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October, 2021 Last Update

Using professional assistance in writing papers is one of the wisest decisions you may make. But let’s be honest: several students have bad experiences with writing companies. As a result, they complain about the general idea of writing help and can’t help themselves with educational challenges. We could understand them because not every writing service is good, fair, and professional enough.

Let’s take a look at the company of StudyBay. It is quite popular on the Web, advertises its services, and offers students assistance in different areas. Before you make your first order, you must be sure of its trustworthiness. That’s why we have prepared for you our huge StudyBay review. Find out how you can trust this service or it’s better to select another team.

What Is the Studybay?

This is a company that performs homework for college students. It calls itself an A-plus helper for any task. Such a name attracts users’ attention and makes them feel “this is it!”. But its name is not the only attractive element for customers. There are plenty of features that make this company seem the one to rely on. 

Goals, motto, and claims also sound very nice. It is said on the StudyBay Reddit webpage and the company’s landing page that you can order a paper in any of 100+ courses. Maths, physics, biology, engineering, arts, history, and so on – all these courses are covered by StudyBay.

The company works in a typical manner:

  • a customer places an order. You are expected to explain in your project description everything about your assignment;
  • you compare offers from freelancers and select the one you like the most. Be patient to make the right choice;
  • discuss an assignment’s details with your personal helper. It may take a while if your order isn’t standard or your personal helper has more questions;
  • wait for your deadline. Your helper from StudyBay must follow all your requirements and provide you with the final assignment strictly on time.

As you can see, you’ll deal with freelance writers. It means that this company isn’t a team of authors but only a platform for writers and students to cooperate. If this fact doesn’t suit your preferences, then it’s better to avoid placing orders there. Many students have doubtful experience of working with remote assistants, so they prefer writing companies only. 

The Offered Services

This is a good side of the company because its number of services highlights that you are able to get any assistance. Among the most popular project types are essays of any kind, research papers, speeches, book reviews, lab reports, CVs, and so on. All these papers have unique requirements and differ from others so you may need to share your demands with every new order. Good news – StudyBay scam in its wide array of services choice isn’t detected.

Besides offered assignments, you may be impressed with a wide array of academic fields too. It is said that StudyBay has experts in literature, sociology, philosophy, marketing, nursing, religious studies, and so on. Frankly speaking, customers said that the quality of final papers differs depending on the type of assignment and academic area, but this is a discussion for another section of our review.

StudyBay Prices and Discount

It’s strange, but you can’t see the general pricing for the company’s services. You must place an order to get an opportunity to find out how much it will cost. First of all, you are asked to select the assignment’s type, name the project, and use your email. Then you are asked to add additional information on it: subject, deadline, number of pages… Only after you fill these fields, you have an opportunity to click the button “check the price” and receive bids for it. We have placed an order for an essay on criminology for 6 pages with a deadline of 7 days. The bids started from $70. What a pricey company with such a comprehensive cooperation procedure!

It’s a pleasant option that you are able to receive a discount for your first order. A 15% off is available for everyone who submits an order with a new account. No StudyBay promo code is needed; the discount will be applied on the checkout automatically.

Also, you have a chance to get a $5 bonus. If you see a pop-up window with this proposal, then click the “use your luck”. Once you sign in, this bonus will be added to your account. All we understand is that every visitor receives such notification but not only the very lucky one. This is a popular method for companies to encourage a customer to place an order here and now. Anyway, it’s nice to save money even if you are fooled with a formulation of an offer.

Payment Method and Secure

Payment methods at StudyBay are quite standard. You can use your credit or debit card, e-wallet, or transferring system of your choice. It is said security is guaranteed as well as your personal information. 

There is also an opportunity to make partial payments. When you place an order and select a helper for your project you are required to pay 30% of the whole fee. The other part must be transferred after your assistant has done the job but before you download the final paper. 

Instead of traditional money-back, this platform allows customers to cancel payments and receive refunds. You have 20 days after your assistant starts doing your homework. According to the official claims, no matter your reason, you’ll receive your money back.

Special Features

If you don’t want to select the helper from the list you are proposed with, then you have an opportunity to double the number of candidates. This feature costs an extra fee of $5.

If you want to invite the exact expert – you can do it when selecting an option to edit details of your project. You may also choose auto-match if you want to rely on the StudyBay plagiarism-free online services. It means you don’t need to choose a helper – the system will select the best offer for you among all bids. It’s a doubtful idea – the promoted freelancer is the best or has paid StudyBay for extra advertisement. 

A customer doesn’t pay the full price for the assignment. You need to pay 30% and wait for your assistant to do the paper. Then you are required to pay the rest of the sum before you can download the document. At first sight, it seems like a good idea. But there is no advantage from such a scheme: any way, you pay 100% fee before seeing the assignment.

What Quality Essays This Company Provides?

Before customers place their orders, they wonder is StudyBay cheating. Literally, no, this company doesn’t cheat. You use it as a mediator for writing assistance only. As a result, this platform follows its claims in general and connects customers with freelancers. 

At the same time, it has no control under its writing experts. The paper we ordered didn’t match all requirements, but no one refunds us. It means that this review can’t be positive. All we understand is that students use writing assistance and expect the paper’s quality to be amazing. With this team, you are not guaranteed this feature. Such options as mistakes-free and plagiarism-free are also up in the air. 

Customer Service Review

Every customer in his or her StudyBay review admits that customer agents are average. Most students have neutral experience of contacting team support during placing orders. But usually, you’ll face ignoring your issues with the paper’s quality if you are not satisfied. Customer support doesn’t make it best to help you solve this problem and mostly expend time.


Although Sitejabber StudyBay users rate this company at 4.7 stars, you don’t have any guarantees. All statements like money-back, A+, delivery on time are claims that depend on the freelancer you hire. Yes, the company is kind of responsible for its experts, but in the real world, you don’t have the exact guarantees to use in the doubtful issues as evidence to the velvet. 

Pros and Cons

Advantages of StudybayDisadvantages of Studybay
nice welcome discount for new customers (15% off);

extra discount of $5 off if you receive a “lucky” notification;

wide array of scientific areas and assignment’s types;

hundreds of online helpers online who propose their bids;

legit and legal services for students.
this is a platform for freelance helpers but not a team of professional authors;

there is no price explanations and examples so you don’t know the approximate fee for a paper before you place an order;

ordering system requires you to spend a lot of time on placing an order and selecting an assistant;

poor paper quality and no real opportunities to receive your money back;– very high prices for assignments (even for papers with huge deadlines).

Our Verdict

When you are wondering, “Is StudyBay legal?” it’s easy to answer your question. No, this isn’t the company of your dreams. It has several advantages that may catch your attention, but its total score is too low to suit your expectations.

That’s why our verdict is 10/100 and only for its variety of options in assignment types and academic fields. Guarantees, paper’s quality, revisions, and other important features are not the things you can expect to receive. 

So review shows that it doesn’t deserve your time, effort, and money. There is no need to risk your reputation and give this company a chance. Unfortunately, it wouldn’t satisfy you even for 50%.

Choose a Reliable Essay Writing Service With Our Help

We know it’s sad that StudyBay has let us down, but this is not the one writing company you can rely on. Moreover, there are plenty of cheaper alternatives to StudyBay with better services and options for students. So ignore this dingy company and redirect your attention to a reputable and trustworthy one.

We have prepared a list of professional writing companies you can rely on. All these services have a high reputation and satisfaction rate. As a result, you would be sure of the quality of your assignment and your cooperation in general.


Is Legit?

Yes, this company offers customers legit services. Although students are judged for using writing assistance, it doesn’t mean they break any laws. At the same time, there is no official document that submits the company’s legacy. 

Is Scam?

There is no sign of this company being a scam. We have no evidence to mention in our review. Its website is proven as well as payment options. At the same time, you can’t be sure one of its experts isn’t a cheater.

How much does it cost to use StudyBay?

Unfortunately, you can’t know it before placing an order. Students keep wondering, “Is StudyBay good?” but can’t find out anything before signing up and placing a new project.

Is my StudyBay safe?

There is no reason to worry about it – your personal information is safe. Most StudyBay reviews confirm that the official website is quite modern, and its developers protect the users’ data from scams. But you have to beware of other issues (with quality, communication, deadlines, etc.).

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  • Pricing
  • Functionality
  • Reliability

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