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September, 2021 Last Update

Among the services that can transcribe our audio to text, we found one of the best transcriberry.com. Next, we’ll take a look at what this company is and how it can help users when they need a transcription. We made our own order and were satisfied with the result. We share our own experience with you below.

What Is Transcriberry.com?

Transcriberry.com is one of the best transcription services you can find on the Internet right now. Their services are used by global companies, students, bloggers and teachers. In particular this market, Transcriberry.com services are among the most competitive in terms of the ratio of the cost of services and their quality. We will learn all the needed information with you in more detail within the next few minutes.

Services Offered by Transcriberry.com

Creating a Transcriberry review, the company provides two types of services that are super high quality: Audio-to-text transcription, which is performed by human expert translation, and the automatic transcription made by artificial intelligence. At the same time, we note that the quality of the transcription of your ready orders is really impressive, and its price is more than democratic. Also, very soon, it will provide us with the service of creating subtitles and translating audio and video into any language.

Prices And Discounts for Services Provided by Transcriberry.com

The price for manual transcription is 1.25dollars per minute, which is cheaper than the competitors. Also, for this price, the company guarantees that you will receive for free: the fulfillment of your order in 12 hours, the transcription of your file, even if it contains multiple speakers and speakers that have an accent. Usually, other companies charge extra for this. This loyalty will definitely leave the customer satisfied. And the cost of automatic transcriptions performed by artificial intelligence is only 0.25, but the quality ratio is still at an excellent level!

Payment Method and Secure

At the stage of payment, the service will immediately show you the correct cost of your order. Usually, we can face the situation where after the transition to the next payment stage, we are asked to pay a fee, but Transcritery.com will not make you such an unpleasant surprise, and the price will remain the same. You can pay for your order with any credit card and payment system. The company also guarantees you non-disclosure of information about your personal data and orders.

Existing Features of the Service

While writing the Transcriberry.com review, we have learned a few things that you will not find on other services. First, there is a free guarantee that your order will be completed in 12 hours. Also, a service for creating subtitles in any language for your video or audio will be available for our use, which is a rather rare service. Also, note that all employees of the company have signed a non-disclosure agreement for the received data, which is very important.

What Quality Essays This Company Provides?

Regardless of what service you order, the company is responsible for providing you with a good result. For example, the accuracy of the result you received using Manual transcription will be 99%, and if you use a fairly cheap service of Automatic transcription, you will get the result with 80% of the text writing!

Customer Service Review

9 out of 10 user transcriberry reviews are overwhelmingly positive. Those who have already ordered the service said that absolutely all the declared services meet the customer’s expectations and satisfy their goals. We also make our conclusion and confirm the fact of a responsible approach of this company to their work.

Guarantees Provided by the Company for Users of the Services

Transcriberry review showed that this company ensures you fulfill your order with a high level of accuracy. Each transcription is performed by 2 professionals, and a senior manager checks the final product. Employees of Transcriberry.com have signed a non-play agreement. Therefore the security of your data and order is also guaranteed.

Pluses And Cons Of Using Transcriberry.com Services

We know that there are no situations when any points of the nerve are not taken into account by the company. Let’s see what advantages and disadvantages Transcriberry.com has according to experts.

Completion of your order within 12 hours. Availability of only two types of services.
Professional team of transcribers. Customer support responds long enough. 
Cool software is used for automatic transcription. The website sometimes gives an error while uploading a file.
The price is cheaper than competitors. The ability to send the file only through the company’s website.
Easy and fast file upload.High quality automatic transcription only with good sound of the source file.

Our Verdict About Transcriberry.com

Our Transcriberry.com review made the following conclusions: this company absolutely deserves your attention for automatic and manual transcriptions. This company guarantees you excellent quality of your order fulfillment in a short time, a large percentage of compliance and fairly low prices. Also, real user reviews on the forums confirm the competence of the service.

Choose Reliable Essay Writing Service With Our Help

We have done a lot of company reviews for you, which you can see on other pages. Remember that the Internet is vast and offers you many services. We continue to review to find the best one for you. Learn the rating of services, and select those that match your needs. We do our best for you to achieve your goals with maximum comfort.


Below we will briefly answer a few questions about Transcriberry.com to summarize for our readers and clarify some of the details.

Is Transcriberry.com Legit?

The activities of the Transcriberry.com company are absolutely legit. The law does not prohibit the provision of such services; therefore, the company is absolutely responsible for its activities. You can use transcription services and not think that it is illegal.

Is Transcriberry.com Scam?

Transcriberry.com is not a scam. This company is responsible for the legality of actions and the safety of your personal data. All employees of the company have signed a non-disclosure agreement and comply with the laws. There are many real customer reviews on the forums that back up your order fulfillment guarantee. We also confirm that Transcriberry.com performs all the services it claims.

How much does it cost to use Transcriberry.com services?

The prices of the services are absolutely transparent and correspond to those stated on the site initially. Manual transcription is performed with the participation of two qualified experts, and at the last stage, your file is checked by a senior manager. The cost of this service is 1.25 dollars per minute. You get the result within 12 hours. Automatic transcription is done by artificial intelligence and will be ready in a few minutes. The cost of this service is 0.25 dollars per minute. The prices that the company provides to us are extremely loyal to the client.

Is it safe to use Transcriberry.com?

The use of Transcriberry.com is absolutely safe for the client. The company takes all necessary measures to protect your personal data, its loss and misuse. The company does not transfer your personal data to third parties. The data and files provided by you are stored in the company’s database for as long as necessary to fulfill the goals set out by the company in the privacy policy section.

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