mailboxes. It is not a feature to praise the company. 

Other guarantees 

To their credit, SpeedyPaper cares about the security of the payments and uses trusted vendors. They also offer the money-back guarantee and establish all the conditions to apply for a refund. 

The services of the SpeedyPaper company 

In general, this team offers its customers to do the following assignments:

  • General homework help;
  • Any kinds of essays including the admission essay;
  • Any types of research papers;
  • Application letters;
  • Personal statements;
  • Speeches;
  • CV and Resume;
  • Courseworks; 
  • Making presentations; 
  • Thesis proposals and thesis papers.

The writing services also include: 

  • Rewriting;
  • Editing and proofreading;
  • Plagiarism check. 

The SpeedyPaper summary 

It is just another writing company offering standard services. They differ from other companies due to the lower prices. However, their policy is to charge for all the additional services. 

We can’t rate SpeedyPaper high – they are neither good nor bad. The writers seem to care about their reputation, and they do their best. Unfortunately, their best is not the level that can bring you an acknowledgment. Turning to SpeedyPaper could be an option if you need some average homework assignment done for you. But it won’t suit for any ambitious task. 

Besides, we find it very worrying that the company can get access to sensitive information and does services that are not ethical – like taking the exams instead of the student. They assure you of the full guarantees of your confidentiality, but it is not worth risking. 

Trust Your Tasks to Best Essay Company

We don’t recommend using the SpeedyPaper services if you require the most helpful assistance. Refer to the candidates from the top of the rankings instead. Those companies earned their name and reputation by doing high-quality jobs and providing excellent support and more additional services. 

  • Professionalism of Writers
  • Quality of Assignments
  • Pricing
  • Functionality
  • Reliability

About the Author

Olivia O.

She is a talented and creative author who specializes in narrow topics. With her excellent research and analytical skills, she can cover any papers within a short time.

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12 thoughts on "Full Overview of SpeedyPaper Writing Service"
  1. Nathaniel says:

    The professionalism of their writers is faulty. Even when you refer to them with some standard tasks – OK, I only wanted to save my time and not to do that boring mess myself – but they could not help. The only sections in my essay that looked fine were citations. Proper paraphrasing, but if I could detect it, my professor would claim that as plagiarism. So, no, I won’t use this service again; it’s too risky for my reputation.

  2. Jen says:

    I can’t say anything terrible about Speedypaper; they are honest. They deliver your papers on time, and they do the revisions quickly. I only wish I did not need to request changes. It would be much better if they proofread the texts before sending them.

  3. Jonathan says:

    Won’t recommend anyone to use this service. The papers are just unusable – they don’t even bother to check the facts and dates!

  4. Mira says:

    This company is just one in the row. They know their niche, do the papers, and they obey their money back policy. It is safe enough to use their services. Besides, they listen to criticism, and I see they try to improve.

  5. Margaret says:

    I made a mistake by turning to Speedypaper. I used their services when I was in high school, and it was fine. But now I am a college student, and I can see that the level of this company does not meet my academic requirements. I did not fail the assignment, but my grade was lower than I needed. So, I’ll need to find some other assistant, Speedypaper is obviously not what I need.

  6. Edith says:

    This company meets the deadlines, and they helped me not to fail my assignments. But their papers would hardly impress my professor. It is an average level with a safe but rather tiresome writing. Speedypaper may be the right choice if average grades are OK for you. Their prices are affordable. But it won’t give you a boost.

  7. Marcus says:

    They’ve failed my assignment when I really needed it done on time. They assured they always met the deadlines, but they missed mine. I had nothing to submit – no paper, no presentation – nothing! It was a punch to the gut, how can I fix that problem now? Never refer to them, they at Speedypaper don’t deserve any trust!

  8. George says:

    It is a bitter disappointment. Poor quality and delays in performance. They gave me two revisions for free, but that improved the paper a little bit. I had to redo it entirely and waste several hours on formatting the quotes.

  9. Mary says:

    I tried this service once. They wrote an essay with a ton of errors and no logic at all – just a bunch of things. So, I demanded another writer – they state you can request that. That new writer was a little bit better – the essay might get a C-grade in high school. They are a complete scam, they don’t know how to write, and they only want your money.

  10. Alana says:

    I tried some writing services in the past, but I’ve never had such a bad experience. They are just incompetent – bad writing, bad grammar, plagiarism, and complete misunderstanding of the job. I requested a refund, and I got the money back after a couple of weeks. But then I had to pay again for a different company to get the paper. I lost my time while waiting for the Speedypaper work! If you consider asking them for help – you’ll get screwed up.

  11. Kate says:

    The company claims they give you original work, but they plagiarize. I complained about that and demanded my money back, but they tell me it is not the case. So, I lost my money and time to address another service who respect their customers.

  12. stasy says:

    I used Speedypaper a couple of times. It was OK, but nothing more. They have really competent support managers who explained everything, and they always responded to my questions. I like their discounts too. They give you an average quality for an affordable price, but I never hired their top writers – it costs more. Maybe they can deliver it better.

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