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Ultius is a popular company that offers writing, editing and proofreading services. The platform is in high demand and occupies the first positions in the ratings. However, a lot of students remain unsatisfied with assignments. Having seen a negative review, students begin to view company reviews. We don’t want you to fall into the trap, so we analyzed Ultius inc and made an unbiased review. This will save you wasted money.

Detailed review of Ultius company

We were surprised, but the question “is Ultius legal?” It is not the most popular. Most users are interested in paper quality, lack of plagiarism and speed of work. We leafed through reviews like Ultius Reddit and found a large number of customer complaints. Besides, former company employees say they had low wages and high competition. This is strange because the prices of Ultius services are quite high.

In our Ultius review, you will find out how much the price of the service corresponds to the quality of the service. We have analyzed the level of service, delivery speed, and customer attitude. Looking ahead, it is worth saying that the service disappointed us. Let’s not make quick conclusions and get acquainted with each category. This way you can decide on the use of Ultius.

Qualification of employees

We read about the tough multi-level selection of employees. The creators claim that 6% of all applicants become Ultius writers. If a candidate is tested, interviewed and probationary, this indicates his professionalism. However, we did not meet the qualified writers of Ultius, although we ordered several papers at different times.

Although the services of the service are limited to the main types, writers cannot handle them. You can choose academic or business writing and editing. Those kinds include common types of papers, such as essays, research or term papers, autobiography. However, Ultius.com experts do not show an understanding of topics and responsibilities, because the papers look bad and unprofessional. You will not be able to make your edits or change the details of the order since it is difficult to contact the writers. Even if you order assignments in advance, do not count on high quality.

Level of papers’ quality

Given the selection of writers, the quality of the papers should be outstanding. At least, we expected Ultius experts to follow the requirements and express some bright ideas. However, there were errors in each paper and the text looked dry and too strict. We ordered three types of essays and expected to see a catchy and concise text. However, the quality was mediocre, and each document was flawed. Of course, the papers were checked by experts with loads of experience, however, the service should check the works before sending it.

We compared the finished paper to the student’s work. There were a few differences, so we see no reason to overpay. You can ask a classmate or colleague to write your work, and the result will be similar. Our high school paper of three pages and deadlines in 10 days cost $ 53. We expected a much better text presentation for that kind of money.

Pricing system

Prices on the Ultius website are first surprising and then reassuring. The minimum price per page for a high school essay is $ 18. This is a high bid, given the deadline of 20 days. However, we hypothesized that this could be justified by the quality of the paper. However, it turned out to be a failure, because the finished assignment looked usual and dry. It seems that the author wrote an essay in half an hour and sent it for editing.


Prices start at $18 per page and increase depending on the size and type of paper. This is above the average price in the market for writing services, so the quality should be appropriate. However, do not expect to get a bright and perfect structured text. None of the three papers we ordered were able to get an A or B rating.

Methods of payment

You can pay by credit card Visa or MasterCard. Besides, it is possible to use the services of PayPal, Discover, and Amex. However, many customers claim that Ultius does not work properly. Some students found that payment was withdrawn twice, or the service was hanging at the time of payment. It states Ultius cheating. This is not safe because your data remains in the process of being transferred and may be stolen by scammers.

Discounts for new/regular customers

Despite the prices are above average, the service does not offer anything extra. You cannot choose a premium package or advanced editing. It seems that the company may be interested only in ascetics. You can specify only the volume and type of paper, deadline, and topic of work. Besides, the company does not offer any Ultius discount code or bonus programs.

Unreasonably high prices and the lack of bonuses forces us to low evaluate the platform.

The structure and convenience of website

At first glance, the site has a nice design and consistent placement of elements. We used the platform for a week, and we can conclude the usability and functions of the website.

The appearance of the site

The design is made in blue and white and looks minimalistic. However, after several minutes of browsing, it causes irritation and fatigue in the eyes. The main elements are placed not in the center, but on both sides of the page. To read the text, you have to constantly look the other way, and it infuriates. Buttons of red color attract attention; however, it is a bait for the order of paper.


It was inconvenient for us to use the resource. The site freezes from time to time, despite a good internet connection. When scrolling, the text is loaded gradually, which indicates mediocre optimization.

How to order a paper?

We have no complaints about the order process. The service quickly calculates the price and displays it on the screen. However, we did not find a refund policy or assistance with applying. This means that you have to figure it out on your own.

Support Service

Support is not a strong suit for a company. Consultants are slow and do not give complete answers. We tried to find out about warranties and refund policy but did not receive a response. Of the advantages, politeness can be noted, but this can not be called help. Perhaps someone was more fortunate, but we were not happy with the service.

Speed of delivery

We received the order on the last day of the deadline. Judging by the reviews, some students received the result after the deadline, and some did not receive papers at all. The problem is that you cannot control the work of the performer, and you must take your word for it. This is unprofessional and not credible.

Additional Possibilities

From a special platform, you can answer the difficulty of finding information. Key information is hidden in subcategories so that you cannot find the answer. This disappointed us, and we set “Terrible” rating only because of the convenient ordering process.


We consider transparency to be a key success factor for online companies. We did not find a refund policy or paper improvement on the Ultius scam website. This is suspicious and repulsive.

Clients’ reviews

We could not determine the exact reputation of the company. Some resources praise the service, others only have negative comments. We recommend that you do not trust reviews that say only good or bad. Each service has pros and cons, and only a full review can show the specifics of the platform.


We have the impression that the service does not take responsibility. No public refund policy. You cannot be sure and calm if you order paper online. Moreover, we were not able to demand a refund, and many customers say the same.

Variety of available services

On the Ultius platform, there are only standard types of writing. Unlike other services in this price category, you cannot order an unusual assignment. This is disappointing because no one wants to pay $ 30 per page of dry text. Even for an additional fee, you cannot expand your requirements or make changes. The lack of variety and the dryness of the presentation deserves a “Terrible” rating.


Ultius is a writing company that has a minimalist design and range of services. The creators claim that the service helps students get high marks for papers. However, the quality of services and the level of customer support is disappointing.

  • The finished paper looks dry and unfinished as if it were done by a student.
  • The prices for standard tipi writing are too high for that quality.
  • Moreover, the platform is not responsible for the result and does not return money for non-compliance with the order.

Most Ultius customers are not satisfied with the value for money, and after the first use, they are looking for other services. This platform is not worth the money and your time, because it does not respect customers. The total rating of the company is 14/100. Of the advantages, a simple ordering process can be distinguished. However, this encourages the purchase but does not add reliability and guarantees.

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6 thoughts on "Full Overview of Ultius Writing Service"
  1. Evelyn says:

    My biggest mistake was to trust this service. My professor accused me of plagiarism. All because I sent him the essay ordered on this site. 80% plagiarism!!! Can you imagine that? Be ashamed, Ultius.

  2. Cordelia says:

    Students, if you want to receive A-grade, do not order papers here!!! They are scammers who need your money. I don’t know if they have at least one native speaker with a master’s degree in their team, but my essay was definitely not written by such a person!

  3. Kevin says:

    Ultius.com it’s just the worst site. At first, I thought that everything was in order, but then I ran into the difficulty of placing an order. They took off the money very quickly, but they wrote my essay much longer than they promised. It was luck that I managed to the deadline.

  4. Carl says:

    I saw a very attractive advertisement for this website. But this is 100% false! They have high prices and are constantly striving to earn even more. Moreover, the quality of the essay is completely inappropriate. I am really disappointed and regret that I wasted time and money.

  5. Tracey says:

    I don’t know what papers they write, because they simply left me no chance to find out. Their customer support is simply silent. I had questions, but now there are no questions at all because I know that I do not want to order here.

  6. Tom says:

    I paid a lot of money and got an essay that was plagiarized. The author said that he simply used my material and fixed it. But why didn’t he write it well the first time? I wanted to return the money, but they said that I received an essay, which means I can’t get the money! They are not responding to my messages now.

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