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Get to know more about the StudyPool service 

If you struggle to manage your college or university homework, StudyPool tutor service is ready to give you a helping hand. The platform has been developed to help students with il over the world with the tasks they fail to perform by themselves. 

The service represents a marketplace where a student can find an answer to almost any question he or she needs. There are lots of professionals waiting to give a piece of advice or share personal academic experience for resolving an academic issue. 

You simply need to pose your question, and the service finds a tutor majoring in a certain area.

Writers’ experience and skills

StudyPool is not a regular site where you can order a paper or chat with a person through a live chat for clearing the issues. It is a special platform where hundreds of tutors are willing to help customers. 

On the site, there is some information about the quality of its working staff. 

The tutors are separated into 3 main categories. 

These are three tiers:

  • Standard.
  • Premier. 
  • Ivy League.

The whole scope of the writers corresponds to one of these branches. 

The standard tier represents the majority of workers who can perform satisfactory results. 

Premier tier requires more experienced tutors.

The last category has been created to present the most renowned tutors whose reviews are 100% satisfactory. 

The tutors are supposed to undergo the demanding screening to land the job. However, most users claim their proficiency level leaves much to be desired. 

Quality of the tasks

The reputation of the site lies in the feedback the users give after their needs have been met. Therefore, we can assess the quality of the services provided by the company on the basis of the reviews from the users. 

In fact, most comments denote negative connotations. When you have a question to be answered, your request is transferred to a certain tutor who has enough knowledge in the given area. Nevertheless, the tutors are supposed to have at least some academic degree, their answers are weak and dissatisfactory for almost every user. 

The customers complain that they are not appropriately assisted. The response a tutor gives contains general information and does not address a particular issue. 

In some cases, the team fails to find a tutor ready to execute a task. The reason lies in a definite lack of people having a good command of certain disciplines. 

Prices and payments 

At first glance, StudyPool pricing system is more or less liberal and user-friendly. However, the procedure is not common and it slightly resembles what we are used to seeing on regular homework help services. 

Cost of the services

When you get familiar with the pricing policy this company provides, you start thinking of StudyPool scam operations. 

The thing is the company does not present a list of fixed prices for selected services. 

You as a student go to the website and specify the price you are ready to pay to have your question answered. 

When it is done, the service starts outsourcing the tutors to choose the best one for accomplishing the task. 

However, be ready that the tutor may ask for an extra fee if he or she thinks the requirements are far from being realistic. 

Methods of payment 

Paying in advance includes obvious risks, so you need “Is StudyPool legit?” question be answered. 

In terms of the payment system, it grants quite an exhaustive list of ways to transfer the money. You can take advantage of Visa, Mastercard it PayPal to cover the offer. 


To be frank, the site has no discount options for the customers, as the prices are negotiated and therefore agreed by the two parties. Thus, you cannot benefit from a discount. 

However, there is an advantageous feature for a student. If you need an instant response or if the question is urgent, you can get the answer in a matter of minutes. To make use of the offer you need to pay $3 more. Therefore, your request will run the list and be answered a lot faster. 

Technical aspect 

Let’s figure out the capabilities of the site and see how it works. 

Design arrangements

When you first open the site, you may see a special form you need to sign up. In fact, the design has nothing special at all. In addition, it does not correspond to the overall conception of academic purpose. 


Probably, the online platform was created as a user-friendly site. Unfortunately, an abundance of dissatisfied customers proves the contrary. 

People claim it is impossible to find the needed information as the functions are placed in complete chaos. Thus, not only the ordering process but a simple search for the information poses a challenge. 

Ask for help in a proper manner

If you are new to the game, you need an additional explanation for placing an order. 

First, you are to sign up. When it is done, you are transferred to the page where you should specify the timing, the field of study, the timing and, last but not least, the price. 

When your offer is placed, you need to wait for some time while the tutor is being chosen. 

How to receive assistance 

Nevertheless, the site guarantees 24/7 help, you can hardly reach the agents on an urgent case. The team of workers can be reached through a special link. You can use it to pose an extra question. 

However, you will need at least 15 minutes to have your request processed. Even though the support team answers your question, it can be totally unacceptable or irrelevant. 

Do you receive the services on time?

When placing an order, you point out the deadlines. In general, the tutors are to stick to the timing, but if he or she considers the timeframes unrealistic, the deadlines can be extended. 

Extra features 

StudyPool Reddit system presupposes an extra feature for the students who are ready to pay more. Thus, if you need an instant response, be ready to pay $3 extra. 

Can you trust the company? 

The reputation of the site is the decisive factor for most of the users. They rely on the image that a website has on the Internet, so it would be better if StudyPool had taken it into consideration. 

Name of the company 

Roughly speaking, the company has not the best record. If we omit the obvious and turn a blind eye to the drawbacks, one thing still remains clear. 

On the Web, you can hardly find a page with StudyPool reviews. Therefore, it suggests the company is not popular with users. Thus, it demonstrates considerable challenges in its organization.

Do you get any guarantees?

The users have pointed out studypool scam activities considering the refund matters. On the website, you may find the information about studypool refund policy. The company is supposed to take the money back if a customer is dissatisfied with the answer. 

However, in reality, it is nearly impossible for a customer to get justice. 

The company has no interest in losing money. Therefore, it will be a tiring procedure for a user if he or she wants to get paid back. The agents will fire them with questions and ask for actual evidence to prove that the tutor failed indeed. 

To be true, few won the game. 

Scope of services 

StudyPool is a multifunctional service that is aimed at helping the students with their studying process. It represents three main services the users can benefit from:

  1. Note banks.
  2. Study guides.
  3. Question & Answer section. 

Note banks are special storage for documents, quizzes or different additional materials that any student can use for an extra fee.

With the study guide, you can get more profound knowledge on a certain subject. It can be, for example, a book review. Another example of a study guide item is an exam paper that also requires additional payment. 

The last section, though the biggest one, corresponds to the question’s students may come up with. It has been created to help people find answers to complex issues.

Despite the fact the listing of services is impressive, the company policy is mainly known for its Q&A section.

 Let’s summarize 

In spite of the fact that StudyPool delivers an extensive range of services, it still needs improvement. It involves enhancing studypool pricing system, as well as tutors’ proficiency. The support team should also be reconsidered to respond to the needs of the customers. 

Furthermore, the company has to develop strong guarantees so that the customers have nothing to worry about. 

Better look for another company 

Hence, now we can safely assume that StudyPool is not the best platform for the students. It definitely has several advantages, but they are overshadowed by the drawbacks of the service. 

You can try it and hope for the better, but why should you spend your money and time on risk? 

It is better to reach out to the company with a solid reputation amongst its users so that you have confidence in the result. 

  • Professionalism of Writers
  • Quality of Assignments
  • Pricing
  • Functionality
  • Reliability

About the Author

Michael L.

He believes that using relevant and up-to-date information is the key to success for any paper. While researching, Michael relies only on reputable sources.

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5 thoughts on "Full Overview of StudyPool Writing Services"
  1. Kim says:

    I referred to Studypool for help with my research paper. It was not bad, but definitely not great. I had to request a revision. My writer made amendments, but it took time! I was lucky that I had that time. Otherwise, I would fail the task. The company may be OK in general, but they are SLOW!

  2. Agnes says:

    Studypool can’t do what they promise, and it is for sure! I got the paper with many mistakes, and the references were a mess! I had to pay for another service for them to edit it for APA criteria. Oh, their prices are not so high, but what’s use if I had to pay twice?

  3. Gwen says:

    Keep away from Studypool! I could get kicked off the college if I trusted them! My term paper was so crucial for me, and I paid extra to receive it faster. They missed the deadline, but it was not the only problem. I don’t know how they could make that paper – I think they just put random fragments there. I did not even have to check it for plagiarism – I saw it at once. I requested another company and paid again. I demanded the money back from Studypool, but they claim that my problem is not a refund case. Terrible service, don’t trust them!

  4. Barbara says:

    They have reliable customer support – very polite and helpful. I wish their writers were as qualified because they aren’t. Good support doesn’t compensate for shoddy work.

  5. Rob says:

    They tell they can get you the A+ grade, but you will get a paper of average quality, and nothing more. I paid an additional 20% for getting a native English writer, by the way. You can refer to them if the task is not critical – they do their job for money, but nothing more.

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