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November, 2021 Last Update

Being a student, it is very difficult to find time for all of your activities. On the one hand, you’re young. You’re supposed to have enough energy for all the challenges that you face. But are these expectations realistic? Only if you’re a superhero with supernatural powers. In any other case, you still need sleep, food, and even time to spend with your friends.

The good news is that you can hire a professional writing service and outsource your assignment. It means that you place an order on the website, provide your requirements, and get an author who will write your paper for you. The point is that you have to find a good and reliable company that can provide you with guarantees. There are amateurs, and there are scammers, there are reckless writers, etc. That’s why we are writing this Unemployedprofessors.com review: to show you if this company deserves your attention. 

What Is the Unemployedprofessors?

Once you open the company’s website, you can find out that it is a tutoring&custom college help that is provided by unemployed professors. Is Unemployedprofessors.com good? It is impossible to understand at first sight. But what we can do is to explore their website and analyze the available information.

The first thing that you can notice is that their website design is really weird. It looks like it is from the 90s. The navigation is not pretty clear, and the interface is not user-friendly. You have to wait while all the pages open. Their designers used strange fonts, colors, and pictures. Well, such a design surely stands out among others, but is it attractive? We don’t think so. 

The Offered Services

In this Unemployedprofessors.com review, we surely want to tell you about the services this company offers. You can find them if you tap the Student Services button. 

The interesting fact is that their first student service is “student services.” Sounds ridiculous. If you tap this link, you’ll be redirected to a page with some basic information: what do their authors do, how much does it usually cost, and what papers they deal with. Their list includes:

  • writing of custom essays, term papers, reaction papers, articles, etc.;
  • editing, proofreading, and formatting;
  • dissertation services;
  • admission services;
  • assignments (programming, statistics, PowerPoint, etc.);
  • resume services.

If we get back to the first list, you can easily notice such services as “buy, sell or rent textbooks,” “research papers,” “essay writing,” “dissertations,” “thesis writing,” “editing.” Honestly, we don’t understand why they repeat this information. It doesn’t look like they care about their navigation. Do they repeat information in their texts as well? 

Unemployedprofessors Prices and Discount

As this company doesn’t have a separate page with its pricing policy, we were happy to find this information in the previous section. We need to know the company’s prices for our Unemployedprofessors.com review to understand that it is trustworthy. 

So, how much will your project cost? It depends on the complexity of the assignment, and it is not determined already. It means that authors place bids that range between $10-35. On the one hand, you have a choice. But on the other hand, there might be situations when your deadline is in several hours, and all the bids are extremely high. Maybe they are focused on students who don’t have enough time for the searching of another company. 

The interesting fact is that we didn’t find any Unemployedprofessors.com promo code. They don’t have discounts for new or regular customers. The only chance to reduce your price is to invite your friend who will order a paper as well. What do you think? What is referral compensation? Maybe they will give you $50? No, they give only $10, which makes absolutely no sense. Nobody will advise this service to one’s friends for such a price. 

Payment Methods and Security

It wasn’t a surprise for us that the Unemployedprofessors offers many different payment methods. They include Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Network, and others. You can pay even with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Why wasn’t it a surprise? Many student services have these options because they want to make it easier for you to pay. If you don’t find a preferable payment method on the list, you can go for another option, but if you do, you have at least one reason to place your order here. So, this aspect shouldn’t be decisive, and it doesn’t matter as much as others. 

Special Features

The only special feature we found was the company’s blog. It consists of some articles with hot topics, e.g., “College dating,” “Maximize your productivity during COVID,” “How to write a research paper,” and so on. We can’t say that these articles are good; they are average. The only reason to post them on the website is to boost the company’s SEO. Topics help to attract more visitors who are looking for the information, but once you start reading this content, you can easily understand that it is not that good. 

What Quality Essays This Company Provides?

When working on this Unemployedprofessors.com review, we decided to order a paper from this company. Yes, we spent money (it was about $75 for a 600-word essay), but we received an essay to analyze. Well, at least they didn’t disappear.

So, the first thing you should know is that they delivered our essay with a daily delay. Of course, they didn’t notify us in advance. The quality of this paper wasn’t amazing either. The essay contained mistakes and typos, and even several sentences of Unemployedprofessors.com plagiarism. They didn’t format the quotes appropriately so that the paper didn’t pass our plagiarism checker. 

Customer Service Review

The company of Unemployedprofessors.com doesn’t provide its customers with any customer service. They don’t have a live chat, and they don’t have a phone or email. The only option to contact someone is to place an order and use your inbox for messages.

So, if you have some questions before you order a paper here, you don’t have any options to ask them. It shows the company’s attitude, it doesn’t care about its customers, and it doesn’t want to provide you with an outstanding experience. The only thing it needs is to receive your money. 


We were not surprised by the fact that there are no guarantees. Yes, at all. They don’t have a separate page with a list of guarantees. The only option to find anything about the rights you have is to read their Terms and Conditions document which is pretty long and unclear. So, we found that they guarantee:

  • original and plagiarism-free papers;
  • personal information safety;
  • 100% refund if the order wasn’t assigned to a writer. 

At the same time, they can’t guarantee you that all questions or problems raised by you will be resolved. Pay attention to this fact since they honestly tell you that they are not capable of facing all the challenges and help you with your assignments. 

Pros and Cons 

All the companies have their positive and negative sides. So, what’s about this one?

Variety of payment methodsOutdated design
BlogUnclear pricing policy
Funny picturesLow quality of papers
Lack of customer experience
Poor guarantees

Our Verdict

We believe that this company doesn’t deserve your attention. Now that you know about its services, prices, and customer attitude, you can understand that it is not the best choice. We can rate it 2 out of 100. Avoid this company if you want to get a good paper and impress your professor. 

Choose a Reliable Essay Writing Service With Our Help

Undoubtedly, writing services are extremely popular these days. Many students have time-management issues, and the expectations of modern professors are extremely high. So, it is absolutely normal if you want to outsource your task to a seasoned writer. But the point is that you should find a reliable company that will provide you with guarantees. This one is not the best choice. 

Fortunately, we know many companies that deserve your trust. We have positive reviews with a rating of 99 out of 100 and even 100 out of 100, and you can check them right now. Let us help you with your studies, and you’ll surely appreciate this opportunity! 


When you are looking for a writing service and read different Unemployedprofessors.com reviews, you surely have some questions about this company. It is absolutely normal to have fears and doubts because you just want to get the most out of writing services. If the company is not able to provide you with outstanding quality, it makes no sense to order a paper from it. You should look for a reliable partner who is always in your corner. Let us answer the most common questions about Unemployedprofessors. 

Is Unemployedprofessors.com Legit?

We don’t think that this company is legit. We didn’t find any documents about this business. All they have on their website is the name of the company and the year of its founding. And you know what? It is 2021! This company is less than one year old, so they can’t tell you about their experience, background, thankful customers, and so on. They have a Terms and Conditions document. However, it looks like it was just copied from another similar website.

So, if you are asking yourself: is Unemployedprofessors.com legal? The answer is no! Writing services can be legit, but you should find another provider to rely on. If something goes wrong with your paper, this company can just disappear with your money. Always check the information and work with trustworthy businesses only.

Is Unemployedprofessors.com Scam?

Yes, we believe that this company is a scam. For example, if you google “Sitejabber Unemployedprofessors.com,” you will easily find out that there are no reviews. Neither positive nor negative. It means that it is a fresh company without customers who can share their testimonials. 

We checked other websites to find an Unemployedprofessors.com review that is written by someone else. They have some testimonials on TrustPilot, and many of them are negative. People write things like “The Professor was not engaging,” “there were some errors in the answer,” “This professor was clearly not a native English speaker.” Our experience with this company and this information helped us to understand the Unemployedprofessors.com scam. So, always check the company’s online reputation before you place an order and spend your money. 

How much does it cost to use Unemployedprofessors?

Unemployedprofessors.com applies a bidding system. It means that you can’t find out your final price in advance. Once you place an order, it becomes visible to authors. Then they analyze your requirements and set a price for the project. So, depending on your assignment, volume, deadline, additional services, and the author, the price may vary. Writers who want to receive this job can offer low prices to attract your attention. Does it mean that they are better than writers with high prices? Of course, not. Or does it mean that you should pay more to receive better quality? There are no guarantees as well. Besides, you should wait for a long time to receive many bids and to have a choice. When your deadline is urgent, you can’t wait several hours. So, even if some of your bids will be nice, it doesn’t mean that you will not pay about $100 per essay. 

Is the Unemployedprofessors safe?

Questions like “is Unemployedprofessors.com cheating?” are very popular. People care about their safety, and we can understand them. Unfortunately, we can’t tell you that this company is safe. We have no reasons that would prove this statement.

Look for Unemployedprofessors.com Reddit, and you’ll easily find out that other people think the same. There are so many writing services these days, and we are really sad to know that some of them are just scammers. The good news is that there are better and cheaper alternatives to Unemployedprofessors.com, so that you shouldn’t think that it was your only option. 

So, if you need to have your essay done, check different reviews to find the company that meets your expectations. There are many good options, and you can surely order the essay that will boost your performance with ease!

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