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November, 2021 Last Update

The interest of students in a non-standard educational process increases the role and prestige of private tutoring. Along with the general demand for private lessons, the number of teachers ready to work online has increased: they conduct lessons via video communication and advise students in messengers. Hundreds of professionals, from English teachers to music tutors, practice these lessons.

Competition among teachers is increasing, which leads to an increase in the size of the sector. According to the Zion Market report, the global market for private tutors will amount to $ 177,621 million by 2026. Analysts at The Sutton Trust have calculated that about 27% of British schoolchildren aged 11-16 study with at least one tutor. Therefore, today many platforms provide tutoring services.

Well, we will analyze the platform that provides such services – wyzant.com. We chose this company because we are confused by a large number of positive wyzant.com reviews. We got the impression that the company has no shortcomings, and our goal is to get to the bottom of the truth. Based on our wyzant.com review, you will learn about the quality of services, support, and guarantees. You will also receive an answer to the most important question – Is wyzant.com legal?

What Is Wyzant.com?

Wyzant.com is a platform that provides one-to-one private tutoring in your discipline. In addition to online classes, you can plan real meetings – you agree about this directly with the tutor. You decide how much to pay and when to attend lessons. Students from different continents can communicate with the tutor – this international website. We will talk about services, guarantees, and prices a little later. Now we would like to draw your attention to the online reputation.

We first examined wyzant.com Reddit, and here’s what we found out. Students report that tutors do not respond well to questions – some students never got help. Another student reported fraudulent debiting. The student paid for the online lesson, but the teacher did not show up, but the company had already written off the money. Eventually, the student wanted to cancel the class, but the company demanded an additional cancellation fee. To date, the company has not solved this problem, even though the student writes about it to the support service every day.

To make an honest conclusion about the online reputation of this company, we also studied Sitejabber wyzant.com. The client reported that the company is brazenly robbing students. The client paid for the tutor lesson, but the company deactivated his account. As a result, the student lost money and did not attend the online lesson. Hence, the company of wyzant.com is cashing in on its users and has a bad online reputation.

The Offered Services

The primary service of wyzant.com is tutoring in various subjects. To order a service, you need to indicate the following information: the subject you need help with, an online lesson or face-to-face lesson, academic level, number of sessions, time frame. The company will select tutors for you based on these criteria. You will be able to read the details of the tutor and contact them to book a lesson.

You can also access pre-recorded lessons. You pay for the selected lessons and get access to them for 30 days. That is, it is like a textbook or a guide for completing an assignment. You can also save these lessons on your computer or phone and use them in the future.

Face-to-face lessons you can conduct anywhere – the main thing is to coordinate this with the teacher. This feature sets wyzant.com apart from other similar platforms that work exclusively online. Therefore, we can attribute face-to-face lessons to the company’s advantages.

Wyzant.com Prices and Discount

It is rather tricky with prices here because each tutor can set his price list. For example, one teacher wants to get $ 10 per lesson hour. Another tutor wants to get $ 50 per lesson hour. As you can see, there is no fixed rate, which is a disadvantage for the company. Today there are cheaper alternatives to wyzant.com with a fixed rate, and you can be sure the lesson will come true.

What affects the price? First, the academic level. If you need help in college and university subjects, the price will be higher than help in high school subjects. Second, the type of items. The more complex the discipline, the higher the price. We found a tutor who costs $ 100 per hour. Can a student afford such expenses? Not! Such a high price indicates that the company charges a large percentage of the tutors. So it’s best to find websites that hire competent writers themselves and charge a flat rate.

How about the wyzant.com promo code? Well, discounts are not available here. The point is that wyzant.com is a platform that allows all tutors to register. The company does not select teachers based on diplomas, experience, etc. Therefore, they do not have a loyalty program, discounts, and great deals.

Payment Method and Secure

All payments go directly through Wyzant. You do not pay the tutor directly. The company requires you to provide information about your ability to pay, which surprised us very much. As soon as you send a message to the tutor, the company wants to know if you can pay for his services.

Next, you must deposit money into the balance in your Wyzant account. After that, the tutor indicates information about the lesson – the start and end date. You can also dictate your terms. Then you pay – the company requires guarantees that you will not give up the lesson. If you want to cancel a lesson, the company charges an additional fee, as it does not want to lose clients.

Based on this, we see that the company is using students to earn money instead of providing quality assistance. We expect that, in turn, the company will monitor the quality of the lesson. However, they believe that this is not their concern. Payment methods are very inconvenient.

How about security? The company controls all the funds that you add to the balance. However, managers entrust your problems to incompetent tutors who are so irresponsible about their work. For example, they do not give lessons or do them faster than you wanted. Therefore, security is not about Wyzant.

Special Features

The company allows tutors to offer editing, proofreading, and academic writing services. That is, if you need written help, you can contact the tutor and report the assignment. We can attribute these special features to the company’s advantages since other platforms are very limited in services.

Quality of the Services Provided

To provide you with an honest wyzant.com review, we had to test the quality of services based on our own experience. We tested two services – tutoring and writing.

We posted information that we needed a biology tutor, indicated the specific level, the desired date, and other data required by the company. The company then selected the authors. We rated several writers and contacted one who provided $ 65 services. We thought that this is a high price and the quality of services should also be high.

Well, we were wrong. According to our feelings, it was a 4th-year student who decided to earn extra money. We asked him many questions about the chosen discipline. However, the tutor answered as if it were from an encyclopedia. He most likely opened a laptop with access to the Internet in front of him, where he found the necessary information and illuminated it to us. Perhaps other students are more fortunate, but as you see, the high price does not mean high quality.

Now let’s talk about writing services. We have posted information that we need a two-page essay on medicine. The list of authors is quite wide. We contacted one of them and specified the requirements for the essay. The price for such an essay was $ 30 – in our experience, this is expensive. How about quality? Disgusting – the author made many mistakes and, at the same time, did not bother to correct them when we requested editing. How about wyzant.com plagiarism? The essay contained over 70% of plagiarism. The writer did not bother, copied information from Wikipedia, and provided it to us.

If you want high-quality writing assistance, we advise you not to contact wyzant.com. The company is not responsible for plagiarism, structure, or redaction.

Customer Service Review

On the main page, in the lower right corner, there is an online chat button. We thought that we would communicate with a live manager, but this is not the case. You enter the keyword that you need, and the platform gives answers. In essence, this is like a section with frequently asked questions.

If you want to answer a question that is not on the list, the company can contact them via email. However, do not rush to rejoice – waiting for an answer can drag on for several hours or days. Therefore, if you need urgent help, the support team will not advise quickly.

We also note that the support service does not work 24/7. The only person you can ask questions with is your tutor, provided that he is online. Therefore, the company should improve its support service as it is very inconvenient.


The only guarantee that Wyzant gives is the guarantee of safety. According to the company, they use HTTPS encryption on all pages to submit personal information to prevent fraud. As an additional layer of security, the company encrypts all sensitive data in its system for safe storage.

However, the company does not guarantee that tutors will not spread information about you. Therefore, you are responsible for submitting personal information to authors. Again, this is an amateur platform that does not rigorously select authors and does not ask them to sign a nondisclosure document.

If you only need tutoring services, then you are at the lowest risk zone. However, if you need writing services, the author can report this to educational institutions or put your project in open access. Therefore, is wyzant.com cheating when it provides a security guarantee.

Pros and Cons

In the course of the research, we nevertheless found disadvantages, but there are also advantages. Here is a table for clarity:

An extensive list of services.No flat-rate.
An extensive list of tutors in various subjects.Lack of 24/7 support.
Convenient lesson planning.False guarantees.
Original special features.Bad online reputation.
The website is easy to use.Lack of discounts.
The company does not control the quality of the lessons.
Tutors do not show up for lessons.

Our Verdict

Is wyzant.com good? We analyzed the company for a long time to answer. Let’s start with the pros – here, you can chat with tutors and place orders for writing assignments. Now let’s consider the disadvantages – the company does not control the pricing policy, does not monitor how tutors conduct lessons. The biggest drawback is that the company can deactivate your account, and you will lose access to money on your balance or lessons. We believe that this is a platform for which cash comes first. They can steal money without a grain of doubt. Therefore, our rating is 25/100.

Choose Reliable Tutor Service With Our Help

Wyzant.com ranks high on search engines, but that doesn’t mean you get high-quality help. Therefore, we recommend reading our reviews of safer and more reliable tutoring companies. We have been evaluating various firms for many years and have helped students not fall into the hands of scammers.


We understand that you may be confused by the flow of information. Therefore, read the answers to the most popular questions to not fall into the hands of scammers.

Is Wyzant.com Legit?

Yes, it is a platform that has brought together many tutors to assist in various academic subjects. However, all authors work unofficially – they are freelancers. Company managers do not check their higher education diplomas and do not provide legal jobs.

Is Wyzant.com Scam?

Wyzant.com is a scam. For example, it can deactivate your account and steal money. As a result, you will be left without lessons from tutors.

How much does it cost to use Wyzant.com?

There is no fixed price here. Tutors set the price list themselves. The average cost of a lesson varies from $ 30 to $ 100.

Is my Wyzant.com safe?

The company does not guarantee that tutors will not spread information about you. If you only need tutoring services, then you are at the lowest risk zone. However, if you need writing services, the author can report this to educational institutions or put your project in open access. Therefore, the platform is insecure.

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